west hudson arts & theatre company to perform \'it\'s a wonderful life\' in radio play format

by:Marslite     2019-09-12
A year ago, a small emerging performance company tried to revive the great drama History of Hudson.
The new West Hudson art and theater company is trying to rekindle the fire of the residents of the area, performing the timeless classic \"It\'s a Wonderful Life.
\"Judging from the success of the show and the enthusiastic audience participation of the two seasons, W. H. A. T.
Will return to its roots and perform \"It\'s a good life\" again \".
\"It was a very exciting year,\" said W. H. A. T.
President Jerry fikto“Each show (We have already performed.
We were welcomed by people of all ages.
We have more and more audiences, and we are constantly seeing new faces.
Asked what will be different from last year\'s performance this year, Ficeto said changes in the venue will play an important role.
\"Last year we were able to use the Arlington Players Club and they were very kind but we had to bring the stage, the lights and everything,\" Ficeto said . \".
\"The space we are in now (
In front of St.
Stephen\'s School on Midland Avenue)
Set up with stage, sound and lighting.
With a better
Ficeto expects the new actor to be warmly welcomed by the audience of West Hudson.
\"I hope these actors will feel the reception they will receive from the West Hudson community,\" Ficeto said . \" He added that the actor in their last show, Arsenic Frost and Old Lace, told him, \"We have never been treated so well.
Ficeto added, \"I\'m excited that some of these new faces will experience the warmth of our West Hudson community.
One of the new actors is Noelle Haefner, a resident of Kearny, who will play multiple roles in \"This is a wonderful life.
\"It\'s been a long time (
Because I performed on stage.
But I\'m excited, \"said haverner, who graduated from the University of Dallas in theater.
\"The whole experience has been a real adventure so far and it\'s worth it.
For Haefner, the chance to perform in \"This is a good life\" will make it easy for her to return to the show.
\"It\'s fun to re-broadcast the radio program.
I \'ve never done such a thing before, but it\'s a simple way to rest (Performance)
Because I can carry my script with me, \"said Haefner.
The chance to perform in \"This is a good life\" is the chance to work with her son Jack, who will sing on the show.
\"It\'s interesting to be able to do it with him,\" Haefner said . \".
\"He is interested in future shows and I am absolutely interested in future shows. ”W. H. A. T.
\"This is a wonderful life: Live radio drama\" will be performed on Friday and Saturday, December \".
7: 30 14 points and 15 pointsm.
$20 tickets including pre-sale tickets
Theater reception.
Please visit www for tickets. whatco. org or call (201)-467-8624.
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