whitney houston promoter stands up for her brisbane gig

by:Marslite     2019-09-21
Bloggers claim that Houston\'s \"lost direction\" does not take notes, looks tired on stage and relies heavily on supporting singers.
Whitney Houston\'s promoter, Andrew mcmanas, defended her performance in Brisbane after rumors that the singer was on her \"Nothing but Love\" tour of the city
The Brisbane concert was the first concert downstream of Houston and received a variety of comments.
But according to McManus, 46-year-
The old singer was shocked to hear that many people attacked her program.
Bloggers claim that Houston\'s \"lost direction\" does not take notes, looks tired on stage and relies heavily on supporting singers.
\"Whitney\'s rambling, the memory loss of one of her band members names, bad voices and unprofessional performances will be one of the worst concerts ever.
Of course I\'m not in a hurry to buy her record again.
She has completely lost it and it\'s terrible to see so many people leave and shake their heads and laugh at her, \"a fan said on the website.
However, mcmanas said Houston\'s performance should be appreciated.
\"I watched the whole show.
\"Yes A no, it may be B,\" McManus quoted . \".
He went on to say, \"This is not a train accident.
Most of the notes were played by her and yes, her throat was a little sore.
\"She is in good health, but she is 22 years old.
She performed two games on the stage. and-a-
Dance, sing and run for half an hour.
Is she a little out of breath on a few songs? Yes, she is.
But I don\'t apologize for it. she\'s angry.
\"There were 9,500 people there and 9,000 standing ovation.
She saw many happy faces from the stage.
So she was surprised by the negative mood the next morning.
She went to bed after the show. and-a-
She was proud of her solid performance for half an hour.
She thinks she gave her everything and did well, and I agree with her.
\"It was the first night after a long flight and she hasn\'t played for a while.
\"It\'s a tough country and your performance will be criticized.
At the end of the day, it\'s not like another scene where there\'s no notes just now here, and she sings every note.
Mcmanas added: \"If the disgruntled few feel that she is not up to the standard of Whitney 20 years ago, I may agree with them.
But she performed a full concert.
She hit all the hits.
She did everything we advertised and said she would.
It was a great show.
This is a business icon who strikes back at the bottom, and we should praise her instead of attacking her.
\"We are a country that usually supports losers. she is a loser. she is suffering.
She\'s sensitive.
She is a 46-year-old and has not performed for a long time.
\"Her life went through some real lows and she proved she could fight back and give it a red hot crack.
This is the attitude that I think the Australian people will accept, and unfortunately there are a few people who want to stick to it.
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