what would the ultimate canadian nuit blanche look like?

by:Marslite     2019-09-30
No matter where you live, what you do with newneblanche is-
Regardless of the public-art-
Partyaction is spread across a wide community or several city blocks-
It is impossible to experience all this.
The fear of missing is true.
Since Montreal\'s first Nuit Blanche brought the festival concept from Europe to Canada in 2004, cities across the country have been opening streets
Air galleries that anyone can enjoy (or critique)
Numerous installations, projects, and performances while wandering at night.
We call it different.
For example, Halifax has a night song and St. John has a third class.
The time we celebrate each year is also different.
London, Ontario and Whitehorse both had noyt branch in June, but Montreal had it in February.
Nevertheless, most Canadian cities will rediscover their communities through an event in the fall.
For example, Nuit Blanche is in Winnipeg this Saturday and-
The first time --Edmonton.
Sydney in Nova Scotia will also stage its own night
Time festival, Lumiel, September 26.
The next weekend, Newt Blanch is in Toronto-
For the tenth anniversary of sunset-to-
Sunrise wonder
We already feel FOMO.
That\'s why we invited local experts, people from the CBC in the city where the art exhibition is about to be heldat-
Evening events to share their preferred
Projects that happen in their communities attract their imagination the most.
What if we asked them to plan the final Canadian Nuit Blanche?
What is the contribution of each city?
Deep Black sas Lin d. C.
\"Generally speaking, no matter which community they are part of, people will avoid the park at night,\" Brown and Wayne garlitte said . \"
The deep and dark setting is a special case.
It is a lighting device located in zoomon Victoria Park, near the city\'s 20 th Street.
\"A lot of people call it a community in transition,\" explains Grebinski . \".
\"There used to be a lot of old run-down hotels, and so far a large part of Saskatoon\'s population doesn\'t want to walk 20 streets.
When all these artists
Many of them use light in their projects
This place is just a brand new personality that allows people to look at it in a new way.
\"Especially in the depths of the dark, the project aims to eliminate the fear of shadows and invite visitors to stroll around Victoria Park --
Attracted by a series of illuminated doorways.
\"This is a park built along the river. it is a beautiful park after a day.
This is my way to the community garden.
But this is not where I go at night . \"
\"The idea of lighting up the space and then going through it is a bit cool.
\"Sydney, the interaction of NOVA SCOTIAThe machinists band, local, is a bit hard to describe.
\"It sounds like they\'re doing a steampunk, impromptu thing,\" said Steve Sutherland of Cape Breton in the Morning News, laughing and trying to summarize the mechanics.
Late for Lumiel
During the night event in September 26, band members of the Cape Breton outdoor theater company will be walking around Sydney, what they call \"purpose \"--built human-
Electric van, \"35-minute show —
The battle of wit and song-at every stop.
\"I \'ve always seen Lumiel turn the city center where we\'re usually an antique and familiar place into a carnival atmosphere,\" said Sutherland . \".
\"A little tongue --in-
Its cheeks are mysterious.
\"What attracts me like a mechanic is short-lived, improvised, it only exists that night, just like Lumiere,\" he explains . \".
\"Only one night.
Like the waves or the songs of birds.
For me, it embodies the spirit of the whole night.
There are several reasons why Aparita Bhandari\'s imagination is captured by the Silent Knight.
It\'s just in the Gardner Museum in Toronto, right on the metro line, \"which makes it very convenient.
\"This is also part of the 10 th memory lane exhibition, a special anniversary series curated by the founding director of the declaration, che Kothari, to commemorate the city\'s Nuit Blanche decade
But its appeal really comes down to a small matter.
50,000 small things, really.
\"The Knight of silence,\" Interestingly, I read that it was carved out of more than 50,000 Lego blocks.
I think, \'What? !
Bhandari laughed.
\"My relationship with Lego is very interesting,\" she explained . \".
As the mother of two young children, plastic building blocks are a scourge in her family.
It\'s always hard for her to put things away.
Silent Knights Inn Toronto-
Artist Nimako is building a bigger one using Lego-than-
Life barn owl, will be displayed outside Gardiner.
\"I saw the image of the work, and I was completely fascinated by the way he re-created it
Agree with Lego, said Bhandari.
You can see the lighthouse from Edmonton office on September 26.
You can also see it from a distance
Outside the highway, a strange, flashing anomaly on the skyline of the city center.
The project took over two buildings in the city center --
Chancery Hall and Epcor Tower-
A programmed lighting system will be used in two buildings to deliver messages in binary code.
When the light is on and off, the message conveyed is still blurry --
Though for anyone watching it from a distance, the message could be \"Hey!
Edmonton is doing Nuit Blanche this year!
\"I think a lot of people will notice this, and maybe they won\'t realize Nuit Blanche until they see it,\" said Mark Connolly, owner of Edmonton . \".
\"They\'re leaving, \'what\'s going on?
What is the transaction?
So they will find it.
\"Winniegwall WallNatalie Baird\'s picture-in-picture, non-slip, Julia wake up, Matea Radic, Dani Reede jabille Bangura, disorderly Razzo, Ben Kroeker, Toby Gillies, Yulei-
\"There are 12 different artists, it\'s outside, it\'s free, there will be thousands of people there.
This is how Manitoba reporter Teghan Beaudette describes \"wall-to-wall\", a mural of on-site collaboration --
Painting activities outside the C Space Gallery in the Winnipeg exchange area will be changed.
There is one more thing for these thousands of people. . .
As part of the Nuit Blanche wall in vallevan, a group of cyclists will gather at the site, which covers the murals of several days around the city.
\"They go to the gallery by bike, where there are thousands of people,\" said Beaudette.
\"After watching the murals, these cyclists will ride late into the night.
You took part in a whole
Where do you live this fall?
Follow the CBC art on Twitter and Instagram and share your options with us!
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