what elizabeth taylor\'s jewellery tell about her love life

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These gadgets, bracelets and beads are often described as one of the largest private collections ever, and can be called the crown jewels of Hollywood.
I admit that when I met Elizabeth Taylor\'s jewelry, I was still a little intoxicated after my friend\'s birthday.
Disco lights dancing from her gadgets didn\'t improve the situation: huge trophies, like the stolen goods on many Christmas cookies, were just glorious, amazing, real McCoy.
The glare of inches fell off. thick Taylor-
Burton diamond ring (estimate: $2. 5-3. 5 million)
Especially flashlike.
I remembered the time when Princess Margaret fired the 33.
19 karat Stone as vulgar.
Taylor asked her to put it on her finger without any cover.
\"It doesn\'t look so vulgar now, does it ? \" Old Violet\'s eyes quipped.
The word \"Cornucopia\" was overused, but if anything qualified, it was Christie\'s edit to the infamous Taylor Howard.
These gadgets, bracelets, and beads are often described as one of the largest private collections of all time and can be called \"crown jewels of Hollywood\", where celebrities are relics of the age of celebrities rather than fake celebritiestanned 20-year-olds.
As Jonathan Rendell, vice chairman of Christie\'s American company, explains, \"Miss Taylor is the last great movie star.
This is the person who understands her contract with the public.
She looked perfect and never left home.
No one can get the attention of people like Elizabeth Taylor.
Her strength lies in appearing and shining.
\"Taylor\'s presence is so powerful that half of the people wanted her to slip past, asp grabbed the most epic chest.
The highlight from long distance transportation is in three-
A one-month tour in Moscow, London, Los Angeles, Dubai, Geneva, Paris and Hong Kong.
See 10-December-
On December 13, Christie\'s New York day exhibition, before it reached its climax with the wealth of three sales --14.
It is estimated that 269 pieces of jewelry in this famous treasure house will be worth more than $30 million.
Clearly, \"strong interest\" from the right parties already exists.
There are also luxurious custom clothing (
Showing Taylor\'s amazing figure)
And some great Augustus John artwork.
But the rock dominates.
As confirmed by Christie\'s international jewelry director Francois Curry, \"she has an expert eye on craft, rarity, quality and history.
She collected the best works from the best period.
\"However, what adds value to these corkers is the romance of their interactions.
Stay in Emerald suites Bulgari (
Estimated total: $1. 6-3. 7 million)
Burton began investing in the filming of Cleopatra. 1963).
The film has been made for two years, and the cost of shooting is almost bankrupt in two days.
Taylor did her best to bankrupt her admirers.
In February 1962, Eddie Fisher tried to attract his wayward wife with £ 30.
Bulgari 97 karat
Burton beat his rival.
To the same star through the condoty mall.
Here she received a copy of emerald and diamond and a new husband.
As he pointed out: \"I introduced the beer to Liz and she introduced Bulgari to me.
\"Burton may have mentioned his colleagues.
As the star of \"Miss Tits\", his description of their first encounter shows his true emotion: \"She is famine, fire, destruction, and plague, she is her breast in sonnets is disastrous, they will overthrow the Empire before the decline of the Empire . . . . . . She is luxurious.
She is a dark and unyielding generosity.
In short, she\'s so bloody . . . . . . \"His most brilliant purchase for his idol is La Peregrina (estimate: $2-$3 million), a pear-
A 203-grain Pearl in shape.
It was discovered in the 1500 s and became part of the Spanish crown jewels.
Taylor left without billing.
The character in Anne of thousands of days is just to show off.
Soon after she received it, she lost the pearl.
In order not to remind Burton, she searched the hotel room casually.
As she reveals in her autobiography, \"I see a [puppy]
Chewing bones . . . . . . I just want to scream with my hand on my mouth . . . . . . But, no, I just opened the puppy\'s mouth, which is the perfect pearl in the world.
\"For Taylor, such jewelry has excellent quality every day.
Burton tends to randomly show her what she says is \"It\'s Tuesday, I love you.
His \"this is your 40th birthday, I love you\" gift is a 65-year-old Bulgari sautoir
Burmese sapphire-
Proportion of last fall (
Estimate: $940,000-1. 2 million).
She won the table tennis diamond.
Estimate: $5,000-7,000)
After beating Burton in table tennis
Suite with Cartier Ruby (
Estimated total: $430,000620,000)
Her third husband, Mike Todd, was swimming.
8 was almost ignored.
24k rubies and diamonds with Van cleyabao ring (estimate: $1-1. 5 million)
Burton put it in her Christmas socks until her daughter Lisa pointed it out to her.
As Keith Penton, head of jewellery at Christie\'s London, said: \"You have a real understanding of Taylor\'s character.
She is a real star.
Instead of borrowing jewelry, she owns it.
She\'s generous-
Always put off the ring for people.
A woman who worked for her told me that she would say to her friends: \"Shall we go out for lunch or play with jewelry and let us play with jewelry and you may have lunch at any time.
As Taylor said on 2002: \"I hope their [the jewels\']
The presence and their magic will be passed on to others who are loved but not owned because we are all temporary guardians of beauty.
\"Ten years later, our heroine will be shared on an appropriate epic scale.
Those of us who cannot come up with the necessary thousands of people should see December as a glorious spectator movement, after the end of the main event, keep an eye out for Taylor\'s 400 pieces of clothing jewelry that may be sold online and let her memories shine forever with the last great jewel in Hollywood.
The catalogue will be provided from October: www. christies.
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