war ain\'t no disco for prince harry

by:Marslite     2019-09-02
Prince Harry said he had spent his life.
This time, it doesn\'t involve blonde beauty, wine or disco lights. The party-
The happy young prince, as a soldier in the war in Helmand province, Afghanistan, traded the London club tour for an isolated and barren outpost, a hotbed of radical rebellion.
The best thing about his deployment, he said, is the paparazzi and headlines who fled hunger.
\"The world could have changed,\" Harry said in an interview after being deployed in December.
\"To be honest, there\'s a good thing that doesn\'t know what\'s in the paper and what kind of crap people are writing.
\"Photo: Prince Harry is in Afghanistan, but there are only a few days since he left the spotlight.
British military officials had hoped to keep 23-year-
His deployment was secret before he returned safely.
But after leaking the report on the website, before he left Afghanistan, he recorded a video and interview in Afghanistan\'s volatile Helmand province and Britain.
Photo: The Prince struggled with dusty red hair, and the third successor to the British throne told reporters in a video before the deployment of the news leaked that he was eating military food and drinking non-alcoholic drinks.
A luxury item stands on a carpet, not on the sand, he said.
He missed the comfort of a home: sitting on the sofa.
Photo: his brother William will be proud to write to tell his late mother, Princess Diana.
\"She would bow her head and laugh at the stupid things I \'ve been doing, like going left when I should go right,\" he said . \".
Trump group summons Chinese customs duty Eric Garner police verdict Harry has made headlines for years
Wearing Nazi uniforms, cupping on the breasts of a blonde TV presenter, frolicking with a stripper, and twisting with photographers outside the club. The 23-year-
Sorry for the Nazi uniform.
For the costume party.
But it also admitted that minors used to drink alcohol and use marijuana.
Asked if he knew there would be no club in Helmand province, Harry said: \"I know, I heard.
\"There is very little contact with the opposite sex.
Military officials say there are no women in Harry\'s family cavalry, although he has had some contact with female pilots during his deployment in Afghanistan.
The army commander described Harry\'s performance on the battlefield as exemplary.
\"He has been fully involved in the operation and is at the same risk as everyone else in his battle group,\" Gen.
Says Richard Danat.
Story: Prince Harry\'s deployment was kept secret by the media. Harry should have been deployed to Iraq, but the plan was canceled due to security risks.
He has been fighting the Taliban, calling for air strikes near the war.
The village of Garmsir, about 100 miles west of the former Taliban capital Kandahar, was destroyed and conducted foot patrols.
\"Just walk around, some locals or the Afghan National Police (
Afghan National Police)
\"They don\'t know who I am and they don\'t,\" said Harry . \" He added that in Afghanistan, he has a real chance to be seen as a normal person in the end.
Isolation is a blessing in some ways, he said.
\"I think wearing the same uniform as many others, thousands of others in Afghanistan will give me the best chance to be a normal person: wear a helmet and use shemagh (scarf)
Wear goggles anyway . \" He said.
\"As far as anyone else is concerned, hopefully they will treat me as an ordinary officer.
This is very important to me and it could be a turning point. \"By Raphael G.
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