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Dirty House club every Thursday
Night party to celebrate family music and 8-year-
The old Silver Lake bar is made for each other.
The sponsors have the following high
Tony Powell, energy dance lovers and DJs cheer for them.
New Morocco at the venue-
Akbar co-design theme dance room
Boss Peter AlexanderShake. Stir.
Shake it again
\"Call me in this particular atmosphere,\" Gary Jones said on a recent Thursday, when Powell put the house and the soul together.
\"I\'m a little crazy about clubs and music.
This is my church.
\"But this is not for the weakness of the heart.
\"One night at the Akbar dirty and dirty house club started, and at sunset, the customers entered the plain and unpretentious bar, and the sign to greet them was\" dirty and dirty House \".
\"In the half of the back room, the attendees paid $4 and received a stamp on their wrists, giving them the freedom to walk through the curtains that separate the two worlds.
By 11: 15, the dance floor has become a sweaty back, wet playground for gay and straight dancers of all ages and races.
Even for those on the sidelines, Powell\'s beat is too tempting;
They stood in the rest area and watched the lights and limbs on the floor go out, shake and rotate.
It was the lights that caught the attention of the dirty house.
Promoter Fred Warren is a Montréal who grew up in family music.
\"I heard a track from Steve Wonder on the dance floor, and I thought, \'Oh, my God.
\"All these bright lights flashed from the mirror ball,\" he recalls . \".
His dirty and dirty partner, Daryl Jones, heard this, who suspected that Akbar might be the club\'s destination three months ago when he moved away from the home of the living room club.
\"There\'s something new going on in Silver Lake, and these people have a new dance floor,\" Jones said . \".
\"It fits perfectly.
Warren says the integration of the two is seamless from day one.
\"On the opening night, all of us came back and mixed up with all of Akbar\'s people,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s like putting two very powerful forces together.
\"A Silver Lake often haunts
Owner Alexander and Scott Craig opened a meeting place for their friends, and Akbar expanded to include a dance floor in last April.
The bar only offers Friday and Saturday nights dancing.
But because of their long relationship with Jones, Alexander called Jones a part of the family, and the couple decided to open the ground for the dirty house that has been around since the end of 2003.
\"We love having our own Akbar and stuff on Friday and Saturday.
\"We like to keep our identity,\" Alexander said . \".
\"So it\'s a bit far-fetched for us, and we do it because we know Daryl.
\"They are as happy with the results as Jones and Warren are.
\"It\'s a really cool mix of people in a dirty house,\" Alexander said . \".
Craig added: \"It\'s good because it\'s different from the crowd we usually have.
So this is good for us.
It exposed us to a large group of people who don\'t usually come here.
\"Powell spins a set at a speed that is designed to keep dancers on the floor, and fans will stay until the early hours of the morning.
\"They are dancers.
\"They just go out and dance right away,\" Craig said of the crowd . \".
\"We have to kick them out at two in the morning ---
They don\'t want to leave.
Warren said: \"I can\'t think of anyone who would let me dance or sweat on the dance floor like Tony did.
Gary Jones took a break on the dance floor to meet new and old friends.
\"Look at the crowd;
\"It\'s very hot,\" he said . \"
\"One thing I like about Silver Lake is that it\'s gay, it\'s straight, and a lot of girls come here and put their hair down and shake it up.
\"It\'s an atmosphere.
If you like the music here, we are already friends.
* Steve Baltin can be reached at weekend @ latimes. com.
* Dirty and dirty house Club * Location: Akbar, 4356 Sunset Avenue.
Los Angeles Time: 10m. to 2 a. m.
ThursdaysPrice: $ Month Information :(323)665-
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