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the rihanna 777 tour debacle vs. presidential campaign embed

by:Marslite     2019-09-13
What is it like to travel with a household name?
Last week, dozens of music reporters discovered this during a seven-day, seven-nation, seven-concert tour with pop star Rihanna.
The tour ended in New York on Tuesday, with reports so far including words like \"disaster\", \"chaos\" and \"anarchy\", and it\'s not as glamorous as it looked at the beginning.
But it does sound a bit familiar to those who report on the political campaign.
As Emily Friedman of ABC News said about her 16 months during the Romney campaign, \"I realize that everyone has a turning point, and sometimes, it\'s on the floor at Chicago O\'Hare airport, you have two hours of sleep and delayed flights in front of you, wondering if you really need to go to the red states in okhara to give a speech.
I know it\'s as cool to stay in different hotels in different cities every night and it gets lonely.
\"But there are also some highlights, and while the target and audience of the popular princess and presidential candidates may be completely different, let\'s see how they are fighting against each other, from . . . . . . Start.
Airplane: Rihanna 777 Tour: Boeing 777, this is very big (
9 seats per row of coaches, Configuration 3-3-3).
In appearance, there is no indication that it is a plane filled with one of the world\'s largest pop singers and hundreds of fans, fans and journalists.
Campaign aircraft: usually a campaign logo in red, white and blue, decorated with campaign slogans and/or websites or presidential seals.
Mitt Romney\'s plane is an MD-
83. Used by u2.
Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is in Washington. 9-32 -
A smaller, noisy plane.
Shushannah Walshe of ABC News, who is with Ryan, said, \"running for a plane is a convenient part of reporting an election because you don\'t need to go through security measures or deal with delays, and there is usually an effective Internet.
When you get on and off five or more times a day, it can become a home away from home and a place to store items you don\'t want to drag every day.
But, Paul Ryan\'s plane is very old, actually as big as the candidate, 42 years old, and the reporter is very loud behind.
It\'s so loud, in fact, it\'s hard to hear the voice of the people next to you.
But there was always a lot of food, almost always a vegetarian option, and sometimes, despite the roar of the engine in our ears, we were tired and slept.
\"Press Dress code: Rihanna 777: Rock/Pop business casual, obviously a costume --
An Australian journalist reportedly runs the aisle naked, an optional option.
Bathing is not always optional.
Running for a plane: business dress is conservative, if not a little crumpled.
Clothes, suits, ties. Clean and well-
Decoration is expected.
News visit: Rihanna 777: it is reported that Rihanna carried champagne bottles and dumped them for reporters on board during her maiden voyage, walking up and down the aisle of the plane.
Since then, she has not been seen except on the stage.
The reporter shouted: \"There is only one sentence!
\"Activity: Actually, it\'s a bit similar except champagne.
During the general election, the availability of news was limited.
Reporters asked the candidates loudly, prompting Romney spokesman Rick Gorka to answer \"kiss my a *\" in a holy land in Poland this summer **\".
So far, this response from the Rihanna team has not been reported.
Swag: Rihanna 777: sample of Rihanna perfume, pillow and necklace with real diamond pieces inside.
It is reported that this is an unwelcome gift: a pair of socks with photos of Rihanna\'s upper body, the arms in a strategic position, and words such as \"love\", \"Holy Grail, she scribbled \"no apology\" on her skin \".
Campaign: Not much, unless you include the Welsh cake that Ann Romney occasionally distributes and the pumpkin drawn on each journalist\'s Web logo.
Location and attractions: Rihanna 777: The tour touches 7 cities in 7 countries: Mexico City, Toronto, Sweden, Paris, Berlin, London and New York.
Campaign: mainly small towns and suburbs, mainly battlefield states such as Ohio and Florida.
Many VFW and rally halls.
Many cornfields.
Entourage: huge Rihanna.
It is reported that it includes a travel masseur.
Campaign: It\'s also big, including spokesmen, agents and physical men, like Mitt Romney\'s Garrett Jackson, a prolific Twitter user.
Performance: Rihanna 777: one is mainly the lipssynched run-
Through her clicks.
Consistent every night
Often a few hours late.
Stage lights.
With thousands of fans singing every word together.
Activity: similar-
Listen to the stump every day under the main fluorescent light.
Dozens to thousands of supporters cheered and applauded when prompted.
Last episode: Rihanna 777: when the plane was ready to land in the last tourist city in New York, it was reported that Rihanna came to the back of the plan and apologized to the crowd, saying, \"I know you have almost no stains . . . . . . It\'s impossible to stay with everyone, I\'m sorry I didn\'t.
But it\'s great. I\'m sure I\'ll come back.
\"Campaign: The reporter heard the same speech that everyone else in the world heard.
Then everyone packed up and went home.
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