why are concerts so dangerous (and deadly) all of a sudden?

by:Marslite     2019-10-20
I almost dare not go to a concert.
I am afraid that a stage will collapse, just like a stage at a sugar concert, or a cheap magic show.
Why is it happening now?
Yosemite Sam, since many of us may be watching the death of this concert, the rock star did not want to kill all of us.
However, if you\'re thinking of going to a big show, especially outside, you should know something: Music lovers may not have the protection they deserve.
In Brussels, a violent storm destroyed three stage tents at the Pukkelpop festival, killing five people and injuring 75.
Last month, two similar incidents occurred: another stage in Canada collapsed while the band performed, and a lighting device collapsed before a burning lip concert in Homer.
Finally, just a few days ago, five people were killed at the Indiana State Fair.
It\'s another stage crash, right before the band Sugarland is ready to take the microphone.
So when it comes to the safety of the concert, it\'s not enough to see what\'s happening.
The concert is getting bigger and bigger
Closer to a well-crafted Broadway show than your traditional band.
Since then, the show has evolved in this way, but Madonna\'s well-planned Blonde Ambition World Tour in 1990 is one of the highlights.
It is bigger and more gorgeous than most people who attend the concert have experienced.
As dance guide Vincent Patterson later said, \"The biggest thing we\'re trying to do is change the shape of the concert.
We want to combine fashion, Broadway and performing arts, not just show songs.
\"This kind of development has promoted the demand of fans for more lights, more special effects, more videos, more sets --
Each element is a potential accident in manufacturing.
First of all, we are talking about more equipment and heavier equipment.
For example, for a typical large-40,000 pounds lightbudget concert.
Industry experts say safety regulations have not kept up with the scale of the show.
In fact, there is no government agency that supervises or sets the rules for outdoor concerts.
In Chicago, there are very strict rules for such performances.
But at other venues, no one even checked the stage before the concert audience arrived.
So who could be responsible for all these injuries and deaths is also a tricky question.
\"It will depend on who is responsible for building the stage,\" said Jason Feldman, counsel for Feldman and varach . \".
\"Sometimes the performers just show up and the concert is really performed entirely by others.
\"Sometimes, in the appropriate circumstances, the concert audience may even lose their lives and no one will face the consequences.
\"If this is the true act of God, without any warning, it is an unusual weather pattern that these people do everything and follow the rules, Feldman said: \"There is no chance to warn people, then no one is likely to take responsibility. \".
Of course, does that mean you should avoid your favorite outdoor show.
However, it may be worth calling the venue if there are any safety regulations.
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