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no sweat! now the orchestra can play it cool

by:Marslite     2019-09-15
Please do not mention this during the Glyndebourne picnic, but sometimes the members of the orchestra sweat.
They sweat so warmly and generously under the harsh light and stiff, starchy collar of the stage lamp, no wonder they call it a \"pit \".
Coregami tips on drum rolls for Gershwin tuxedo shirts-
A new form of orchestral costume with the same hi-
The tech breathable fabric used by cyclists makes the top fit for Proms.
This shirt is the idea of Kevin Yu, a violinist and businessman.
He had the idea of sweating.
Prove that the concert was worn on the second day he went running, performing Berlioz\'s symphony fantasy at the Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra in Texas.
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