‘we are here for the fun of it!\' china’s elderly flock to karaoke bars as authorities seek to get them out more

by:Marslite     2019-08-31
Karaoke used to be the main entertainment option for cool young people in China, but now, as the country\'s \"ktv bar\" becomes Gray\'s Mecca, a group of older singers bow to them from a microphone standCrocodile with hair.
Young people in China used to gather in smoke.
Late at night, the bar was packed with people, where they would drink beer, eat peanuts and play their favorite pop songs among a group of friends who would giggle and clap
But while Karaoke venues-or known in China as KTV bars-have long been a favorite destination for people in many parts of Asia who are raving about their weekends, the industry is changing.
Many places have been abandoned by a group of young people who think karaoke is cheesy compared to the West
Popular fashion bars or nightclubs in Chinese cities.
Replace China\'s young generation in expensive clothes with once-flashing disco lights
Fashion places have always been a steady stream of old singers seeking music and friendship --
There is also a free buffet lunch.
\"We\'re here for fun!
Liu Guihua, from eastern Jiangsu province, said she visited the local KTV bar with her friends studying at a local senior university.
\"We can sing any song we want to sing and make us happy,\" she told Zhenjiang local TV station . \".
KTV venues are often huge, cave-like downtown buildings divided into separate rooms with tables for sofas, snacks and drinks and a large TV
Karaoke system.
Older people in China like to get close with friends, and in many cases their sons and daughters have moved from home to work in a booming city.
Respect for the elderly is considered to be the most sacred of the Chinese virtues, but decades of economic growth have made this generation pay more attention to their careers than to their parents.
The harsh years of forty years
Children\'s policy has led to a rapid aging of the population, and providing welfare and support to China\'s growing elderly population is a big problem in Beijing.
Officials have been educating many people and trying to encourage the younger generation to spend more time with their parents.
But in some parts of China, authorities have also partnered with the entertainment industry to offer more entertainment options.
Karaoke bar owners who are concerned about the outflow of young customers from venues have accepted the idea.
Institutions in Nanjing and Wuxi, Jiangsu now offer free rooms for people over the age of 50.
According to local media, under a plan called \"Sunshine Entertainment: Sunset Glow\", 30 p. m.
It is reported that in Guangzhou, South China, the elderly can enjoy a discount of 50 yuan (£5. 70)
Throughout the morning or afternoon, free lunch is included in the price.
The similar rooms in the evening peak hours are generally around 350 yuan (£40).
In northern Shandong province, many venues offer free singing performances,
Discount rates in recent months.
Gelaimei KTV bar in Qingdao port offers 6 rooms per month for free for the elderly.
A bar staff member named MS Ju said: \"We can have up to six people in each room, and every time we do this, the room is full . \".
\"They seem to like this very much.
Additional report by Christine Wei.
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