what to expect when you start advertising on snapchat

by:Marslite     2019-10-10
If you\'re a marketer, you\'re always looking for a hot new platform to reach your audience.
If you don\'t have Snapchat on your radar, it should be.
However, we have all heard reservations and predictions about the future of Snapchat ---
From Evan Spiegel\'s mystery to the decline in user growth caused by a Facebook feature vulnerability.
I have a unique review of Snapchat\'s advertising platform.
Over the years, I have managed digital advertising for Google\'s most strategic brand.
Now, I lead the marketing of forKeepsafe software, and I kick tires on Snapchat\'s products.
I also have a teenage daughter who gives me more perspective on the Snap market and impact.
Last summer, my digital marketing agency and I decided to test on Snapchat\'s platform.
We are looking for new advertising platforms to drive our rapid growth, and the population of Snapchat may be suitable for our mobile privacy app.
Snapchat ads are a mystery in obvious cases.
Six months ago, the ad on Snapchat was mysterious, but its creativity and demographics were impressive.
Snapchat is one of the only platforms you can reachelusive 13-17 age group (
Although we chose not to advertise people under the age of 18).
Its platform population is also heavily biased toward 18-24 and 25-
34 North American viewers
Snapchat\'s daily active users access the app 18 times a day and spend 30 minutes a day on the app, 60% of which also create daily snapshots.
It\'s hard to have good ideas.
So how do you make Snapchat ideas?
It can\'t be too smooth to get it done.
Even the biggest brands with expensive creative institutions, without employees who are used to making messy ads that look like friends\' messages, will have no advantage.
This may be a big obstacle.
When we thought about how to make our own ideas for the platform, our Snap representative sent two examples.
The first ad showed a woman wearing a sports bra playing iron.
The light is very good, the camera angle is also very professional, too delicate, unforgettable.
The second ad looks like it was on the phone.
The two joked about a smelly car and advertised Febreze.
\"Febreze crushed it,\" Our sales rep said.
\"The key is to find Snapchat locals who have less than ten mastered --
Second video format
Advertising should also be humorous in conveying the value or problem your product solves.
Try shooting on your phone and add creative effects later
Looks like a Snapchat filter product.
Strengthen your brand at the end with your logo and company name.
While these examples help us gather which ideas are most effective on Snapchat, we have questions about whether our goals are aligned with Febreze\'s goals --
Does its advertising really increase sales.
It is important to set campaign goals.
Once we set up the ad, I started to receive a daily receipt for our consumption.
When I reached out to see if I could get a monthly receipt instead of a daily email, our rep said Snapchat doesn\'t have that capability yet.
It was annoying for me and my finance colleagues who had to deal with the accounting daily receipts.
There is a glimmer of hope, though.
The daily receipts show me how crazy we spend every day.
Some of the reasons are that we strive to optimize delivery, but it\'s also surprising to see Snapchat\'s systems fluctuate between $0.
The cost of the day is $157.
That\'s another reason why it\'s so important to set campaign goals in the first place.
We want to raise our income.
Actively install and understand which ideas perform best in our test budget.
Since we have a campaign budget in place, we know that we will stop providing ads after we click on them.
Snapchat\'s spending changes highlight the challenges of its system, but make it easier to track our revenue targets and budgets in real time.
The planned activities performed better.
If your company uses the installation properties and analytics software, ask about tools that can help you create similar audiences in Snapchat.
These audiences have similar attributes to those who use your product.
When you are able to reach the right audience, you are more likely to reach your goals and your activities will eventually perform better. We tried cost-per-install (CPI)
Bid first, but it didn\'t take long to realize that our ads didn\'t serve.
In the end, we have achieved more success in CPI bidding by planning a wide audience.
Our Snap representative went through trial, upgrade and trouble shooting but ended up with a 80% drop in CPI.
The test shows us which creative elements perform best, and we have another test in production. Our top-
Among our target audience, the performance ads use the romantic comedy humor of the actors and actresses.
They were very interesting. strife-inducing)
Scenes where actors should use Keepsafe\'s photo gallery products.
These ads are installed most with the most effective CPI while reaching our target population.
Make sure your campaign success metrics are aligned with the campaign goals and come up with insights that you can apply to future campaigns.
Snap is still early.
Last fall, the advertising platform was just starting at best.
While Snap is rapidly iterating, in order to build a competitive business model and compete with entrenched online advertisers, it needs to develop a first-class platform.
Snap is focused on building big brands.
After all, big brands have a big marketing budget.
But Snap will eventually have to figure out how to make money on its torso and tail to win.
However, I am still optimistic despite our groping.
Snapchat has a good record of creativity.
It can extend trademark creativity to the advertising platform, improve the execution of the advertising platform and win the market.
Even in the early stages, Snap has the most innovative creative format.
Snapchat also provides brands with exciting ways to engage with new audiences.
That\'s why we continue to allocate some of our marketing budgets to Snapchat this year.
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