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by:Marslite     2019-09-30
Hayley kuchast
Albert Catholic High School Edmonton High School can treat one of Broadway\'s most famous and iconic musicals fairly.
Percy Page answered the question with great certainty.
They recently performed on new people.
Alan Menken\'s music, the lyrics of Jack Feldman, the book by Harvey Felstein, the news grew from 1992 music films of the same name, it was originally inspired by the true story of the 1899 NewYork newsboy strike.
The story tells the story of a coalition of Jack Kelly, croch, David and other journalists fighting the rise in newspaper prices.
The group\'s unexpected leader, Jack, met with one of the first female journalists, Catherine, who together formed an unexpected partner to defend and promote the news reporter\'s strike.
While some may be afraid to play roles like Jack Kelly, Gracie Chute proves that women can take on any role.
Chute\'s ability to maneuver in complex lines and complex choreography is sufficient to illustrate her skills, however, to accomplish all this with a consistent Brooklyn accent and a focus on the nuances of character traits, Chute will reach a skill level that is not common in high school drama.
Every actor around her has improved her performance;
It is worth noting that it is Amber Lee, Grayson King and annastsy Gomez of croch, David and Les, respectively.
Li\'s commitment to using crutches props left a deep impression on the audience, who seamlessly integrated crutches into every movement and dance.
King managed another challenging role as Davey, inspiring her castmates with balanced and compelling lines.
Gomez offers an effective comedy character that fills the audience with laughter in every line, while allowing both the actor and the audience to feel her appeal.
Another highlight of the night was Lucia serezo vitzcano, who was Meida Larkin.
Cerezo shocked the audience with her rich vocal talent and set up a doubt pause for a concert --
Like the atmosphere in the theater.
The whole exhibition was woven by Sammy zajhahai and J.
Percy Page technical troupe
With the arrival of the age of crutch
The team also designed and produced small details such as suitable crutches, numerous strike signs and Catherine feather pens to complement the growing headlines of the show.
Costume shows performed by Gracie Chute, Elle Morey and J.
The Percy Page technical theater team added a layer of detail.
Their design is essential for creating a young look for a new mix and developing an atmosphere of 1890. As well-
Known as Newsies, the actor and crew of J.
Percy page has no difficulty in providing a truly memorable and enjoyable performance.
They encourage the audience to continue to dream, to continue to fight for the better, and most importantly, to \"keep your feet on the ground and keep your eyes on the stars. ” —————-
Alicia Edwards. H.
Picard High School imagines walking into the gritty streets of New York City in 1899.
Homeless children play in the dust, and the dirty sweat of the newsgroup grinds on the stone road.
Imagine being kicked, spat, and called \"villain\" or \"la guafen \".
\"This is the reality of a newspaper boy, J.
Percy Page\'s \"The News\" did a great job of showing hard work, spirit and courage.
Inspired by real events, news is the classic story of a strike by 1899 newsmen in New York City.
With the music of Alan Menken, Newsies live from a 1992
In 2012, Disney\'s action films came to Broadway, and they had more than 1,000 shows before they started their national tour.
It tells the story of Jack Kelly, a homeless, dirty child, tired of injustice on the streets of New York City.
The audience watched Jack lead a group of newsmen on strike, hoping to change the unfair treatment of ethnic minorities forever.
Gracie Chute\'s description of Jack Kelly is simply amazing.
Chute finds the perfect balance between respecting the original character and increasing his creative talent.
It is extremely difficult to embody a character that seems strange to a story, so it is unusual for Chute to be able to dig into the mentality of a child who is enslaved.
Chute also showed a consistent authentic New York dialect that she even used when singing!
This is an impressive feat that is still rare and unique.
As journalist and hero Catherine, Heleen Peshdary did a fantastic job.
Her single \"See What Happens\" was excellent because she never lost her rhythm in the jungle of words.
She and her love interests Jack Kelly also had amazing chemistry on stage, and the whole audience could feel that love was in the air when something shocking happened.
Amber Lee also has a great performance, always bright crutch.
She made the audience fall in love with her optimism and charm, and she never lost her intentions on stage.
Li also published a heartfelt performance in the song \"letter\" of \"sanctuary\", and the audience will never forget.
Finding a theater or a suitable performance space can be a challenge for the school. J.
Percy Page took advantage of everything they had and worked hard to create a great performance space.
Peggy Maki Finn McKay and J.
The staff of Percy Page Technical Theatre are all committed to the construction, design and execution of a wonderful set loaded with cobblestone floor surfaces, scaffolding, and display of hand-made backgrounds
Draw a projection.
They face many obstacles, but still pass by with excellent results.
News is just a story of change.
A group of children who choose to seize the day and dramatically change the future. J.
Percy Page\'s news did a great job of telling a healthy and classic story about justice, community and defending what you think is right. ——————
Michael De Marco McNally High School
The label team of newspaper delivery boys or journalists is fighting their repressed boss.
Dance on the streets of New York to spread the news that the tides are changing. In their above-the-
Actor and crew performance by J.
Percy Page was very well coordinated, and let the new ideas prove the need for brave leadership to overcome abuse and abuse.
The Disney musical was originally released in comedy.
The drama film of 1992, but struggling to find success at the box office.
The musical won a huge victory on Broadway, won eight Tony nominations and won two nominations.
The musical records the story of Jack Kelly and his news team as they overwhelm Joseph pritce\'s attempt to raise the price of the newspaper\'s purchase, which will weaken Jack\'s team.
Jack navigate the complex landscape of New York newspaper publishing, form key alliances, and use his charm to win political heights --
Strive for leverage for yourself and colleagues and stabilize the price of newspapers.
The show is headed by the charming performance of Gracie Chute as Jack Kelly.
Chute\'s ability to embody Brooklyn through her compelling dialect and unquestionable moves across the stage makes her performance particularly appealing.
Considering that many of the songs adapted by the music are for the male protagonist, her sound range is very wide.
Similarly, Amber Lee\'s description of Crutchie also pleased the audience.
Through the complex choreography, Li has never been able to convey the physical disability of croch and her tenacious image, forming an effective contrast with the image of Chute.
Anastasia Gomes\'s comedy performance, Les, has left the audience howling from her first to last line.
The transmission of her measurements ensures that all laughter falls to the ground, as she carefully considers the time, tone and intent of each playful sentence.
Lucia Cerezo Vizcaino as Medda is also very good;
In her short performance, Vizcaino\'s infected confidence and original angel-like vocal performance in the song \"rich\" let the audience support loudly after each complete phrase.
In addition, the fusion energy of the actors is fully demonstrated both in Seize the day and the world will know, as their collective harmony and undiminished intensity intensify the tension of the plot line
The actor skillfully performed the chaotic arrangement of the program and conveyed the noise. and-
The bustling streets of New York City. The J.
The Percy Page technical theater team, who is responsible for transforming the school\'s open space into a theater, skillfully combines their efforts to create an atmospheric and engaging experience for the audience.
The projection work done by Finn McKay adds a huge depth to the set, bringing Brooklyn\'s urban landscape to the height of ManhattanRise easily.
In addition, the excellent design work of Paige Maki promotes all aspects of the exhibition;
Maki\'s work even includes providing the necessary height of mobile scaffolding in the cafeteria space. J.
Percy Page\'s interpretation of the news is a profound reminder of the power of collective.
The actors and staff, through their timeless performances, inspire the audience to work hard for tomorrow\'s arrival and stay warm. ——————
Margaret Mary Catholic High School heat off news! This just in!
Read all about it! J.
Percy Page\'s performance on the Disney news show made headlines throughout the city!
The audience was brought back to 1899 to accompany a group of charming newspaper boys in the heart of New York City.
When newspaper tyrant Joseph pritce raised prices for newspapers throughout the city, newsboy Jack Kelly formed an alliance with his right-hand helpers, Ricky, David and Les.
Together with the new children in other cities, they embarked on a journey of rebellion, freedom, friendship and romance.
Through the dance figures and fighting scenes, journalists found that the most prestigious power in the relationship between family relations and the monopoly of the Pulice newspaper \"is not worth mentioning.
\"J. \'s highly comedy but emotionally real approach
Percy page provides a unique and engaging experience for the audience.
The continued use of accents, historically accurate clothing, and clever traits are carefully used to bring audiences into the news world. The heart-
The rendered story in production is perfectly balanced with cheerful music figures and humorous styles.
The change made the audience swing between deep sympathy and laughter. The multi-
The target environment left a deep impression and clearly reflected the thoughtful planning and skilled execution of several hours.
The background is projected to white-
The wall base allows the scene to change instantly and cautiously.
Special effects lighting and (literal)
The spotlight is used to further strengthen production, adding color and depth to the stage and audience.
There is no doubt that the symbolic spotlight shines on the vivid choreography of dance figures, which proves very impressive considering that most performers have never danced before.
However, another highlight of the night was the singing played by Heleen Peshdary, especially Jack Kelly\'s love interest and the singing of the upcoming reporter Catherine.
Her velvety voice contrasts with the witty lyrics in \"see what\'s happening\", providing a completely captivating rendering.
Another commendable performance by J.
Percy Page\'s news show is New Jersey League leader David, played by Grayson King.
Her acting skill is very charming, but she has never been rash.
Her overall authenticity helped convince the audience of 1899 New York City.
Considering that Newsies was her first work, King\'s acting was excellent.
The real headline of the show is the charged energy and embrace of the entire crew and crew throughout the evening.
From the moment the audience walked into the theater, they were immersed in an environment full of expectation and joy.
This excitement provides the audience with a desire to participate in the production through laughter, sighs and hoots n\' hollers. J.
Percy Page\'s performance on Disney news is an interactive journey and will definitely appear on the front page of the news \"papes. ” ——————
Daphne Chalos molingville Community High School Station is united and everything is possible for what you believe.
Complete with huge dance figures, lovely unsuitable, and striking vocals, J.
Percy Page School\'s interpretation of the news brought a performance full of jokes, vitality and dedication.
According to the real news boy strike in New York City on 1899, before Harvey Fairstein\'s Alan Macon performed for the Broadway stage, the news was first made into a musical film, and Jack Feldman in 2012.
After Jack Kelly and his orphans did not adapt to the band, Newsies brought light to every charming character the loser captured the heart.
Fighting the tyrant, it shows what justice can do.
From the moment she came on stage, Gracie Chute played a passionate and charismatic Jack Kelly with a firm, passionate and strong attitude.
The chute thrives at these moments, bathing in the energy of the strike, while also thoughtfully expressing her anger at the indifferent capitalist elite.
This is especially reflected in her powerful thoughts.
Evoke folk songs that ballad Fe handles with ease and confidence.
Her constant \"childish\" demeanor poses an incredible challenge, but she perfectly responds to it, never wavered, landing in every nuance and phrase.
As Catherine, Heleen Peshdary performed very well in the performance of Chute.
Her wisdom and confidence blend perfectly with Chute to make their chemistry on stage even more awesome --
It is encouraging at moments such as the affectionate interpretation of something to believe.
Peshdary makes the audience happy with her quick humor and fast speedpaced songs;
All of this is handled with extreme dedication and enthusiasm.
Her outstanding character-building and stage performance attracted the audience as Amber Lee of croch.
Her performance was like a ray of sunshine, lighting up the room and bringing jubilant energy to the stage.
In more eager scenes, even in the face of the challenge of crutches, she shuddered and lived completely in her character.
Her unwavering optimism made her more emotional, and the heartstrings of every audience were touched.
Lucia Cerezo Vizcaino attracts the audience with her amazing voice as Medda, she is full of confidence and enthusiasm, this is in her charming performance the RichAnother awe-
It is worth mentioning that the amazing, historically accurate props designed and purchased by Sammy zahhahai and J.
Percy Page technical troupe
From the Crutchie complex crutch to the impressive historical typewriter, props are all real and fully convey the era of performance.
All of the many newspapers have been carefully designed and require a lot of dedication and patience, which is evident in the quality of the final product.
While the energy is sometimes diminished, the actor quickly corrected it with complex harmonies and impressive dance figures, and the audience was fascinated.
Their dedication and dedication Shine, a clear result of their passion for production.
Full of impressive tips, click on numbers, challenging sounds and lovely spirit, J.
Percy Page\'s news amazed the audience at what it means to \"catch the day. ’——————
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