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van diest: massive team needed to put together production of uefa champions league final

by:Marslite     2019-09-16
For someone in charge of the world\'s largest single sporting event this year, Emilie Prana is quite calm.
Less than 12 hours before the Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur, Mediapro\'s chief technology officer, will broadcast the game to more than 0. 4 billion viewers around the world. Amazing relaxation
The match will be broadcast as one of the largest sporting events ever, comparable to the 2018 World Cup final held in Moscow last year, and dwarf the Super Bowl, attracting about 50 million viewers around the world.
\"The first thing we need is the best professionals for this type of event, and we are using people from around the world working with Mediapro Group,\" Planas said . \".
\"We have people from Portugal, Argentina, Miami, and of course people from Madrid and Barcelona, and some from France.
\"We work here with a lot of the best people in the profession.
We have a lot of special cameras available for this game, which is probably the hardest to coordinate as they are wireless cameras that work in UHD (Ultra-HD).
The most important thing is to work with so many people and equipment.
\"Mediapro chief technology officer Emili Planas looked at the remote camera behind one of the nets before the UEFA Champions League final at Wanda Metropolitan Stadium in Madrid, Spain, on June 1, 2019.
Derek van Dist/PostmediaMediapro, a Spanish multimedia communications company, was given the right to broadcast the Champions League final this year.
The broadcast was the largest ever with 52 cameras, more than 10 production trucks and more than 150 employees.
By contrast, Mediapro used 30 to 35 cameras this year to play El Classico between Real Madrid and Barcelona, one of the biggest and most watched competitions in sports.
\"In the same game, it is the most difficult to coordinate different teams from different countries with different devices,\" Planas said . \".
\"We started planning this project a year ago.
We visited the last final in Kiev to learn about the host\'s responsibility.
This is not the first time we have broadcast for UEFA, we have reported (2010)
The Bernabeu final (Stadium)and the (2014)
Final in Lisbon, Portugal.
But each final is bigger than the last one.
\"Mediapro is one of the Leaders in Football production in Europe.
They were founded in 1994 and have been involved in Canada, with the rights of the Canadian Premier League in the next 10 seasons.
Canada is one of 16 domestic football leagues in the world.
On June 1, 2019, at the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium in Madrid, Spain, workers prepared the venue before the Champions League final.
Derek van Dist/PostmediaPlanas has been with Mediapro since the beginning, and his team started preparing for the game two weeks ago, atletico Madrid played the final La Liga match at the new 68,000 Wanda Metropolitan Stadium.
This is one of the city\'s two major football fields, with rivals Real Madrid competing in 81,000 seats in the heart of the citymillion people.
\"I\'m not a football fan,\" Pallas laughed.
\"I play basketball and I like f1 and racing, but it helps a lot from a technical point of view.
It doesn\'t matter to me who plays on the court.
I have no feelings for the game.
I saw the quality of the camera, I saw the color and I saw different technical situations.
If Barcelona wins and Real Madrid wins, I\'m happy for the fans, but it doesn\'t matter to me.
\"It\'s important for me that playback needs to be perfect and the quality of the camera needs to be the best.
On June 1, 2019, a competition host was preparing for the Champions League final at Wanda Metropolitan Stadium in Madrid, Spain.
Derek van Dist/PostmediaBroadcast plays in Ultra HD for the first time, and Planas basically puts two separate broadcasts of the same game together.
Both standard HD and UHD are shot with different cameras and must be played at the same time under the authorization of UEFA.
Every work in the Champions League final must exceed the previous one, and different broadcasters bid every year for the right to be the host of the event.
\"The quality restrictions associated with the number and source of cameras used in each game are sufficient and we don\'t need more equipment to better cover the game,\" Planas said . \".
\"What we need to improve is the quality of each camera.
We used more super slow moves and high in this game.
Faster than in other games.
\"That\'s why we are trying to provide this product.
We don\'t need to increase the number of cameras because in the game we don\'t have a chance to use them in more than five seconds.
\"On June 1, 2019, at the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium in Madrid, Spain, stage lights were prepared before the Champions League final.
Derek van Dist/Playoff Champions League final uses Sky cameras, cranes at the back of the network, mini cameras and stable cameras and more.
One of the problems Planas and his staff had in Madrid was that they were given permission to use a helicopter for aerial filming around the stadium.
As the airport is very close to the stadium, the production staff encountered some restrictions.
In the end, the problem was solved and the Mediapro helicopter was allowed to hover over the stadium during the race.
\"This is probably the most important item in sports this year,\" Planas said . \".
\"We can\'t take it as a traditional game.
That is to say, 90% of our needs are the same as those we provide for the Games in Barcelona and Real Madrid.
But the complex 10% is a problem that needs coordination throughout the year.
This doesn\'t seem to matter because it\'s just a small percentage, but that\'s what this event needs.
\"After Formally sitting down to discuss his work, Planas offers an opportunity to visit the site, where many cameras for broadcasting are strategically located.
As game time approaches, Planas walks around the course for a final informal check.
He likes what he sees and goes to the main production center to talk to his competition director Oscar Largo, who is responsible for bringing the radio together.
Lago stands in front of a monitor panel ready to call the shots.
He is one of the best people in the industry and is more calm than others in his position.
\"This is a football game and we are all players of the same team,\" Lago said . \".
\"It\'s another game, but we have to take all the safety and precautions if we have any technical problems.
We have a lot of backup systems and all the cameras have been tested in a week.
This is the biggest difference between this game and other games.
\"On June 1, 2019, at the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium in Madrid, Spain, Mediapro competition director Oscar Lago stood in front of a monitor before the start of the Champions League final.
Derek van Dist/postmedia is like the players on the field are the best in what they do, and Mediapro\'s producers believe they have the best in a specific field
From the broadcast center located outside the stadium, rather than the interior of the usual truck in the regular race, planas went to the replay truck and then to the sound truck to make sure everything was ready for the race.
On June 1, 2019, Jesus rodeitz presented the soundboards used in the broadcast of the Champions League final at the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium in Madrid, Spain.
The year planned by Derek van Dist/PostmediaA comes down to two years
Maybe three hours.
Broadcast for an hour depending on whether the game enters the extra time. Kickoff at 9 p. m.
Local time means half of the game is broadcast during the day and the other half is broadcast at night.
\"With these cameras, the transition from sunny day to night will be beautiful,\" Planas said . \".
\"This stadium is perfect for lighting.
All the lighting is very new and they provide good color quality and strength on site.
It is perfect for super slow motion and high
We have a speed camera because we don\'t have a flash.
This is a perfect stadium for this kind of production.
\"Dvandiest @ postmedia.
Twitter: @ DerekVanDiest (})();
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