year in brief - november 2018

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On November 2018, 2-5 weeks after the New Brunswick took part in the vote, the minority Liberal government of Prime Minister Brian Gallant failed in the trust vote.
Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Higgs became prime minister
Designated after meeting with Lt-Gov.
He said he hopes to achieve a transition to power as soon as possible.
Police say police were injured and 12 accused after a rally in Toronto to protest the controversial debate of former White House strategist Steve Bannon.
The allegations include illegal trespassing, disrupting order and attacking a police officer.
2-The Trump administration announced the return of all American citizens. S.
Sanctions against Iran were lifted under the 2015 nuclear agreement.
The sanctions involve Iran\'s shipping, financial and energy sectors.
3-Accelerate took the lead in the final game and prevented Gunnevera from winning a $6 million Breeder Cup Classic in length.
4-small territory in the Pacific Ocean elected by vote, will remain in part of France for a long time
Waiting for independence referendum
This is the first of three possible plebiscites in the territory in the future.
Evelyn Y, an American shareholder activist.
Davis has more than 80 shares of listed companies, and she rarely shows up in the company --
The investor conference died in Washington at the age of 89.
5-The federal government says it has put thousands of veterans and their survivors short in seven years and is prepared to compensate them for a total of $0. 165 billion.
Minister of Veterans Affairs Seamus O\'Regan said his department miscalculated the disability pension adjustment for 270,000 veterans for the period 2003 to 2010 as this did not properly explain
5-Labor Company
Announced the closure of 31 properties in Canada to streamline its business.
Close two regional support centers including 27 stores in Mississauga, Ontario. and St. John’s, N. L.
A truss factory in St. John’s, N. L.
And a factory located in B Kamloops. C.
5-Owen Pulp Paper Co. , Ltd.
Was one of Canada\'s biggest penalties ever for violating environmental regulations.
The company based in St. JohnB. , was fined $3.
5 million more than twice the amount of improperly treated sewage dumped into the St. John Riveryear period.
5-female in charge of CBC English-
Language television, radio and online services announced that she would leave the public broadcaster to \"look for other opportunities \".
Heather Conway spent five years overseeing all platforms, including the CBC.
Television, broadcaster News Network, CBC Radio 1 and 2 and broadcasters. ca.
A un report says the protective ozone layer on earth is healing.
The same is true of the huge ozone hole over the Antarctic.
Experts believe that 1987 treaty banning ozone
Consume chemicals and new technologies for global environmental success stories.
6-American voters line up to deliver a verdict on US President Donald TrumpS.
After the mid-term elections marked by fear, lies and division.
Republicans have made progress in the Senate, and Democrats have reversed the situation in the House, formed a majority, and given them more power to summon Cabinet members to investigate the president\'s relationship with Russia, and forced him to publish his tax return.
Bernard Landry, a six-year-old former Quebec prime minister and longtime Quebec official, died at the age of 81.
His death has led his former colleagues to express a chain of praise for his patriotism, his love for the people of Quebec, and his firm belief that the province will inevitably become a country.
6-Tony Clement, a longtime conservative congressman, has announced that he will resign from the party\'s judicial critic and committee post after he has been involved in a cyber porn scam.
Clement said he sent explicit pictures and videos to someone he thought was a \"agreed woman\", but he asked for money to prevent the material from being made public.
Party leader Andrew Hill said he accepted a promise from Clement
The passage of time to judge.
But the next day, he announced that Clement was expelled from the party after new information indicated that it was not an isolated incident.
7-Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has vowed that his government will take more steps to protect the synagogue and other places of worship from violence as a counter
Denying the policy of providing asylum to Jews fleeing the Holocaust in Canada.
7-A panel from the parole board denied the full-day parole of a drunken driver who killed three young children and their grandfather in a crash in northern Toronto, 2015.
The panel says 32-year-
Old Marco Muzo continues to minimize the alcohol problem, which he must address before he is released to the community.
Seven days after a senior cabinet minister in Ontario announced his resignation, Prime Minister Doug Ford confirmed that Jim Wilson was forced to leave the cabinet and progress Conservative caucus after facing allegations of sexual misconduct.
Ford\'s office initially said Wilson resigned as minister of economic development to seek treatment for drug abuse.
7-the Trudeau government has announced new rules that make it more difficult for federal prisoners who have served long sentences to be transferred to Aboriginal rehabilitation centres.
The change took place following a public protest by an Ontario woman who was convicted of 2009 murders of eight people. year-
Old Tori Stafford in Woodstock came from a traditional prison to a recovery lodge in the province of SA. Terry-
Lynne McClintic was sent back to prison after the change was announced. 7 – U. S.
Justice Minister Jeff Sessions was pushed as the country\'s chief law enforcement officer after more than a year of intense and personal attacks on President Donald Trump over his avoidance of Russian investigations.
Trump has appointed Matthew Whitaker, chief of staff at sessions ). S.
Acting Attorney General of Iowa.
7-frightened customers run away from the window throwing the bar, or throw their corpse preserve on a friend because a Navy combat veteran is at a country music bar in Thousand Oaks, California
The gunman was dressed in black and his hood was pulled up. when dozens of police officers gathered on Borderline Bar & Grill, he apparently committed suicide.
8-the deadliest AmericaS.
A century of wildfire has swept through Northern California\'s Paradise community, about 290 kilometers north of San Francisco.
Nearly 14,000 houses were burned, 85 people were killed and tens of thousands fled.
Several lawsuits have been filed against Pacific Gas and power companies.
By the end of November, it was claimed that it could have prevented fire.
The cause is still under investigation, but utilities reported that a transmission line was shut down near the time and place of the fire. 8 – A wind-
Fires broke out in Southern California, destroying everything from Thousand Oaks to Malibu in western Los Angeles.
As of November, the Woolsey fire had reached 100.
On the 22nd, it killed three people and destroyed about 1,600 houses and other buildings.
Eight free-speech advocates were angry after the White House revoked CNN reporter Jim Costa\'s news certificate.
White House chief reporter canceled his media pass after 90
At a press conference in East Hall, President Donald Trump had several heated exchanges with reporters.
8-The fire destroyed most of North Matt, the largest retail store in the capital of Nunavut. On Nov.
A young man was charged with the fire, one of six fires in iqluyt.
Police believe five of them were arson cases.
Announced that the company will lay off 5,000 people
Sell two units as part of five units
Control costs, focus on rail and business aircraft, and reduce annual plans for net length
Long-term debt of $9 billion.
Some 2,500 Bombardier workers were fired in Quebec, 500 workers were fired in Ontario, and another 2,000 workers were fired overseas.
8-A judge in Montana ruled $10
The billion Keystone XL pipeline must pass further environmental review.
Calgary announced the decision.
TransCanada-based companies are preparing to build the first phase of the oil pipeline in northern Montana.
The company said it was committed to the project despite setbacks.
8-Statistics Canada\'s controversial plan to collect personal financial data without the consent of the people has been put on hold pending completion of investigations into the legality and intrusive nature of the project.
Nine financial institutions were notified by federal agencies to provide bank information to 500,000 Canadians across the country, so that they were caught off guard.
The captain of the Missouri tourist duck boat, which sank in a storm for 8-7 months, was charged with misconduct, killing 17 people and negligence in the federal grand jury indictment. U. S.
Lawyer Tim Garrison said 51-year-old Kenneth Scott McKee was accused of not properly assessing the weather before or after the vessel entered the Table Rock Lake near the tourist town of Branson.
Brian Higgs is sworn in.
As the 34 Prime Minister of New Brunswick, just a week after Brian Gallant\'s free government was defeated in a vote of confidence.
At the age of 64, Higgs was the oldest in a province with a history of choosing a young leader as prime minister.
9-The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that the Constitution allows national securities regulators to be established in Ottawa and the provinces.
It also found that the draft federal legislation nationwide overseeing stocks, bonds and other investments falls within Parliament\'s power in trade and commerce.
10-Hillary Knight scored twice as many as the American women\'s hockey team to 5-
Win over host Canada.
As the holder of the world and Olympic champions, American women have consolidated their position as the world\'s top women\'s team by beating their opponents on the SaskTel center home ice in Saskatoon.
11-Canadians mark 100 anniversary of the end of World War I at memorial ceremonies across the country.
Anita Cenerini of Winnipeg, who lost her son due to suicide, later came in connection with his service in Afghanistan and was appointed Mother of 2018 Silver Cross.
The Hockey Hall of Fame welcomed its class in 2018.
NHL Commissioner Gary Bateman
The time goalie wins, and the captain is killed, Martin Brud, a small loser, Martin St.
Canadian female star Jenna herfford, league trailblazer Willie o\'re\'s and Russia\'s great Alexander yakushff make their debut at a ceremony in Toronto.
13-The Calgary Asians went to the polling station in a referendum on whether the city should host 2026 Olympic and Winter Paralympics.
More than 56 people voted against it.
The Calgary City Council voted on November 1.
End the operation of the bidding company.
14-Police are investigating alleged sexual assault at a famous private school in Toronto. St.
Michael\'s University school informed parents that after receiving the video two days ago, the school had removed some students.
One of the students was obviously bullied in the bathroom.
Police sources said another incident involved a group of football team members sexually abusing a student in the locker room.
The school later confirmed that eight students had been dismissed and one had been suspended.
15-the Ontario Progressive Conservative government has announced plans to cancel three independent legislative oversight bodies, including the French-language service commissioner, and cancel the French language in a plan --
Language University.
The government put forward cuts in the autumn Economic Report of 2018.
2019-this is the first major fiscal update since taking office in June.
15-Saudi Arabia\'s top prosecutor says Saudi Arabia will impose the death penalty on five men suspected of killing journalist Jamar kazuji. The U. S.
Sanctions were imposed on 17 Saudi officials, the strongest Saudi action against Saudi Arabia since the killing.
15-country star Roy Clark, guitar master and singer, has served as the headline for the cornpone TV show \"hee\" in the last quarter --
Known for popular songs like \"yesterday when I was young\" and \"honeymoon feeling\", at the age of 85. 16 – A U. S.
Federal judges have approved an interim order from the Trump administration to reinstate CNN correspondent Jim Costa\'s White House press pass, which was revoked after he clashed with US President Barack Obama. S.
President Donald Trump said at a press conference.
This will only take effect in CNN\'s suit to challenge the revocation, but Judge Timothy Kelly said he believes the network will succeed in claiming that Costa\'s due process constitutional rights have been violated.
William Goldman, 16, died in Manhattan at the age of 87.
Goldman Sachs won an Oscar for \"Buch Cassidy and Sundance Kid\" and \"All presidents.
He also wrote many novels, including The Princess Bride and the Marathon Man, which were adapted into the script.
19-Toronto police have announced that six 14-year-old and 15-year-old boys are suspected of being in San Francisco.
Michael\'s College seems to have something to do with bullying.
The accused was accused of using weapons for assault, gang attack and sexual assault.
20-Dennis Oran was declared invalid for trial when he beat the merchant\'s father 2011 Times.
Judge of the New Brunswick Queen\'s Court, Terrance Morrison, dismissed 16-
Members of the jury and ordered that the second-degree murder trial be continued by the judge only the next day.
Morrison said that he took this very unusual step because of \"misconduct\" in the jury selection involving officer St. John \".
20-American consumersS.
Canada is advised to stop eating lettuce becausecoli outbreak. The U. S.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also asked retailers and restaurants to remove lettuce from store shelves and stop including it in meals.
But in Canada, although it is related to the disease of 19 people in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, the country\'s public health and food inspection agencies have not insisted on removing it.
Six need to be hospitalized
The 20-NHL Alumni Association announced the death of Dan Maloney, a former NHL coach and player, at the age of 68.
Maloney was a scary fighter in his game and had the feeling of scoring.
He continued to coach the Toronto Maple Leaf and Winnipeg Jets.
21-the fall fiscal update by Finance Minister Bill mono includes new measures to increase investment in Canada at a cost of $17.
Five years 1 billion
These measures are a response to the United States. S.
The company tax rate was lowered from 35 to 21 in January.
21-Curler Ryan Fry has announced that he will take an indefinite leave from the Brad Jacobs team to focus on his \"growth and self\"improvement.
\"After Fry took the World Curling Tour as a substitute, he and teammate Jamie Koy were disqualified from the red deer Curling Classic, organizers say Chris skier and DJ Kidby do not play sports due to excessive drinking.
Four players later issued a statement apologizing for their actions.
21-The Ontario government has passed comprehensive labor reform legislation, effectively reversing many of the changes brought about by the former Liberal regime.
Among other things, the law freezes the minimum wage in the province at $14 an hour until 2020, and cancels the worker\'s paid personal leave for two days a year.
21-Interpol elected South Korean representative Kim Jong-Yang as chairman of the organization, eliminating a Russian security veteran who was strongly opposed by the United States, Britain and other European countries.
22-a man in Winnipeg was sentenced to life imprisonment for sending a letter bomb to the previous office, and was not eligible for parole for at least 10 years
On 2015, one of his wife and two lawyers was seriously injured.
Guido Amsel, 52, was earlier convicted of four attempted murders and many other crimes.
22-Toronto St.
Michael\'s College announced that the principal and chairman of the board had resigned, so the famous private school
Boys Catholic schools can move forward without interference when dealing with multiple allegations of student assault and sexual assault.
After the resignation of President Greg Reeves and board chairman father Jefferson Thompson, the school failed to report the alleged incident to the police in a timely manner, sparking a wave of criticism.
22-Raj Grewal, for unspecified personal and medical reasons, announced his immediate resignation as a Liberal MP for the Ontario ride on Brampton East.
The prime minister\'s office later said the resignation was due to gambling.
Montreal skier Eric Gai announced his retirement. The three-
The time Olympian won 25 World Cup medals in his career and three world champion medals, including two gold medals.
He retired as Canada\'s most popular Alpine skier.
22-stampede quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell was named the most outstanding player at the CFL awards banquet in Edmonton.
Mitchell won the prize for the first time in 2016.
23-Nicolas Roeg, a British inflammatory and ultra-refined film director, has died at the age of 90.
His films include \"Don\'t Watch Now\", \"walk\" and \"Witch\".
He also plays Jagger in the thriller show, and Bowie plays an alien in the hope of saving his planet in the Man Who Fell to Earth.
Laval shot down 34-
Won the 10-time Wannier Cup champion record.
Luri et or quarterback Hugo Richard leads with 348 yards and two touchdowns. The fifth-
Year also ran 60 yards.
25-stampede beat Ottawa Red and Black 27-
In 106 gray Cup competition at the Commonwealth Stadium.
It was Calgary\'s first gray Cup victory since 2014.
Star quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell was named MVP.
25-The Russian Coast Guard opened fire and seized three Ukrainian naval vessels from the Black Sea into the Azov Sea.
Russia, which annexed Ukraine\'s Crimean peninsula in 2014, accused Ukrainian ships of entering its territorial waters without permission.
World leaders condemned Russia\'s unreasonable use of force and urged Russia to release its ships and their crew.
26-GM announced that it will close five factories in North America, including its production plant in Ont Oshawa.
As part of a global restructuring, the company will focus on electric and self-driving vehicle projects.
The automaker says the plan will save the company $6 billion by 2020.
It is planned to close Oshawa by the end of 2019, which will affect about 2,500 jobs.
26-The Senate passed a legislation ordering the suspension of a five-week rotation strike at Canada Post.
After the Senator approved the C-bill, the royal approval was approved
Vote by 53-
25 votes and four abstained.
At noon the next day, postal staff were told to return to work.
26-After a few months of stoppingand-
Britain and the European Union finally signed an agreement to govern the United States. K.
Left the EU in 2019.
British Prime Minister Theresa May, in selling the deal to a divided parliament, was strongly opposed by members of her own party.
26-Stephen Hillenberg, a former marine biology teacher, died while thinking, creating and directing animated film SpongeBob at the age of 57.
29-Foreign Minister Kristia Freeland has announced targeted sanctions against 17 Saudi nationals who Canada considers to have been involved in the killing of journalist Jamar kazoji
The sanctions freeze any assets that the target may have in Canada and prohibit them from entering Canada.
The remains of a Winnipeg woman who disappeared in July 11 were found in a wooded area in the southeast of the city.
The DNA test confirmed that the body was 57. year-
Old Telma cruer left home for a walk and never came back.
Police believe she was murdered.
29-Ontario announced that under a new climate plan, it will set performance standards for large carbon-emitting countries to replace the province\'s emissions capand-trade system.
The Progressive Conservative government has also announced that the province will provide $0. 4 billion in four years for a fund aimed at attracting companies to invest in technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
30-Prime Minister Trudeau, United States of America
US President Donald Trump and outgoing Mexican President Enrique Peña NietoMexico-
Canada agreement reached at the G20 meeting in Argentina.
The agreement to replace the North American Free Trade agreement still requires the approval of all three countries before it can enter into force.
30-The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that deputy media correspondent Ben Makuch must provide the RCMP material he collected for the story he wrote on 2014 about the Calgary man Farah Shelton who joined the Islamic State group.
Deputy media call 9-
A dark day of press freedom in Canada.
George Herbert Walker Bush, 41 President of the United States, died in 1993 at the age of 94.
On December, former Prime Minister Brian Muroni delivered a eulogy at Bush\'s state funeral.
National Cathedral in Washington.
In December 2018, Québec boxer Adonis Stevenson was knocked down in the light heavyweight championship battle in Québec and placed in a medical-induced coma.
Canada took action at the request of the United States and arrested a Chinese tech executive in Vancouver.
Meng Wanzhou is C-F-
The daughter of the founder of Huawei Technology.
At least since April, the company has been suspected of violating Iranian sanctions, and Bangladesh faces unknown allegations from the US government.
Federal prosecutor in Brooklyn
2-Prime Minister Rachel nortley announcesthe-
The board will start cutting oil production from January to reduce excess oil, which increases the price discount for oil in the province compared to the North American benchmark.
She ordered an 8.
Oil production decreased by 7 percentage points, crude oil and asphalt production decreased by about 325-
Thousand barrels per day.
3-David St, Canadian astronaut
Jacques lifted off the Russian alliance rocket to the International Space Station.
The rocket also carried NASA\'s Anne McLean and Russian space agency Oleg konolenko, and successfully docked with the space station six hours later. During his six-
Mission in space, 48-year-old Saint-
Jacques will conduct a number of scientific experiments, some of which focus on the physical effects that weak gravity astronauts experience in orbit and how to provide telemedicine.
3-Canadian weightlifting player Christine Girard won 2012 Olympic gold medals in London and 2008 Olympic bronze medals in Beijing at a ceremony held at the National Arts Center in Ottawa.
She is the first Olympic champion in the history of Canadian weightlifting, and the first Canadian to win two Olympic medals in the sport.
Girard was promoted from bronze to gold in London and to fourth place in Beijing after other medal winners were disqualified from doping violations.
The 4-NHL board unanimously approved the Seattle franchise.
32 teams in the league will be at 2021-
22 season, playing in the Pacific Division.
The ownership group led by billionaire David Bond man and several others including Hollywood producer Jerry Brookheimer.
4-Spotify has announced that Canadian rapper Drake is the platform\'s most-
The world\'s best artist of the year, income 8.
There were 2 billion streams in 2018.
He\'s also the most this year-
Play albums and songs with \"Scorpions\" and \"God\'s plan.
Drake is also Spotify\'s most-
All streaming artiststime.
Apple also named Drake the most musical
Best Artist of the year 2018.
4-Churchill residents cheered the arrival of the first passenger train since the spring of 2017.
The only land connection with the community of northern Manitoba was suspended due to flooding that destroyed the tracks.
A consortium including several northern communities, with the support of the federal government, purchased the Hudson Bay Railway from US owners and carried out repairs.
Take the train from Winnipeg to Churchill twice a week.
4-The government of President Emmanuel Macron has announced that it will suspend the increase in gasoline tax, which has sparked three weeks of violent protests across Paris and France.
It is called yellow vest sport.
4-Janick nezete, Canada
After his first performance as the third music director of the Metropolitan Opera 135, Seguin took the entire orchestra on stage for a curtain callyear-history. The 43-year-
Premiere of Verdi\'s new work, The Tea Girl, led by the Tony Award-
Award-winning director Michael Mayer
Dropped gold scraps on Nezet
When Seguin called him off
5-Washington state regulators deny that a utility company in Ontario has proposed morebillion-
Citing political intervention by the government of Doug Ford, the dollar took over Avista.
The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission said they found the Hydro One deal valued Avista at 6. 7-
After making it clear that the Ontario government is willing to intervene in Ontario utilities, a billion dollars is not in the public interest of Avista.
Regulators quoted the move of prime minister Doug Ford, whose Conservatives won power in June, forcing Hydro One C-E-
O retirement and resignation of 14 people-member board.
7-just two days after being nominated as an Oscar host, comedian Kevin Hart resigned after a strong protest over past homophobic tweets.
Hart wrote on Twitter that he would withdraw from the Oscars because he did not want to distract.
The comedian declined to apologize for the tweet, saying he had made comments many times.
8-the shopper drug market is licensed to sell medical marijuana online.
The list of authorized cannabis sellers and producers of Health Canada has been updated to reflect the dry and fresh cannabis and plants, seeds and oils that the pharmacy can sell.
The Patriots quarterback Tom Brady broke the N-F-
L Record of career touchdowns, including Postseason.
When he was in contact with Julian Edelman, he threw his 580 touchdowns in Miami. yard score.
Another T-
D is better than the previous record of Peyton Manning.
10-British Prime Minister Theresa May was ridiculed and laughed at by parliamentary critics when he announced the postponement of Britain\'s referendum on Brexit in December 11.
She admitted that she would lose her vote by a big margin. —
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