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the non-sporting life

by:Marslite     2019-09-07
Richard Harrington, Sunday, November 30, 1997;
What about the other nights of the Washington Post?
20,000 what can be done-
Seating arena when there is no basketball or hockey game to attract people?
The previous answer was simple: concert.
The predecessor of the MCI Center, the capital center, opened in 1973, giving the Washington area a year --round, arena-
It\'s a big venue when more and more rock and pop shows suddenly seem to be able to fill it up.
Unfortunately, for the MCI Center, it opens like There seems to be very few arenas --
Pop pop acts, put the challenge to those who are in charge of booking the arena, as the optimists call it.
\"We would love to share the concert, but it\'s tough and you have to work hard,\" said Barry Silberman, president of Center management at the MCI Center . \".
\"The building was built for multi-purpose entertainment, mainly around our team ---
Wizards, blocks and Georgetown have 100 games a year.
We have planned about 200 activities.
\"Two weeks later Barry Manilow came, wrestling in December, country star Alan Jackson in January, Disney on Ice in February, circus, and there were various figure skating activities here and there-
In addition to that, there is nothing specific so far.
Ironically, with the Washington sports team moving to the MCI Center, the Air America Arena (
Current name of the former Cap Center)
Suddenly become a more attractive concert venue because of choosing a weekend date--
Preferred for sponsors and concerts-goers alike --
It\'s open now.
In the past, some big shows skipped Washington because they couldn\'t determine the ideal date.
\"It has pushed the market to Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, where there are at least two major buildings,\" director in-
Music Center production.
\"From now on, there should never be a day when you have to bypass Washington because there are no available dates.
\"As for the MCI Center as a concert facility, it is the smallest 20,000-
The seating area I \'ve seen, \"said Dave Williams of Alexandria --
Headquartered in one of the largest promotion productions in the United States, the basement door production company.
He said so with great approval.
In fact, although its capacity is roughly the same as that of the American aviation arena, the MCI Center feels more intimate than its predecessor.
This is mainly due to the straight rise of the internal seat of the American aviation arena, whose steep rise was broken by a hall.
\"They actually put the roof on the outdoor stadium,\" Williams said . \".
The seats in the center of MCI are closer to the floor and the view has been greatly improved.
The rest and verticality created by the four levels and squares make the whole package more compact.
The lower seating bowl will accommodate 8,000 people and the third seating bowl will also accommodate people.
The 27 luxury suites closest to the floor are located in the equivalent of 19 rows.
The club seats increased by 3,000, with a maximum of 1,000 seats on the floor.
The total concert capacity at the MCI Center is usually 13,000 to 19,000 depending on whether the seating plan is for a full house or if there is no seat behind the stage.
Although they will get lost at the concert
The audience, the concert will feel some of the most important improvements --
From headlines to donations from production people.
The rear and storage space of the MCI Center is about five times that of the American airline arena;
They also walked all the way under and around the building.
Large production trucks transporting large volumes of stage, sound and lighting equipment from one city to another will be able to enter the MCI Center from Sixth Street and unload it inside.
Unlike most arenas, the MCI Center has a production office and dressing room separate from the dressing room of the sports team (
No more locker room crazy).
Before the first shovel broke ground, Mike Evans, Barry silverberman and others were visiting the new generation of arenas that appeared across the country, such as the American West Arena in Phoenix, the Joint Center in Chicago, gund Arena in Cleveland, GM in Vancouver and Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon.
They also spent a lot of time asking for advice from a variety of travel producers, such as Patrick Stansfield, who has been traveling in Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisant since 1984.
\"We announced it was a solid a, a great building,\" Stansfield said . \" He noted that the MCI Center was apparently attending school in the newer arena.
\"They all represent a conscious effort to make it available to both users --
Friendly environment.
There will even be a special superstar locker room. -
Tentatively called the presidential suite, because the president can use it when attending the arena event.
Facilities such as sauna, fitness equipment and sofa bed are available for guests.
\"A star travels with a lot of luggage;
They all have 20 boxes, \"said Stansfield, who is also pleased with the added space next to the star locker room.
On December 10, Barry Manilow will host the first concert at the MCI Center.
It was planned to hold the Neil Diamond concert in December, but when Diamond helped a friend pick up a fallen motorcycle, the concert was postponed indefinitely.
As of the mid term, the only other concert dates on the books
November is Alan Jackson, who will perform in January 18.
Jackson\'s date asked the question: will country fans come to the city center?
\"Some Virginia people will not come to American Airlines even if they will go downtown for the red people games and shopping malls,\" Evans said . \".
If talent is worth trying to do what needs to be done in the future, they will come.
\"One problem is that there are only three or four countries where behaviour can fill the arena.
\"I don\'t think country music is as much as other types of audiences as suburban and urban audiences,\" Evans said . \".
\"People who are used to spending leisure time in the city, not those who are used to spending leisure time in the suburbs.
Fear of the unknown.
When we are open, we hope that we can prove that it is a safe environment where people can come here by subway and it is easy to get here and get out of here. Enjoy everything around us.
Williams of the \"cellar door\" believes that country fans may not enter the city.
That\'s why not every show goes to the MCI Center. -
We prefer to perform in the arena of American Airlines, which is easy to see on the detour road and has already startedsite parking.
\"Dimensions Unlimited President Bill Washington, Washington\'s largest producer of programs for African-American audiences, also acknowledged a sudden improvement in the status of land facilities.
\"We are used to animals and we have been used to going to Landover since 1973,\" Washington said . \".
\"Once we get used to doing this, it\'s no longer inconvenient for us.
80% of my viewers live in Washington or Prince George County, which makes the arena of American Airlines play a role.
I\'m not sure which building will be the most attractive building to sell tickets.
\"The main stumbling block in Washington?
\"There are not so many big arenas performing on the city\'s black market.
And Michael Jackson, who toured every 10 years, or when he chose; Prince;
Luther Van Ross
He recently performed with Vanessa Williams on American Airlines.
And Janet Jackson.
\"Looking for Jackson--
Janet, that\'s--
Sometime early next year
The sports teams at the MCI Center have taken full advantage of the fact that they move their faces --offs and tip-offs up to 7 p. m.
Don\'t expect such a big shift before the concert, especially when the building hosts afternoon sports before the evening concert.
According to Mike Evans, the general assumption is that fans of concerts usually come from home or school, not from work (
Considered a sports fan).
The subway may affect the performance time.
The MCI Center will continue to emphasize that the subway is the best way to participate in the event, but the subway will stop running at midnight.
This reality may hinder the prospect of a new nightlife in the city center.
If most fans come by subway, they don\'t have time to post.
Or go to Phuket for dinner at midnight.
On the other hand, perhaps this will improve the business of hotels in the city center.
Richard Harrington is a Post reporter.
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