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to glastonbury and beyond: the london designers shaking up the festival scene

by:Marslite     2019-10-19
Smoke poured out of a glowing, worn-out tower, half rising to the ground, like an eerie, almost ethereal drone coming out of it.
After seeing a London subway hit the middle of the residential area, people saw the scene of the opening ceremony.
Disastrous disaster film
Fortunately, Will Smith is missing.
This is block 9, the hottest party place you \'ve never heard of, one that attracts thousands of people
Promoted the Glastonbury series of Manford & Sons.
In their sixth year, block 9 is getting bigger and better, and it leads another festive scene-in Glastonbury 2013, it includes a towering mechanical spider breathing a flame, A horror show of circus and ancient templescum-night-
Club-new concept and refreshing look.
Blockberger and Steve Gallagher are creative partners behind block 9 and Worthy Farm\'s new \"genosys\" experience, where they meet in an old studio in west London, with two frustrated designers
\"The Itch of my creativity has become unbearable --
It is in urgent need of scratching \"Steve said he spoke in front of their first Glastonbury installation-New York downtown-a dirty New York Backstreet movie that started in the 1980 s and was transvestite
Carnival with one heart and one mind.
\"With our job in second place, we have reached the point where freelancers have become frustrating.
\"In the summer of 2007, when we showed New York\'s trough in Glastonbury, we did it with a limited budget, wings and prayers, which was an instant success.
\"It really reinforces the fact that we have a similar aesthetic and can do some good things together,\" he added . \".
Their latest creative effort-first on display at this year\'s festival-was inspired by savage architecture and industrial landscape photography by Edward bertyenski.
\"This is definitely our most ambitious project by far,\" Steve said . \" 55 tons of scaffolding, landscape and lighting platform towers were pulled out on the early beats in Chicago.
\"Our goal is to build a complete temporary reality, so every detail of our facility-everything you see, hear, or feel;
Music, set design, props, lighting, staff and performers have been carefully planned.
\"This spectacular stage hovers in the shadow of ancient industrial power facilities, trying to explore the birth of electronic music by providing an audio-visual mix of the boundaries between blurred music and art, it seems to have something to do with Dean and Steve being away from the wide --
Eye carnival and late night carnival.
In 2010, they worked with the Roundhouse theater to bring 25 young people to the block 9 area to build and operate venues with industry professionals.
\"Supporting British art is something we all love,\" explains Gideon . \".
\"In the past, we really benefited from the help that other artists have given us.
The opportunity to work with young people is really great and ultimately very beneficial for both sides.
\"With the dust settled on value farm Gideon and Steve for another year, they will think about where to go next, and unexpectedly, the answer is eclectic, interesting and inevitable
\"After that, we\'ll head to one or two festivals in Eastern Europe to explore how to bring block 9 to a new audience in 2014.
We have also recently completed the set design for Lana Del Rey\'s recent tour, so we are always busy with different things.
The big question is where major festivals like Glastonbury can go from here, and the answer must be a new creative experience like block 9 and party field neighbor Shangri-La
La, Acadia, public and unfair places. Three well-
Known festivals are over this summer, and other big names such as reading and downloading are struggling to change tickets.
Glastonbury has been ahead of the curve, but now a new generation of party organizers is needed to do things better.
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