what do astronauts and the kardashians have in common? ask artist george henry longly

by:Marslite     2019-10-18
At the Chelsea Red Bull Studio, British artist George Henry Longley turned the gallery space into a place where it is unlikely to be presented with art: a spaceship.
Upstairs, in a dark blue area, a piece of clothing similar to the astronaut costume spread across the floor.
In a recent phone conversation, Langley called the area a \"cockpit \".
He refers to another area of the kitchen on board, painted orange.
Black font track mounted on the mirror on the wall-
\"This is the first poem in space,\" Longley said . \"
\"It\'s actually just a report from an astronaut.
We all love your life . \"
Watch before July 31)
Henry S. wrote 1976 books \"houses in Space\"F. Cooper Jr.
He called it \"gossip reading \".
\"The history of the sky lab space station, the book goes beyond the mechanics of the project and explores the day --to-
Daily activities and interpersonal relationships between astronauts.
This is the main concern of Langley. -
The mundane, personal, intimate details of the human experience are amplified in the relevant environment.
Longley connects the gallery space with a space ship with provocative similarities: they are both the venue for experiments and performances and the place to inspire imagination.
He said the astronauts were \"the first real star\" and their lives were checked on an international scale, watching their every move from a distance and recording the most mundane moments
An astronaut ate a specially prepared meal, the predecessor of Kardashian\'s salad.
\"I want to use the space station to talk about the contemporary situation . . . . . . How do we keep getting, getting . . . . . . It was bombed by information . \".
His orangekitchen has also turned into a \"cooking show\" with lighting fixtures and microphones, which shows \"another element that continues to behave in the process of making things \".
As an artist, astronaut or chef, we perform whenever we create.
In reality TV, even if we just sit and sit lazily, we create.
Lonly is particularly interested in downtime and what happens when people don\'t work.
A waste of time, he says, is the American word.
He likes the idea of enjoying and thinking about something, just accepting it.
In our culture of busyness and constant surveillance, real downtime becomes more and more difficult to enjoy.
However, Langley reminds us that this is a critical time to create creative work and stimulate innovation.
On the big screen downstairs, Lanley installed a snake movie in London\'s studio.
They slide around his computer, keyboard and mouse-his \"operating tool.
\"I want them to represent the thoughts of analysis and thinking,\" he said . \".
\"Looking around, moving forward and around things is a way of thinking around objects.
Lang Li explored his creative process.
Creativity becomes more and more powerful because he represents it in a dynamic form of constant movement.
Keep your eyes long;
He is currently or is about to perform in London, sparlo, Rome and New York, quickly attracting more and more international audiences.
If you\'re in New York, keep an eye out for news about his DJ party \"anal crisis\" in the UK, which he will hold later this month in the Red Bull Shed.
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