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by:Marslite     2019-08-29
Jim Morrison posed with his guitar as the disco lights flashed overhead.
And a martini-
Shake without stirring-
Dancing peacocks, Stone trails and scenery. . . all on quilts. The recently-
2019 the end of the International Quilt Exhibition of the Indian Quilt Festival (
Organized by the Indian quilt Foundation)
, Showing patterns ranging from creativity and drama to weirdness.
Tina Katwal said: \"This is the first time to organize this event in India . \" She founded the Indian quilt Foundation in January 2018 with Deepa Vasudevan and Varsha Sundararajan.
The event is divided into two parts: competition and exhibition.
There are about 290 quilts in the competition.
The colorful, diverse themes and complex work of these exhibitions ensure that the attendees always have mobile cameras.
The temptation of the quilt also ensured the traffic outside the hall of Seri Sankara, where people came in groups to watch art works.
There are about 70 quilts in the exhibition section, some of which are rented from the United States, Hungary, Guatemala, South Korea, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Scotland.
\"There are a lot of talented quilting machines in India.
While hosting quilting festivals around the world, we wonder why quilting festivals have not been held here before.
We have an online community called Desi quilting machine.
They seem excited about the idea of the quilt show.
That\'s the beginning of it, \"said Tina, who owns a quilt shop called square inches.
Almost all the things about Taron strange Raman Dana can\'t stop smiling.
Four of her six works won the prize.
\"These include best performances and judges\' choices in the art category, as well as first prize and honorary nominations in the theme category,\" Chitra said . \".
A striking portrait of her uncle, made of cheese cloth and denim, stands out.
\"It took me a month to create this.
Working with a cheese cloth can be challenging, \"42-year-
\"It took me seven months to finish all six quilts.
I used tips such as beading, fabric handling, shipping, and quilting of paper scraps. . .
\"It was only after she listed the different techniques that we realized that quilting was much more than stitching a layer of fabric (usually Sally\'s.
The show also has children\'s entries, and their quilts are filled with things that occupy their minds --
Cupcakes, sundae ice cream and Popsicles. Ten-year-
The old S Ritika\'s quilt is as petite as hers.
The 26x40 inch quilt is set in black and is pieced together by Chubby yellow, green, orange, pink and brown birds.
\"My mom introduced me to quilting.
\"We have two machines in our house, sewing together,\" said Ritika . \" It took her two weeks to finish the quilt.
The most prominent is a pink hot quilt with rectangular strips of sea green, brown and pink, made using patchwork and machine quilting techniques.
Something that looks great like a sari.
The people around us kindly call it \"happy in five colors and pink \".
Kamala Murali, 29, said: \"This is actually a throw . \"year-old creator.
She said: \"I am a textile designer and used a lot of quilts in my work, my grandmother always collects them because there are some comforting places for them, I was attracted by it.
Kamala has also launched its own textile label Kambli, which means the quilt in Tamil (
Nothing to do with cricketer Vinod Kambli! ).
Quilting is no longer a hobby of the older generation.
\"I have noticed that many young people are involved.
\"I think it\'s because they have a big surface to say what they want to say,\" Kamala said . \".
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