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the real talents emerge on \'live to dance\'

by:Marslite     2019-10-09
Paula Abdul told oh-in the first episode of Live dancing on Wednesday night-so-
They made her think that \"Talent is Overrated \".
\"Don\'t get me wrong. I like to see two of them shake money (in a Paula-
The routine of instruction/arrangement, not less
But, look, this is a talent show.
So, as other judges of Paula point out, at the end of the day, they shouldn\'t be in the last six.
There are a few other cute moves (Chi-
The best circuit breaker in town, for example)
But as far as it is concerned, it is very far away. The real stand-
About 572 out-
The atmosphere of the member dance team, the sensational shaking genius, and the couple Amanda and De Angelo.
The atmosphere of their command
Perfect inspiration
Syncing the procedure-ended up getting a vote from the judges, but I was a little surprised that they didn\'t choose Amanda and De Angelo, and they were amazing, very simply.
The two can try another dance show, the 18-year-old. to-30-year-
Now is the old age limit. . .
If there is no such age limit.
As Travis Payne says, they are on stage like old pro players.
As for giting\'s genius, his first part is the song \"I can change you\", but as good as he is, he hasn\'t changed the fact that I still associate this song with Russell Ferguson and Catherine McCormick
Amanda and d Angelo, on the other hand, almost made me forget Lacey Schwimmer and Danny Tidwell).
What do you think of the show last night?
Do you agree with the judges and my choice?
The first live program can no longer use some lighting effects (kidding! )?
Share your iReport review or comments below.
I like the show. . . . . .
The stage and lighting are great.
Paula is her element.
I hope that DeAngelo and Oman Danone will succeed.
They jump better than many adults. ups.
I think the judges chose Vibe because they knew the US would vote for the two kids.
The atmosphere was good but they probably didn\'t get everyone\'s vote.
I think the judges should know that.
Pay tribute to Paula and CBS
I will look at this nonsense instead of American Idol.
I really like the show and I think it\'s a good choice for Paula to leave idol.
The show is more suitable for her.
My favorite is Amanda and Angelo and Austin.
In fact, the dance he danced was very complicated, more than one.
Only one dance was performed by the others.
I don\'t like the atmosphere at all because it feels so crowded and looks so messy.
I don\'t even know why they won the judge\'s vote.
I think the best two should be Amanda and DeAngelo, and Austin achevedo.
I think the judges have a place in the three gold stars of \"to VIBE\", \"Amanda\", \"De Angelo\" and \"jittin.
Note: Austin is not the only one with more than one dance style.
The atmosphere here is ballroom, jazz, hip hop
Ballet in it.
I agree with you that 100% of the judges should vote for Amanda and DeAngelo to get to the finals and hopefully they will get the support of the US and move on.
I would love to see them dance again.
I agree with you 100%.
I voted for them on all 3 of my phones and hope they get to the finals.
They perform well in their daily life.
It was delayed for about 80 minutes on the East Coast, live.
Just wondering if the show aired last night? . .
It was taken the lead by Oboma. .
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