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jump right onto trampoline fitness craze

by:Marslite     2019-08-29
Fitness enthusiasts may see it available in some form at the local gym ---
Trampoline exercise.
But this type of fitness needs are so high that a fitness instructor has opened a full studio for the fitness boom.
A class to JumpLife, New York City, is a bit like Jane Fonda soaking up a trampoline with steroids. The low-impact, high-intensity, 45-
The minute workout is mainly carried out in the dark under the disco lights and set to club music.
Shopkeepers Montserrat Markou said the courses are very popular and plans to open more studios next year. Why?
\"It\'s interesting,\" Markou said. \"They [
Say they are really working out but have a good time.
I mean, people leave with a smile on their faces because they feel like they are not only exercising, sweating sweaty back, but also like a child.
\"The studio also offers tailor-made classes for children under the age of 5. But adults --
Even those injured. -
Are those who get the most out of class.
\"It\'s a low impact, so a lot of people have knee problems, like back problems,\" Markou said . \".
\"It\'s a very comfortable way to exercise and get back to health.
\"Offer three types of adult classes: Jump, which I take in the event of insufficient lighting and club music;
Use the weight, focus on the strength and color of the jump fitness;
JumpFusion, 60 Minutes, blends yoga, Pilates and rebounds at a slower pace than other JumpLife classes.
In a training session, jump-runners can consume up to 600 calories, Markou said.
After her own neck injury inspired her to become a certified acupuncture and massage therapist, she came up with the idea of taking classes.
Her clients at the Long Island Clinic began to ask her how to recover without aggravating the injury.
One day, she passed a shop and saw a trampoline in the window. She knew the answer immediately.
The night I visited, the classroom was packed with 20-and 30-
There are some things that many of them are repeat visitors.
A flight attendant from Germany said he had heard of trampoline classes in New York and decided to check it out.
\"In all the big cities like Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg, it is now starting,\" he said . \".
Focus on other parts of the United States. S.
Then jump on the boom.
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