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Under disco and glowing led lights, typical workouts don\'t happen.
But the WPG cycle is not your typical exercise.
Christie Weiss and Jamie Murray are the brains behind the new spinning studio in south Osborne, the former residence of Noosa Rouen (734 Osborne St. ).
The boutique fitness center is open to the public on October. 15.
Although most, if not all, Luxalune\'s presence has disappeared from the space, the two have maintained the party atmosphere brought about by the lounge.
In general, the rotation class sees people jumping on a fixed bike and riding with a group of people for about an hour, while the coach leads the class through a program set to music.
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Through the speakers and dimly lit rooms, equipped with disco balls, together create a high
Energy environment.
\"In fact, we are a little different from the beat of music.
\"We do not track RPMs, nor do we track your mileage, distance or any other information,\" explained Weiss . \".
\"We really want to create an environment where everyone belongs, where everyone can feel comfortable and not competitive.
\"We want everyone to come, move, listen to some great music and have fun.
Weiss and Murray are from Winnipeg, where they live in Calgary and have a spin lesson.
On a family visit two years ago, Wes said she couldn\'t find a boutique spin class in Winnipeg and thought it was an opportunity.
\"So I joked with Jamie about opening a spin studio in Winnipeg,\" she explained . \".
\"I laughed, we are here, and now I know that every bone in my body is what I should do.
When developing brands for their new spin studio, Weiss and Murray said they wanted to be a high representative of Winnipeg, and their logo depicts the intersection of the Red and Assiniboine rivers.
Speaking of the spin lesson, Murray said that the program was personalized by instructors who tailored the music to the mood of the room and the environment, allowing the senses to focus inward.
\"Music and lighting and all of this is to create an environment that makes you feel comfortable. . .
You can adjust yourself without worrying about making a loud noise (like sighing)
People are listening, \"Murray said.
\"But at the same time, we ride together and everyone is on the same beat of the music and you get that power from the team.
\"It\'s all about your journey and how you want to experience it,\" added Wes . \".
The WPG Cycle course lasts up to 50 minutes and the instructor encourages everyone to stay in the room during the course.
This class starts with two tracks.
Up, half of the playlist has a full track and can do upper body exercises with weight.
At the end of the day, the participants are sweating, and when you hear the last track, you \"get all the feelings\", as one rider said.
\"You can come in and ride a bike, no matter what level of fitness you have, anyone can do it,\" Murray said . \".
\"Over time, you will find that you are getting stronger and stronger.
For more information about WPG loops, please visit wpg-cycle. com.
During the opening week, courses will be offered at half price to those who contribute at least $10 to Youth Resource assistance. Facebook.
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