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toyota to hyundai say pump brakes on hopes of robo-car’s arrival

by:Marslite     2019-10-01
Automakers and technology companies have closed down in recent weeks to show their progress in self-managementdriving cars.
At CES-often the stage to brag about future sincerity-executives have instead lowered expectations for autonomy.
Executives of auto giants Toyota Motor and Hyundai, large suppliers Robert Bosch and ride-
Lyft said this week.
While these companies have all demonstrated the progress they are making in the form of a conceptual model or a Las Vegas test drive, they quickly acknowledge that there are still many significant obstacles.
\"It\'s wrong to say that the finish line will happen soon,\" said Jill Pratt, CEO of Toyota\'s $1 bil Toyota Research Institute. RM4bil)
A department engaged in artificial intelligence and robotics.
\"Things are changing rapidly, but it will be a long journey. ” E-
Toyota\'s president, Toyoda, has launched an electric vehicle.
Vehicle concept called e-
The color palette, a box on a wheel, is designed to travel on a set route.
Toyota will show the car at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, but even so, to ensure the safety of customers, the car may need up to two engineers or test drivers.
The technology may not be ready to be used separately, Prater said-even if it is OK, the law may not allow it.
One of the biggest challenges, says Pratt, is copying the human brain.
People can perceive gestures and actions of pedestrians and other drivers and predict where they are going.
Artificial intelligence scientists are working on the problem, but it will take several years to achieve autonomy, Pratt said.
Can complete the vehicle system of robot driving.
Hyundai wants South Korea\'s largest automaker to deliver almost entirely self-over-time than Toyota
Driving a vehicle.
Hyundai announced that it is aiming to work with the technology, a U. S. Start-up company, Aurora Innovation.
By 2021, it was called four-level capability. The fuel-
The company\'s cell vehicle, called Nexo, launched at the exhibition, can independently park itself in a space, with or without a driver backing up.
Li Jinyu, vice president of the modern intelligent security technology center in Nanyang city, South Korea, said in an interview at CES: \"We have taken very conservative steps . \".
\"We want to test and verify this technology first.
It will not be sold in 2021 and will only be tested in urban use. ” Drivers (still)
What I want is Lyft and Aptiv Plc.
Set up by Delphi Motor Company driving software company, in
Autonomous BMW, and will present their merchandise to CES attendees this week, offering trips to more than 20 destinations around Las Vegas.
But the day when expensive drivers can be completely removed from the car --
According to Raj kapooor, Lyft\'s chief strategy officer, the shared equation-the future that GM has recently mocked-is not close.
\"You will need a human driver for a long time,\" Kapoor said . \".
\"In the next 10 years, drivers will be more than today, because the demand for our services has grown so much that only so many AVs are online.
\"Light companies that see the pursuit of self-driving are calling on cities to build infrastructure to help their self-driving cars make a difference.
For Aptiv and Lyft presentations in Las Vegas, the traffic lights along the way are equipped with sensors that provide additional instructions for the car to stop or leave.
According to Kay Stepper, senior driver Vice President, this will be the norm in the near future
Auxiliary systems and autonomous driving at Bosch.
Pilots like General Motors
Plans for New York City this year will be limited to verified routes.
\"We know we\'re going to achieve real Level 5 autonomy,\" Pratt said . \"
Regardless of road or environmental conditions, the driving system is able to handle all aspects of the driving vehicle.
\"But we don\'t know when. ” —
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