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the practical guide to choosing a smartphone

by:Marslite     2019-10-10
Buying a smartphone can be daunting, especially when there are so many new options in the market.
Choosing the right phone is a very personal decision and an answer may not be for everyone
Even for those who are not interested in minor differences in technical specifications.
No matter who you are, the first thing to figure out is what features your priority is.
While we all want phones to have it all, the right decision requires you to rank some attributes.
Based on my frequently asked questions about new phones, here are four common ways you can build a smartphone search
Ideas on how to use them apply them to the most popular smartphones this fall.
Camera: The camera has become the top priority for many smartphone buyers.
Think about what kind of photos you take and your own skill level may help you.
The good news is that most phones on the market have good cameras, so it\'s hard to have bad options.
If you\'re primarily a pointand-
Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 8 will work for you.
But they do lack the photo features of some of the more advanced models.
For example, if it is often difficult for you to focus on the right part of a scenic picture, you may want to consider Note 8.
This phone allows you to adjust the focus of the photo after taking it in case you decide to focus on the background later.
It always records a width.
Angle picture taken with your close-upup.
It\'s good for those of us who don\'t always shoot perfectly.
Do you shake often when you take pictures?
Go and buy a phone with image stabilization, which helps when shooting from a mobile location (like a car)or for zoomed-in shots.
Note 8 makes this a selling point.
Apple has remained stable on both the iPhone X camera and the iPhone 8 Plus telephoto lens.
If you take pictures of a lot of people, the iPhone may be a better choice for you.
IPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus have been expanded on Apple\'s popular \"Portrait Mode\" settings, allowing you to take eye-catching photos of people.
With features such as \"stage lights\" or \"Contour Light\", they can make sure that faces pop up can be seen in almost any case ---
You can apply these effects before or after shooting.
LG\'s new V30 also has an impressive rearfacing wide-
Angle lens, which may be particularly attractive to those who always capture the vision. The trade-
The one in front is off-
It\'s not that good to face the camera, so your selfie won\'t be as good as other photos.
If selfies are all your business, the iPhone X promises to offer great selfies thanks to advanced technologies that also power the face recognition in front of you --facing camera.
Battery life: battery life is a good factor to consider, especially if you go out a lot and can\'t stay powered all day. Phone makers -
Especially Apple.
No longer give a specific hourly estimate of battery life, perhaps because the mileage varies depending on how you use your phone.
When I test my phone, I\'m mainly looking for a practical standard: see if they can make me spend the whole day without needing the topup.
While the most expensive phones tend to have the best battery life, this is not necessarily the case this year.
For example, the battery life of Samsung\'s most expensive mobile phone Galaxy Note 8 is not much better than S8.
For Apple, the iPhone X has the longest battery life, with a clear commitment to extend the battery life for two hours on the iPhone 7
You can extend it to the iPhone 8.
But the data may be a bit deceptive.
The IPhone 7 is not the best battery life in the Apple lineup;
IPhone 7 Plus did it.
If your main focus is on battery life then the same amount of time
The long-lasting iPhone 8 Plus can bring you the most out of the way. • Cutting-
If you want cutting-edge technology
Then you have to pay for it.
Note 8 and iPhone X are your phones because they are blocked --
Features such as facial recognition on IPhone X or stylus productivity on Note 8.
If you really like to try new things, there\'s an interesting option on the table this fall: a must-have phone.
The basic phone, made by Andy Rubin, the creator of Android, is essentially an experiment.
It has modular accessories such as a removable camera that will allow you to use add-ons.
The downside to having an experimental phone is that it\'s experimental.
The important phone was blamed in early reviews for failing to deliver on its promise.
The deeper you know about the unknown, the more likely things will not go well --
This is worth remembering for all devices.
Another thing to note: If you want to use the new software right away, then a)
You might be a fan of Android.
You might want a pixel.
Pixel is Google\'s phone, the first phone to get an Android update and all the new features that come with it.
Pixels should be updated later this fall.
Price: In general, this is the most needed attribute in terms of tradeoffs.
But it makes sense to pay attention to the price, especially now that the price of smartphones has reached $1,000 (NZ$1,370).
Price is often the reason why people insist on the basic taste of smart phones;
For most people, this will be the iPhone 8 or Galaxy S8 this fall, and it works for those who just want to have a phone that works fine. The price-
Conscious people may also want to consider last year\'s phones, such as the iPhone 7 or the Galaxy S7, whose prices will drop as new technologies roll out.
If your main goal is to get a very low price then the area will actually become more crowded.
You can take a look at the top of some of the more \"budget\"or mid-
Package phone under $500 (NZ$685)
Even if they are unlikely to shake your world, they tend to do their job well.
Huawei Honor 8 and Moto G series and other devices provide beautiful-
Very good features and performance.
The same is true for IPhone SE, Apple\'s iPhone SE is getting smaller and less complete
Featured smartphones for $350 (NZ$475).
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