When you're developing a visual vibe to your theater or live music production, washes of colour are similar to the base coat which sets the stage for the remaining part of the action. Just as a painter may lay down a thin coating of blue base upon which they will add details such as ominous clouds and lighting, sending washes of color across your stage can set musical or theatrical moods, produce powerful emotions, or indicate contextual environments such as day and night. We carry an amazing led wash lights selection of color and clean lighting fittings for splashing your point with brilliant color.

You'll adore our multi-element arrays -- they are perfect for theater and music venue applications alike. For little theater setups, a bar-type fixture with 12 or more individual LED elements are a great alternative. These work beautifully for illuminating your entire backdrop with solid sheets of color. Our selection also includes compact options like led wash lights, wall washer light fixture. Many also include remote controls and noise detection for non-DMX controller. We carry stand-mounted options in addition to units that come with mounting hardware for permanent installation. These colour and clean lights create stunning colors and adjustments that offer you amazing flexibility for attracting your point alive with air.

The creation of Marslite follows the rigorous manufacturing procedure. It is an economical and efficient light. Its quality is highly appreciated in our factory. It is an economical and effective light. Guangzhou Mars Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. has complete excellent management system and good after-sales service.

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