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Gorgeous stage lighting, realistic visual experience, whether it is the paradise of petals, the fight scene of lightning, the use of holographic projection technology, let the audience travel freely in different virtual scenes, and taste the magical stage play containing Chinese folk culture in the ultimate sensory experience.
The holographic stage drama produced by WIMI holographic AR is in full swing.
With the outbreak of exclamation marks, the effect of the entire AI holographic cloud display is very suffocating.
The character simulation effect is consistent with the real person, and the simulation effect is finally presented.
Holographic technology, also known as virtual imaging technology, is a technology to record and reproduce real 3D images.
The size image of an object using the principle of interference and diffraction. It is a three-
Three dimensional imaging technology using coherent optical interference to obtain all information of objects.
The holographic cloud of WIMI holographic AR is a way to provide descriptions to enhance reality.
It allows you to see the stereo images of objects that do not exist in the real and real world and interact with them.
It projects images on a mobile phone or computer to other media via a projection device.
The most commercial value of the WIMI holographic cloud is holographic technology.
Holographic technology records not images, but light fields.
With wide application scenarios and rapid industrial development.
The holographic video is complete.
Therefore, it is much larger than other digital descriptions.
Although China has gradually entered the era of 100 MB, it still cannot satisfy
Compress the holographic video, let alone the 4g network of the mobile phone.
Therefore, holographic video compression transmission technology is an important technology related to the popularization and promotion of holographic technology.
For this technology, the company has been in public relations for a long time.
On the basis of the original video compression technology, combined with cloud technology and description distribution description, the company developed WIMI independent holographic video compression transmission technology for the reduction of holographic technology.
Its compression ratio is much larger than the existing compression technology, and its packet loss rate is much smaller than the existing compression technology.
WIMI holographic cloud streaming media technology combines cloud technology with streaming media technology to solve the problem of big data transmission and description distribution.
Capacity description of video, animation, especially holographic video, holographic animation, etc.
The cloud streaming media technology involved is
With the development of cloud streaming media technology, some core technologies have obtained intellectual property rights.
In fact, high-
Holographic Digital image has been widely used in the world.
Taking the world\'s largest US market as an example, its business scale has spread all over the world.
With Americans-
Take the Psy holographic concert produced in South Korea as an example. In the first week, there were 30,000 spectators. In less than 200 of the holographic theater in Seoul, the weekly ticket income exceeded 6 million yuan.
In other words, holographic cinema\'s weekly box office revenue exceeds the annual income of cinemas of the same size, and its huge profits are no less than drug trafficking.
It can be seen that the United States has created a huge holographic commercial empire, covering a wide range of markets such as the United States, South Korea, Japan, India, Europe, and the Middle East.
The times have passed, the environment has changed, and the WIMI holographic AR team represented by domestic holographic technology has created a third
Through years of technology research and development, 6D holographic technology products are produced.
Its analog user experience can be said to be amazing.
Holographic virtual stage and holographic virtual role (
Holographic Description IP)
Industry is one of the core industries of virtual reality industry and one of the most profitable industries in the world.
WIMI Hologram AR has no competitors in the Chinese market and is the leader in the Chinese market.
At present, it is the only company in China with the largest and most complete holographic description/technology cloud platform service in the industrial chain.
There is already a large scale in the operation of the platform.
The advantages of personnel scale structure and the integration of WIMI holographic cloud platform enable the company to undertake multiple projects and multiple
At the same time, it has the R & D and exploration ability of new business, and forms certain barriers to potential competitors.
The flat management of the company also provides more development space and opportunities for employees, enhances the loyalty of employees, and is conducive to the team building of the company.
The company is centered in Beijing, covering the Shenzhen market, echoing the north and south, and has offices or agents in many regions of the country.
Its service field covers AR holographic advertising, AR holographic games, AR holographic film and television, AR holographic sports entertainment, AR holographic design, AR holographic technology services and other fields.
The scale advantage of the wide coverage area enables the company to better serve local customers, grasp the needs of new customers in a timely manner, respond quickly, and provide more perfect service support, expand the company\'s visibility and customer resources.
Due to the wide scale advantage of the service field, the company has a richer variety of services, and has accumulated more customer resources, cases and technical reserves in different industries.
On this basis, on the one hand, it will help the company to expand the depth and breadth of service areas in different industries, and form a new profit growth point for the company;
On the other hand, combine the internal knowledge sharing mechanism and training mechanism to improve the learning and growth speed of the company\'s employees.
WIMI holographic AR has almost taken the lead in the holographic industry.
WIMI holographic AR has now become the largest provider of holographic integrated solutions in China, with holographic computer vision copyright, number of patents related to holographic technology and software copyright ranking first in the industry.
The ability covers many links from computer visual production, service platform construction to cloud software development and technical support.
Compared with other companies in the same industry, it has a more comprehensive
Ability to stop service. As a high-
With the development of science and technology, the research and application of holographic technology is also developing continuously.
With the goal of meeting the needs of customers and their own business development, based on computer graphics and image processing technology, with AR holographic technology as the core, the company\'s technology research and development is mature in all aspects, and the holographic description IP reserve, as well as the identity of the leading enterprises in the sub-industry, a complete set of production methods and theories has been formed in the production of holographic descriptions.
Take advantage of the technical advantages, provide AR holographic integrated services according to the needs of customers in different application fields, broaden the service areas, and improve the company\'s operational efficiency.
At present, from the consumer side, on the one hand, it needs technical implementation to obtain phase data through multiple lenses. On the other hand, it is necessary to process a large number of original video data into holographic images.
Some data implementation no longer depends on the local server, but can complete all data processing in the cloud.
Holographic III of WIMI holographic AR
Dimension captures the offline layout space of the terminal, allowing consumers to obtain their own holographic images through payment.
In the future, WIMI holographic AR also plans to authorize this technology to operators to achieve the goal of further expanding the holographic market through open technology, thus further expanding the ecological layout of WIMI holographic cloud.
At present, holographic projection technology and mass production conditions are relatively mature, but the application range is relatively narrow.
In China, holographic projection technology is mainly used in small display cabinets and small stage.
In the commercial application of the display cabinet, holographic projection is mainly used to display the 360 booth and 270 booth of Enterprise Logs, small electronic products, jewelry.
Most of them are relatively simple rotating animations, and of course, they also express entertainment characters with relatively simple actions.
Applications include virtual performances, virtual interactions with real people, and live broadcasts.
Action holographic effect
There are many ways to apply holographic projection, such as holographic projection Museum, holographic projection dance, holographic projection video phone, holographic projection intelligent tour guide, etc.
Holographic projection can be used not only separately, but also with other multimedia devices.
The purpose of its application is to allow users to experience visual enjoyment with a convenient, cheap and novel technology unlike print media before real holographic imaging technology is popularized.
In the development of holographic projection technology, there may be a change in name or a variety of types, but with the gradual improvement of holographic projection technology, the application of holographic projection technology in performing arts activities should be
Once the cost of holographic projection technology is reduced and more convenient to use, the era of using it as a dance highlight will end.
On the contrary, the whole scene of most Performing Arts will be accompanied by holographic projection effects, and the application will be more diversified. For example, some interactive effects will be set up in the auditorium to meet the audience\'s more viewing needs, add features randomly to the program and expand the application from song and dance to language.
Holographic projection technology breaks through the limitations of traditional sound, light and electricity, brings beautiful images to the audience, and gives people a double-world feeling of virtual and real coexistence.
The potential of holographic projection technology in the future is immeasurable.
Going to an idol concert you never had a chance to see is the wish of every fan.
\"Resurrection\" is undoubtedly the best way to practice and the most acceptable and reasonable way for fans.
We are too late to participate in your past, and we will have your presence in our future.
In the near future, with the coverage of the WIMI holographic AR holographic cloud platform, we will be able to witness the style of the late superstar.
We wait and see . . . . . . Holographic technology is the common goal of human technology development and the vision of it industry development.
Holographic photography is the scientific and technological development goal of communication, entertainment, education and other industries.
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