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to bee or not to bee a french anarcho-atheist: michel onfray at usine c

by:Marslite     2019-09-21
There\'s nothing more economical than a little honey-the-bees, save-the-
Planetary Medicine and atheist preaching about existence and nothingness failed together.
At is essentially an art device that delivers the script with complex lighting, weird soundtrack and voice recorded outside the stage.
On Tuesday night, the author of the French philosopher gave a speech in the audience after the show.
Later, the Hall served delicious locally produced honey.
There is a big robot on the stage, there is a clearplastic torso.
Inside the torso, 20,000 Quebec bees buzzing, and there is no doubt that they will panic --
Shocked by the strange situation in which they were placed.
Drama director from France)
, To assure everyone that according to the agreement to respect the pace of life of bees, bees are treated the most well.
It\'s easy for him to say.
He was not locked up in a plastic dummy and was affected by the flash and strange sounds.
To make matters worse, from a dramatic point of view, the bees are not fully utilized, the rest is only a bang hitting the robot\'s arm, which is inexplicably lost at the end of 50
A minute show
If bees are allowed to fly freely on stage or interact with the audience, they may feel their presence more fully.
It is a very calm performance for the time being, despite the special effects.
Of course, this is the main attraction.
He has a following.
From his conversation, a quote was quoted: \"Death is a false fear.
When it\'s hereYou won’t be.
No, you\'re here.
He may be a articulate person, but he is an attractive speaker.
The text conveyed by several recordings, including himself, is poetic and ideological --provoking.
Not everyone appreciates literary talent and great rhetorical skills.
In France, the famous author of more than 50 books is often threatened with death.
He is also despised by conservative believers of all religions.
In general, he does not just knock on the door or fire, he also opposes monotheism.
Call him equal-
Opportunities are rare.
His first book, published in English, was published in 2007.
One of his key influences.
Two shows on ThursdaySept. 13, 2012)and Friday (Sept. 14).
won’t be there.
But there are other activities next.
Three actors on Thursday (including )
, Will do the appropriate reading of the theme.
There will be a DJ set wtih on Friday. Go figure.
Hope they send the bees home and hold them to bed first.
Because if the bees die
Bees all over the world die in droves. wide of late)
At that time, the flowers will die. there will be no more fruits and vegetables. In the end, we will starve to death. (
I got the message loud and clear.
80 bees died last year for unknown reasons. )
The Ifa conference at the crossroads of visual arts, philosophy, drama and environmental issues attracts you and don\'t miss the show.
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