worst image of 2013? yup, c\'est moi!

by:Marslite     2019-09-03
Well, I officially became a glassware.
The second time I took this thing out in public and wore it to the Banksy unveiling in NoHo, as if the separate Glass or Banksy were not stylish enough.
So maybe I got what I deserve.
The news on the street is that the work is in many places in Houston and Elizabeth, under the waterproof cloth that will be removed at 6: 00. m.
In the same corner, Tom and Jerry\'s bar is convenient and serves a delicious ginger dragon.
My boyfriend and I were on a comfortable table and looked at the scene of the party ---
Someone with a hoodie and Walkie Talkie.
Talk that looks a bit important, and scenes in cool jackets and a variety of digital toys.
As I fiddled with the glass, I cultivated a slow Friday afternoon buzz, prepared a glass workshop for educators, and I was teaching the next day.
A few people cast their eyes on me. -
Or rather, it was on the glass, but I lowered my head and tried not to feel like I was a glass too big.
From 10 to 6 we went out, and on the fence by the tower we saw spots in the front and in the middle.
The crowd bloomed and could do nothing but hang around and wait, and the glass was as close as entertainment.
\"Hey, are those glasses?
\"Why do you have a normal camera when you have that thing ? \"? Good question.
\"That thing\" has neither an adjustable depth of field nor a flash.
But damn it, it makes people look at you.
A guy with a silver duck hair Crown pointed to me with a small and delicate camera.
\"I really don\'t want to see my picture online,\" I begged him.
I \'ve been watching him snap the pix with great efficiency and think he\'s working.
\"I used to go through this kind of thing only once in public.
I\'m not feeling well, I don\'t want my Middle
\"The old face splashed water in public,\" I added . \".
I was told five minutes later that I was on the cover of Gothamist.
My boyfriend pulled the picture up on his phone.
I saw him start laughing and think better.
\"It\'s terrible,\" I guess.
There was a beat before he answered.
\"Not so bad. \" Beat, beat.
\"This is my good. \" \"Oh, no. Lemme see. Come on.
\"He showed me his cell phone. \"Oh, shit. Jesus Christ.
You think it\'s interesting, don\'t you?
\"I can\'t help it if you look like you\'re eating lemon.
Later, people asked me why I was with my mother.
\"This moment comes in time to distract me.
The tarp was removed and we rode a bumper car to the Blue Oyster worship under a disco light and received the treatment of death.
It\'s interesting, but it\'s not my favorite work this month. long show.
My normal camera was right at me and I took some stills and videos with glass.
Tapping the headphones gently, I posted a pix on Facebook while leaning against the fence in the crowd.
Your phone can do this.
But because I didn\'t have a smartphone until a few months ago, it surprised me.
When I got home, I looked at my violation photos on the computer. Middle-
Old vanity is a bitch.
I searched on Google to see if this photo was successful and I found this: October 25, the worst picture of 2013: women in Google Glass are waiting for a bank unveiling in the cold.
Sam Biddle is also a professional gawker and valleywag snarker. His would-
Cesar frobotomo: not even smoking;
Bosman Jr @ bossmanjr: is she eating Cronut? ;
Cid saw her. Is that a woman? ; Axel Cureno 2.
5 @ axelcureno: fucking rich. . . i hate them. . . ;
My favorite Tom Hayden: what if this is banks?
Please allow me to indulge myself. Cesar --
Resigned 35 years ago. Cid --
Come to one of my writing workshops;
I know you can do better. 2. 5 --
Our teacher did this to make a lot of money. Tom Hayden --yes.
How is the statement from Port Huron?
I contacted snarker and the photographer to link them to this blog.
If bad photos bring a little traffic to my work, I will be affected.
They all said nothing.
None of them did. (Come on, dudes.
I want to increase my user base to 19. Help a gal out. )
I don\'t like this unflattering photo, but the shame of 15 minutes is a bit fun.
Glass is occasionally good for something. [
This is the latest post on my blog Google Glass and digital immigration: My Adventures as a Google Glass Explorer of some time. ]
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