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the killers, secc, glasgow

by:Marslite     2019-09-28
The killer is always tied to the arena.
Some people feel that due to their gold, star level
The dust mix of attractive pop choirs, the authenticity of alternative singers that are not decorated in traditional styles, and the true talent for pure, pure moderation where it is really necessary.
This is the first date of their most recent British tour in support of the latest fourth album \"Battle birth\", all of a sudden to do all of this, entering the epic heart zone the shallow water of the Americas is generally pleasant, but there are few inspirational odyssey. For an all-
The show is played in the presence of more than 10,000 fans and does its best to show off-back.
The band played on stage, without the tedious decoration of gantries and catwalks, and the lighting was limited to some hot spotlights and some lasers.
It\'s a big mailbox, though.
The format screen behind them is expensive
The frequency of making video clips for their songs is far more than the band\'s clever granular live performances, which means that we can only see the short back \"n\" face of the singer, jarhead of Brandon forth, the hairstyle of an ordinary person is a collective for an ordinary person.
It is true that the voice of the flower is a powerful instrument that may be the most powerful in the killer\'s repertoire, almost completely simulating the incarnation of which it has been recorded, as a powerful root sy holler, it is associated with the synthetic androgyne quality that affects his band\'s 80 s pop music
Soaring \"Smile Like You\", New Single Miss Atomic Bomb and human so
So the pop songs were destroyed by the permanent nuggets.
The jumping nature of its central lyrics is an early point of conversation for a lengthy set, and as it develops it goes through a different texture from the \"unknown reason\" attempt Arcade Fire
One day, Peter Gabriel synthesized the shining production values of tenderness and \"deadlines and commitments.
Although not an overly magnetic facade, the flowers have a warm and open charm that is only attributed to the religious views he has stated that are old-fashioned.
Talking about the band\'s home town of Las Vegas, and the \"ingredients\" that help them as people, he mused, \"it\'s my old way for men to walk, for me, the way he talks, the layout of the land \"is a subtle introduction to the low-key highlight\" Dustland fairy tale \", although half a dozen for most people here
Remember and communicate
The chorus of \"Mr Brightside\", \"Everything I Do\" and \"When you are young\" is all the depth they need.
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