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by:Marslite     2019-10-09
I question the age and quality of the fruits and vegetables in the supermarket.
They look good in the store, but by the next day they start to shrink at home, and by the third day they get moldy, especially peaches, peaches and apricots.
The European wind-proof grass I bought turned out to be old and wooden.
As for potatoes, it is difficult to find white meat potatoes.
Most of them are yellow meat, like a cream in the Netherlands, or there is no sign of white or yellow meat on the package.
Bananas will be spotted on the skin within two days and cannot be edited within a week.
Goodbye to the supermarket. I\'m going back to a local vegetable and fruit shop.
After seeing an advertisement for a subway bus with a large national bottle shop outside the bus, I can only say one sentence.
Is the government tight?
The children in the school have received enough alcohol ads.
The musical\'s new interpretation of The Wizard of Oz is certainly different.
The costumes, stage sets, lights and characters are all wonderful.
However, the voice is so loud that it is impossible to understand these words, and the voice of the soprano is also very harsh.
One of my group left intermittently, which is a shame because the second half was the first improvement.
The orchestra was too loud as usual.
For anyone who has not yet taken part, I would suggest earplugs to be comfortable.
In my opinion, I am not alone and most of the people I have spoken to agree with me.
All the hype about the gender equality of the traffic walking signs is just taking it too far.
What\'s wrong with green walking and red walking, don\'t walk, where will it stop.
Of course, there are more pressing and needed things to do for people with gender equality.
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