LED Moving Head Lights are versatile and multifunctional light fixtures created to add dimensional and dynamic components to your light show through the movement of light beams and colors. We offer all of the directed moving head lighting you want to take your stage lighting to the next level.

Spot led moving head are designed for scenarios in which a tight beam of transferring lighting is required, providing a concentrated and defined effect. Many place heads also contain gobo performance enabling you to also endeavor patterns and images. When more of this stage area requires lighting, wash moving heads deliver a broader beam of light for increased protection or if needed more subtle effects.

Moving or Intelligent lighting can also be controlled through a lighting desk, enabling you to manipulate movements, colour changes and patterns or app entire sequences.

Marslite focus on LED lighting industry specifically including led moving head light for sale, spot moving head light and so on. We are a good led lighting manufacturers and grow fast in a very good way.

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