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theatre lighting upgrade - mhm.

by:Marslite     2019-10-22
Bidding for theater lighting upgrade-MHM.
The Sumner County Board of Education, known here as the school system, is bidding for the purchase and installation of the new theater lighting equipment atMerrol Hyde magnet school.
The bid shall include materials and freight charges (delivery fees)
Labor fees, licensing fees, etc.
Demo: Merrol head 128 Township drive henderville, TN 37075 contractor obligation: all necessary materials, equipment andlabor shall be provided and obtained.
All necessary permits should be provided and obtained to local, county, etc.
Institutions required by law.
All necessary inspections should be arranged with local, county, etc.
Institutions required by law.
Norms should be strictly observed.
The school system reserves the right to withhold part or all of the payment until the work is completed to meet the specifications and satisfaction of the school system.
Any work that has not been done as per specification will be the sole responsibility and redo costs of the contractor.
Shipment of any material shall be satisfied and unloaded.
The school system shall not provide any equipment or personnel for meeting or unloading.
Workers\' compensation insurance shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of Tennessee law.
Contractor shall certify compliance587,T. C. A. 49-5-413(d)
A criminal background investigation and an affidavit of a drug-free workplace is provided.
All waste generated shall be disposed of in accordance with all local, state and federal guidelines, regulations and requirements.
There should be appropriately trained and experienced staff to facilitate specific services.
Specific information: refer to the brand and model for the following specifications.
The school system shall accept content equal to or superior to the reference program.
Bids must include all the equipment listed in the specifications.
The bidder must list all the equipment to be installed on a separate page.
The list must include the brand name and model number. I.
The power control system includes:.
Sensor dimming racks include :(1)7141A1003-4 SR3-24 -
24-black Sensor 3
Module dimmer rack-
Designed for 3-phase 4-wire and ground operation at maximum 400A, 120/208 V, 60hz AC (1)7141A2005-4 SR3-24 Door -Black SR3-
24 lock door with filter (1)
740a1003 CEM3-
CEM3 control module (1)7051A1071-4 SSSh24-48 -
Black sensor soundproof cover for sr3-24, SR3-
48 and SW24 racks (20)7050A1003 D20 -
Rise time of 350ms (40Dimmers)(4)
Dual 5a constant current module (
8 circuit breakers)B.
Manufacturer service: 4 (4)
Submit approved B size drawing set within 2-
Received Order for 6 weeks. Two (2)
Annual limited warranty on parts and workmanship.
The services provided by the factory engineer to the system and to guide the user personnel.
Services to be provided in the tender documents: t22840679.
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