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van morrison

by:Marslite     2019-10-05
Van Morrison opened his 1999 album \"Back to peak\" with a song called \"go to Geneva\".
Bobby \"Blue\" is bland, \"go to Geneva\" is the style of one of Morrison\'s heroes and is the tradition of the road --
Tired blues tune, a milestone on the endless highway for tour performers who don\'t know which hat rack calls home.
\"It\'s not easy, baby,\" Morrison sang in a hoarse voice, \"living in the plan of exile.
But this Irish exile has always been self-contained. imposed.
He wandered around Europe and the United States, sometimes following in the footsteps of idols, and then back to Ireland and England.
The soul on this number, however, is not Memphis and mobile, but Salzburg and Montreux.
In Geneva, he sang: \"Vince Taylor used to live here and nobody ever heard of him.
\"You may or may not have heard of him, but as fans of rock arcana know, Vince Taylor is a big American rock singer who has come to Europe.
His \"Brand New Cadillac \"(
The conflict in Call of London has had a huge impact)
It was a few minutes of hiccups he was hysterical and still the main reason for his fame.
David Bowie admitted Taylor was one of the models for his fictional rock messiah Ziggy Stardust;
Taylor met Bowie in London and showed him the map of the UFO landing.
He showed up on stage last time in Jesus\' costume and he said, \"I don\'t need this band anymore.
In fact, I don\'t need any of you.
Because I still have a place to go and a father to come back.
\"Taylor died about 10 years ago, and Van Morrison was one of the few people who stopped to wonder\" who he was and where he fit.
\"Maybe he thinks the singer\'s story is a warning, and there is a warning in addition to God\'s grace.
Of course, the record Morrison recorded with them at the age of 60 was more successful than the \"Brand New Cadillac\", but there is no guarantee that he will go anywhere on his own.
In fact, most of the singer
The song author\'s work seems to be to stop success.
Drawn by the meditation of the dying scene \". B. Sheets\" (1967)
Star Circle week (1968)
All the leaning and ethereal lyrics that later appeared-
Not to mention his exploration of jazz, Irish and country music-
Morrison put unwelcome mats in front of his house.
He has always looked down on reporters, is hard to get along with his collaborators, and is sometimes barely tolerant of his fans.
Like some musicals Andy Kaufman, he doesn\'t seem to care what people think about what he\'s doing.
There is something wrong with his imitator.
But for every counter-intuitive move he makes, Morrison also plays a savvy entertainer.
35 years ago, he began recording any branch of pop music, which is timeless, and through each stage, he has succeeded in getting on the charts at home and abroad with a series of impressive hits, including \"girl with brown eyes\", \"Domino\", \"Wild Night\" and \"Wavelength \".
\"As a solo singer, he recorded nearly 30 albums (
Excluding his cooperation with different artists such as the chief and George\'s fame)
As he went through the labels, he kept a close eye on the marketing and reception of each album.
Morrison defends most of his work with the pride of the poet, but can he, like \"Have I told you recently (I love you)
\"He left the audience without any warning, but he can still catch them in the audience.
He sometimes walks in his own lyrics like a person looking for a key, picks up the key and throws away the key, but when he coins, he knows a good word: \"I want to shake the soul of your Gypsy,\" \"You don\'t punch any punches, but you don\'t push the river,\" said the others.
Like Bob Dylan, he owes Bob Dylan so much debt, and he has so much in common with Bob Dylan (
Paranoid, unclear, divine inspiration and maddening inconsistency)
And he found \"you\'re at the bottom when you get to the top.
The \"top\" that Morrison sings on the title track of \"back to the top\" is a personal Golgotha: \"See me climb up the top/You see me meet the fool on the Hill. . .
\"Looking at the legend of the disappearance of nuts like Vince Taylor, sometimes-
Christian Morrison may count his blessings.
He plays an angry young man, a wandering mystic, and sometimes a Mad Hatter, but no one has done it yet. ------------
George Ivan Morrison, born on August
31, 1945, in a job-
First class community in Belfast St, Northern Ireland.
Although his mother Violet had briefly become a witness to Jehovah, his parents were Christians. (
Memories of those revives
A similar meeting was recalled in the 1978 song Kingdom Hall. \")
Morrison is his only child, and he has his father\'s record collection to accompany him. George Sr.
He is an electrician at a shipyard and is passionate about American music and the 78-year-old.
As a boy, van was named by Hank Williams, Woody Gersley, Muddy Waters, the Carter Family, maarya Jackson and his forever favorite Leadbelly (
Morrison once said, \"he\'s my guru . \".
\"From the earliest days, he used me as a talented child,\" childhood friend George Jones (
Not George Jones)
Recalling in John Colliers\'s biography, \"Van Morrison: words that are hard to express in the heart\", but he is very shy and often stays at home while his parents are working.
But his father has blues records.
They are his friends.
With what music has in common, he can get along with others.
\"Thanks to this guidance, Morrison was far ahead when the ski boom swept the UK in the medium term
50 years old: long before Lonnie Donigan reported, he had been listening to Leadbelly sing Rock Island Line.
Skiffle is a mix of American folk, blues and jug band music and a pioneer in American rock and rollK.
The original-it-yourself sound.
\"Anyone who steals his mother\'s wash board, holds the broom handle on the tea box, and then string it up with a wire can form a ski group, make a basic Philip Norman wrote in his Beatles biography. \" Morrison --
Like John Lennon, Jimmy Page, and countless others. -
Guitar was provided and his own ski band was formed. (
Morrison has returned to these roots with the ski festival this year, recording the ski festival with Donigan and his companions at the scene in the city of Belgium
Chris Barber, the ski pioneer)
At the age of 15, he dropped out of school, played saxophone with the monarch band, and toured Ireland and the United States. K.
In Germany, Blake Gith impressed him with Ray Charles.
Morrison returned in 1964.
\"Van appeared at Belfast and he said we all have to have long hair like Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, all London bands,\" Jones recalls . \".
\"He thinks you have to go in that direction.
\"Morrison quickly joined the newly formed band and added his R & B tracks to their rock base.
With the help of smart management (
Three local entrepreneurs who claim to be \"three J\"
They soon became bands at the Belfast Maritime Club.
Like the Beatles in Liverpool\'s cave a few years ago, the Sea show became a legend.
Keyboardist Eric Wrixon said: \"Their performance has become an event where people can pin their colors on it.
\"My first memory was to get into the ocean and see the van slide through the stage,\" said Mervyn Solomon, son of Deka records.
Founder Maurice Solomon was there looking for a show for his father.
\"The children really ate his hands.
\"The same seems to be true for Decca, as they were in the label\'s London studio and were quick to succeed.
According to Morrison, the records are \"for the business market \".
\"In fact, the whole view of the club is the opposite.
This is the irony.
We can find the most obscure piece of music on the blues album, and that\'s what we\'re playing.
\"Even though it\'s not popular yet, they \'ve cut some of the hit songs that still punch holes in the old song format they \'ve commissioned.
Their cover is \"Baby, Please don\'t go\"
Rod bass line and snakey guitar riff, provided by session man Jimmy Page, became the iconic song of the British pop show \"ready to move steadily\" and remains the best rock version of existing songs
With Dylan reporting, their \"now it\'s all over\" version is in line with Hendricks\'s appropriation of \"Watchtower. \" (
Give him the key, Bob.
It\'s Van\'s song now. )
\"Gloria\" belongs to the Rock Monument Valley, right next to \"satisfaction. \" From its try-this-at-home-
Guitar Improvisation (children)
Since then this song has been the main song of the garage band for a reason)
It\'s pagan, chorus-\"Gloooor-i-a! \" --
The song still rings like two. minute, 35-
Second bottle of rocket
Although most Americans are beginning to understand the pale shadows of the Knight\'s cover, their shadows are true: Morrison\'s voice masks his age and sets a new standard for dirty rock songs.
If Van Morrison had no other record, we would have sung his hymn.
They broke up in 1966, almost as fast as when they gathered, and were victims of mismanagement and personnel changes.
Morrison was at a loss while touring the United States. S.
Met a woman in San Francisco who he really dug up, who claimed to be Planet Janet, and tasted fame and praise (
The band plays L. A.
Whisky for 17 consecutive days, local legends open for them, Captain Beefheart open for them)
Now he\'s back at Belfast as if he\'s never been anywhere.
Fate is mediated by Bert Burns, a songwriter and producer of the Liber and storle veins who founded a new label called Atlantic Records
Berns worked with Morrison before (
He wrote and made \"Night Falls\" and they didn\'t. 2 U. K. hit)
And has built up Hitler\'s reputation behind \"distortion and shouting\" and \"hanging on Sloan.
He recognized Morrison\'s talent and invited the singer to New York in 1967.
The meeting they cooperated (
Originally released with the unlikely title \"Shake Your Mind\", now released as Bang Masters)
Produced the popular work Berns wanted, and revealed that Morrison was a stubborn and purposeful artist who was born to confuse the systems that supported him.
\"Girl with brown eyes\" no. 10 on the U. S.
The chart of the year was mainly composed of \"sha-la-la\" chorus.
Now it seems more noteworthy that when the singer calls for a lost love, his voice is sad ---a lost youth --
Mature age at the age of 21.
\"Now I\'m all alone, so it\'s hard to find my way,\" Morrison said . \" (
Next is the landir couplet, \"I saw you walking/me the other day, how did you grow up! \").
Morrison was an old soul before they called them that way.
As Bill Flanagan wrote in the Bang Master liner notes, the meetings themselves were a storm
A brilliant, difficult, hungry 21-year-
Old musicians trying to record with a group of studio professionals who don\'t know what this crazy Irish kid is doing, I also don\'t know that in a Tin Pan Alley pop with a big ear to the Tin Pan Alley pop music is out of date.
Burns has been telling the band to stay optimistic. -
He liked the slight Mexican feel that the Isley Brothers had brought to the \"Twist and Shout ---
Just when Morrison directed the band in an incoherent way. . . something else.
\"I think we should be more free,\" he once told the musicians.
\"We should have a more free life.
You know, \"No, the track tells us they don\'t.
Of course, they play a smooth and Slim Harpo riff in claustrophobic. B.
\"Sheets,\" but what the hell is he talking about \"the cracks in the sun through the window glass/numbing my brain \"---
What did the singer say to a woman who died of tuberculosis?
Call Julie in the song, but inspired by an Irish friend named Dee, Dee died in T. B. );
He was trapped inside when he preferred to go somewhere else, guilty and alive.
\"Open the window and let me breathe,\" he cried, and many listeners felt the same way.
Greil Marcus wants to know: \"Who wants to hear an endless song about tuberculosis when the air is filled with the sound of the Summer of Love . \".
With the meeting heading towards the end of the chaos, Morrison has launched two Impressionist songs that will help complete the \"Star Circle week\", and it is clear that he has been transferred to another frequency.
In a fairly straight-
He sang a pop tune called your smile, which critics use to properly describe the singer\'s winding, sometimes meditative style.
He will search until he finds what he is looking. -
In this case, this is the \"Star Circle week \".
In the winter of 1968, the Beatles \"White Album\", \"Rolling Stones\", \"beggar banquet\", \"Jimmy Hendricks\" Electric Ladyland \"all had some extraordinary records
\"It\'s easy to miss Van Morrison\'s true debut in all the noise and anger, and many have missed it.
But many critics are raving about it, and the album is becoming a cult.
When listening to rock albums and kimono acid, it\'s as common as watching games and drinking beer, and Star Week becomes the classic future --down album.
Jazz and meditation, partly cloudy and completely unexpected, is still Morrison\'s greatest achievement.
Morrison has a new manager (
Bob Schwaid and Lewis Merenstein)
Hire jazz musicians (
Richard Davis, Bath
Coney Kay, drum
Warren Smith, Jr. , vibes;
Guitar, Jay Berliner)
To supplement the music odyssey of the songwriter.
He did not have to explain to them the voice he wanted (
From the evidence in his interview, this is also a good thing).
He just played the songs and told them to improvise and found the feeling of \"Star Week\" when they went. (
The album was recorded in two days. )
Filled with memories of young desires and precise references to places of the past (\"Cyprus Avenue\"
Composed of strange characters, such as the sad queen of \"Mrs. George\", inclined to mystics, with the image of light, rain and rebirth, star Week fills a gap that no one knows exists.
Lester Bangs chose star circle as his desert island companion and ran aground for Greer Marquez\'s collection (1979)
Recalling his sense of identity and comfort when he heard it for 68 years.
He wrote: \"It sounds like the person who made \'Star Week\' is in terrible pain, which is implied by most of Van Morrison\'s previous works;
But like the later album Velvet Underground, there is an element of redemption in the dark, the ultimate sympathy for the suffering of others, and the pure beauty and mysterious awe that runs through the center of the work.
\"But pure beauty and mysterious awe will not sell any T-
Shirt, he overcame his anger when the album was judged against a rock background (
\"For anyone with two ears, it\'s clear that the album doesn\'t rock at all \")
He started writing things that could be sold again. \"Moondance\" (1970)
It\'s as affectionate as jazz in Star Week, and there are a lot of hooks.
With his new dependence on the horn and accompaniment, Morrison realized the soul --
His fantasy when he was young.
This is a formula. -
Hook, corner, a little roaming-in-the-gloaming --
He followed the next few Warner Brothers.
His band and the Street Choir (1970)
And \"Tupelo Honey \"(1971).
Morrison\'s personal life has also stabilized.
He married Planet Janet, who wrote hippie.
The poem written for the liner notes of the dance of the Moon Night poses for countless stars --
Look at the photos with her: Fan and Janet holding hands, exchanging flowers and riding horses.
The dark shadows of \"Star Circle week\" seem mostly dispelled and occasionally spoil wedding photos with sad lines like \"Why did you leave the US/Why did you let me down. Y.
In Marin County, northern California, Morrison has cultivated his reputation as a hermit and temperament artist.
In his early 70 s, he and his band were in sharp contrast to the summer ruins of San Francisco in California --of-love scene.
\"Van controls everything with gestures,\" recalls a member of the Kali Soul Orchestra he boasted about ---
In this era, most bands still take 20-minute free-form ragas.
However, although the band has been very nervous, the singer is often very nervous.
He left more than one stage when the sound, lights or the audience were incorrect, even on a good night, he seemed far away, still hiding behind his acoustic guitar.
According to the Planet magazine, life at home is not hutenani.
\"He really didn\'t like a lot of people around him,\" she said at the time . \".
\"We never go out or go to parties.
\"The tension in Morrison\'s personal life adds color to slightly unstable people\"
Preview of Dominic \"(1972)
To capture the shortcomings of the California dream with songs.
Marin County was then a Petri dish commonly referred to as the \"Human Potential Movement\", and like est, fulfillment and life created a mental disorder vocabulary that has not yet been completely eradicated.
Morrison captured the moment on the album\'s title track with some of his most understandable poems to date: Planet filed for divorce in 1973 and competed with her husband for custody of her daughter Shana. (
Morrison recently sang Ray Charles Chestnut with his adult daughter, and the most touching thing is \"you don\'t know me. \")
Planet made public her and her husband\'s questions (
This must be the end of the hermit)
She is not alone.
Ted dunpullman, producer of Tupelo Honey
Dominic\'s Preview \"and\" it\'s too late to stop now \"(1974)
He said, \"as long as I live, I will never work with Van Morrison again, even if he gives me $2 million in cash.
I made three of his albums when I was 10.
\"Although Morrison\'s other records for 70 years are more inconsistent (
Until the \"Wavelength\" of 1978, none of the hits were generated)
He must have found his place. -
Follow his happiness, as they say in Marin.
In Veedon Fleece, 1974, interest in Ireland and the new era began to collide, and by the end of the year, he stopped recording and touring to learn more about Gestalt therapy
When the album started --paper titles (
\"Speech of unclear heart\" and \"transitional period\")
His method has become more tortuous and more difficult to determine.
He said at the time: \"It\'s all based on spontaneous, it\'s my trip from start to finish, whether it\'s to write a song, play the guitar, or a specific chord sequence, or blow the horn, or whatever, it\'s all based on pleasure and spontaneous, and yes, that\'s the message that I \'ve been trying to convey during the interview, and it\'s hard because the process can\'t be expressed in words! \" ------------
Over the past 20 years, Van Morrison has released an album almost every year.
Studio albums with new materials, song covers from mentors such as Mose Allison, and his national standard album with Linda Gale Lewis (
Li\'s sister)
And a lot of live recordings.
He continued his tour.
You can catch him in Europe this fall)
There\'s usually a big band.
He even added a second lead singer, Brian Kennedy, to help him with the weight of all the material.
Morrison is not very popular these days.
The critic is friendly to every edition, but no one sees any new breakthroughs in him.
Although the new band still likes his style (
The most obvious is the Crow)
This is very different from any singer in the late 70 s --songwriters --
Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Graham Parker--
Is paying respect.
Morrison handled this sincere compliment with typical elegance.
\"Springsteen must have lied to me,\" he said in an interview . \" In a song called a small town called Paradise, he complained about \"the imitator ripped off my text/imitator tore off my song\" etc.
Like Joni Mitchell, he saw ripples in pop water from the stone he had thrown, and it burned him.
Still, his fans are loyal and even a little obsessed.
Van Morrison\'s website is the best of many sites to record his every move, while his unofficial fan, wave elength, captures the person\'s indigestion. (
The link to the email says \"more nonsense for sale\"commerce page. )
He still maintains a strong degree of privacy and is dissatisfied with all the violations of his personal life. (
He got engaged and lived with a former Miss Ireland named Michelle Rocca and settled in England. )
None of this prevented the critic and biographer from trying to explain him.
In last year\'s new biography, he questioned the motives of former friends who told his story to the media.
\"How could they have such a good memory,\" he thought, \"I don\'t even remember last week\" a series of Christian Songs (
\"Give me my rapture,\" \"Have you healed ? \")
Convince many that he\'s converted, just like giving 1983 albums to Los Angeles.
Ron Hubbard labeled him as a Scientologist.
The title of his 1986 album \"No Guru, No way, no teacher\" is to calm down speculation.
\"There are so many lies about me that it finally shows my position,\" he told an interviewer . \".
1995 song \"No religion\" went one step further on the album that Morrison sang, \"I can\'t bleed for you/you have to do it in your own way.
It is said that in Morrison\'s music, people find problems, not answers.
Looking, it seems that he is not satisfied that he has identified himself with the poet from black to Jici--
Often to the extent of embarrassment. (
When Yeats\'s legacy initially refused to let Morrison record the poem \"Crazy Jane on God\", the singer got angry, \"My song is better than yeates! \")
But like those \"poetry champions\" who gave up his name, he looked for the right word, the right feeling, just like looking for the Holy Grail.
Even he went back to Ireland, then back to England, following the original path he set for himself in 1972 song \"Listen to the Lion.
In 11 minutes of scattered and raw ranting, Morrison tells the story of \"we sail, we sail, we sail/leave from Denmark, all the way to Caledonia, Kali. . .
All over the world. . .
Look for a new start.
The lion he\'s looking-
He ran away--
Deep in his heart.
British pop singer Cliff Richard has played Morrison at 1989 American Film Festival.
\"Whenever God lights me up,\" he said, thinking Morrison was \"full of selfloathing.
\"Of course, no one will call him a happy child, and the picture of Morrison\'s smile is as rare as the hen\'s teeth.
But, as his amazing music reminds us, his uneasiness is consistent with his nature.
Nothing is good enough, especially him.
There was a \"no guru\" song called \"Foreign Window\" in which the singer watched the progress of pilgrims, \"the road to suffering \".
\"I don\'t know who is sending passers----
Maybe he, maybe you. -
But this burden sounds familiar.
\"I saw you from a foreign window,\" Morrison said . \"
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