How To Maintain The LED Moving Head Lighting?


Lights are the most important elements of any DJ and stage show. Over the years, lights have evolved from traditional bulbs to LEDs that we see today. These modern lighting options render a series of benefits. They’re energy-efficient, safe, and require minimum attention. Above all, they’re Eco-friendly and don’t cause too much burden on your budget. For these reasons, many event/stage show hosts prefer moving LED lighting over other options. However, maintaining moving head DJ lights can be a task. You need to take care of the lights to enjoy their companionship for years.

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Tips to maintain LED moving head lighting

When it boils down to LED lighting, some people get carried. They assume that these modern lights will take care on their own. Such folks fail to derive maximum benefits out of these innovative lights. The fact is LED lights warrant attention and care on your part. A little bit of upkeep should enhance the longevity of LED lighting. Plus, you don’t have to bend hard to maintain these lights. Here are useful tips that might help out.


Choose appropriate LED lighting

The maintenance of moving head DJ lights begins with the choice of appropriate lights. These modern lights are still new. Although they’re much better than CFLs and incandescent bulbs, not all LEDs are ideal. Some lights are better than others. You should choose quality lights. You’ll find a plethora of options concerning LEDs. Investing in high-quality lighting will pay off in terms of low maintenance.

Quality LEDs from reliable brands could minimize the maintenance cost. Also, branded products come with some sort of warranty. If anything turns out, you can seek a quick replacement. In addition to this, make sure that the color rendering index, lumen, and color temperature matches your specific requirements. Plus, ask the manufacturer about anything that may potentially damage the lighting or reduce its efficiency.


Read the user manual

Many people don’t go through the user manual that comes with their purchase package. These folks unintentionally cause minor damages. By doing so, they increase the maintenance cost of LED moving head lighting. A little bit of negligence turns out to be a costly affair. However, you may avoid such scenes by checking the user manual thoroughly.

Look for warning signs in the manual. Adhering to the don’ts mentioned in the manual should decrease the trouble you may face in the future. Also, go through the instructions on disassembling the lights; otherwise, you may damage the circuit that may affect the life expectancy of LEDs.

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Clean them regularly

Moving head DJ lights reduce the cost of maintenance required for lighting. If you add up the low maintenance cost, you could save loads of money in the long run. However, low maintenance cost entails proper upkeep and cleaning. Just because you use LEDs doesn’t keep you from your responsibility toward lighting.

Ideally, you may want to clean the lights regularly after usage. Dirt and dust could accumulate causing shortages. Also, debris and dirt can affect the quality of lighting. The lights may appear dim too. Make a cleaning routine. Clean the lights inside out. As well as increasing life expectancy, a thorough cleaning will increase the brightness.


Inquire about replacement parts

Most LED lighting comes with some kind of warranty. Usually, the warranty covers repairs and replacements due to manufacturing defects. However, you may face issues of lighting failures after the warranty expires. If this is the case, you’ll need to replace the faulty part. Most buyers store some parts as a backup to fix and maintain their lights.

What if you don’t have any parts in reserves? You’ll have to buy them. However, the scene could be pressing when you don’t get those parts. Why? LEDs are constantly evolving. LED moving head lighting updates take place once in a couple of years. You may install the latest luminaries. However, the said lighting may need replacements of parts after a lag of two years.

Due to updates, the products you’re looking for may not be available anymore. To avoid this problem, ask the producer about your future replacement needs. If the producer offers assurance that you’ll get parts, buy those lights. If not, check other models. As well as avoiding hassles, you’ll be able to fix and maintain your lights quickly.

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Store securely

LED lights aren’t as brittle as incandescent bulbs. They can stand to the test of time and usage in a better way. Despite this fact, they aren’t free from damages. If a heavy object falls on moving head DJ lights, these lights may get partially or completely damaged. To avoid any such instance, store the lights securely after use. That should minimize your maintenance cost and increase the lifespan of bulbs.


Avoid humidity and high temperature

The storing and working temperature go a long way in affecting the efficiency and lifetime of LEDs. If you store these lights in humid conditions, they’ll sustain damages quickly. Similarly, too hot temperatures will affect the electronic circuits of LEDs. Keeping your lights from too hot and humid conditions is an important maintenance tip that you should follow.


Perform inspections

As with any other product, periodic checks should minimize damages and maintenance. In general, check the LED moving head lighting before or after every function/show. Ideally, you may want to look for weak points that impede efficiency. Find out bulbs that don’t emit enough light. So, how do you check light efficiency?

Compare the brightness of bulbs when they’re lit. If you identify any dim light, it’s a warning sign that the said bulb needs repairs or maintenance. In accordance with the issue, repair or maintain the bulb for betterment.


Concluding words

Moving head DJ lights are the future of stage shows and events. These lights can enrich your shows and make them remembered for years. However, you ought to maintain these lights. Without regular maintenance, you won’t derive the varied benefits. Just follow the above tips on maintaining your LED moving head lighting. By adhering to this useful guide, you can reduce the maintenance cost and increase the longevity of your lights.

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