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the triumphant montreal homecoming of 1970s disco queen and fire island gay icon france joli

by:Marslite     2019-09-01
In July 7, 1979, 16-year-old Montreal singer France Jolly became \"overnight success\" when she hosted a legendary beach concert performance for 5,000 gay men, now known as \"beach 79\"
Donna Xia canceled the show at the last minute, so jolly sang her song instead of her. This will show 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and then 1 on the disco chart, and today the song has been widely used
Known as \"the most classic Fire Island dance \".
\"I was blown away, I was a child, I have never seen such a gay life before, it was beautiful to see two men hug me-1979!
\"Said Jolly of France today.
\"I like the freedom and joy that disco embodies.
Not happy, it is impossible to dance disco.
The lyrics may be dark, but the music always lifts you up.
\"Joli will fund the two annual disco parties at headline, which will fund various local charities.
The April 20 special event will be held at Holiday Inn Pointe Claire, which will transform its main ballroom into a 1970s disco.
-The world-famous godfather of the Montreal disco-will spin, Joli will perform, as well as her latest hit songs (
Dance version of Leonard Cohen\'s signature song).
\"I \'ve always wanted to be a singer,\" said Jolly . \"
\"I even cried on the key when I was born!
She was only 12 when she signed up with her first manager, musician Lee Cannon, who now lives in New York.
\"Li taught me to walk in high heels and let me have singing and piano lessons!
At the age of 15, Joli auditioned for producer Tony Green. years-old.
\"I sing, I think I left a deep impression on him because it was written for me three days later.
The classic disco song was recorded in November 1978.
In July 1979, when Jolly replaced Donna chamm on Fire Island, she was in full swingMature star
\"My head was spinning but my mom kept me still.
I didn\'t go crazy on drugs, and I didn\'t splurge my money-but then again, I was no different from any other artist at the time.
\"Look at all the artists in their 70 s and early 80 s-I \'ve been performing with them all the time-no one lives in the palace,\" said Joli . \".
\"But it\'s okay because we live long.
We are not rich, but we are still making a living.
\"Back in that time, the disco scene in Montreal attracted many international disco stars, such as Gino Sojo and France Jolly, the epicenter was founded in September 1973 by Yvon Lafrance in the city of Chase Paris strip on Morgan Stanley Street today.
Montreal was deejay\'s home from 1973 to 1981, and today Yvon Lafrance says the world-famous Ouimet is hands-on
From 1973 to 1982, Ouimet won the magazine Best Canadian DJ award and became the best DJ in Canada.
\"The lime light is really better than Studio 54, this is [mostly]
Because it\'s an interesting place for everyone-men, women, black people, white people, straight people and gay people, \"said Ouimet.
\"Many international starspartied]
Or perform under the lime light.
I saw Alice Cooper.
Grace Jones used to come.
The Ritchie family and Gloria Gino performed there;
So is James Brown.
Five consecutive nights in 1977].
I was in David Bowie one night [concert]
I took them and Iggy Pop with a promoter to Lime Light to watch Gloria Gino perform live at the club!
\"Joli also performed twice under the lime light.
\"When [came out] I had a very vivid memory of the lime lightin 1981]
This place is too full, people hang from the ceiling, speakers, railings, fire department is coming, this place is too full! ” Joli laughs.
\"People are dancing and screaming and I can feel the floor [bounce so much]
I thought it was going to fall!
The lime light was the place during its heyday.
Jolly continued, \"I didn\'t do a lot of performances in Montreal, my career [is still]
This will be my first concert in Montreal in 20 years!
On February 1, Jolly sang the national anthem of Canada in Dallas, started the month of Canadian appreciation, and just finished a cooperation.
Starring outside
Performing on St. Broadway
In January, Luke\'s Theater in New York continued to perform regularly throughout the United States, usually in gay activities, such as the carnival parade held last summer in Providence, and 2012 Labor Day weekend South decadent parade in New Orleans.
\"34 years after my debut, I am still surprised by the gay crowd,\" said Jolly, 50, happily.
\"They started my career on Fire Island and their love today is unconditional and I feel very lucky.
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