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the girls shine at idols sa performance

by:Marslite     2019-10-01
The girls brought their-
When they lit the stage in the second group of live performances against Idol South Africa, the game began.
Eight girls-one of the last 16-competed for the top 10 at the Pretoria State Theater on Sunday.
With their impressive performance, they let the audience make tough choices when deciding who will stay.
The guys set the bar high last Sunday, which could be the motivation for the girls to try to raise the stakes.
The girls performed as follows: Thando Mngomezulu, who started her solo performance, seemed confident in her confidence.
When she auditioned, we wondered if she would succeed.
She begins with an unforgettable performance by Jennifer Hudson.
The nerves may take over when she starts, but when she goes on, she has the song and she even gets a standing ovation.
She looks beautiful in a traditional dress wrapped in shoes. 19-year-
Old Wata melon (
Real Name resaab ramatsu)
From Atteridgville, she loves her blonde hair and sings for the triumph of Fantasia.
She looks amazing in a gold dress with long green earrings and shiny gold boots.
The judges enjoyed her performance.
Somiz felt that she was unimportant in the first place, but he said he would not punish her for it.
\"It was wet at first, but in fact voters would love you-but don\'t take it for granted,\" he said . \".
Randall said she would still be great whether she won or lost the game.
Level 11 learner Nosipho Silinda looks beautiful on the thigh
Black boots with black and yellow jumpsuit.
She sang \"The Life of Singapore Airlines\" and the performance was applauded by a standing ovation.
Her family, including her musician aunt Busisiwe \"Cici\" Thwala, are excited about her performance and the judges like it.
Throughout the performance, somizi was dancing and Unathi felt that Nosipho had given her all the performances.
\"Where you need the melody, you are beautiful;
You need a sense of rhythm, \"she said.
Bongiwe Mdaka from Tonga sang Emily sundae under your beauty.
\"When the day after the stage, because you have the pipe, you have it.
Unathi said Bongiwe gave others a chance for their money.
\"You know it\'s a competition.
I would be very nervous if I were one of the people sitting down . \"19-
The performance of the year-old Xae was the first one that all judges agreed.
Randall was blown away and there was nothing to say.
\"I don\'t know what to say,\" he said with a smile . \".
\"We already have three sure girls and you are one of them,\" said somiqi, which is great although it was the first time he heard the song.
\"I saw my eldest daughter buy your music.
\"Ntokozo Makhathini sang Ndiza from Zahara and the judge forgave her for a bit of a run-off.
\"You don\'t fit around, but I \'d rather watch you don\'t, than watch the other six,\" Randall said . \".
\"This is the best performance of the night,\" somiqi said . \"
\"You were there.
If you are confused during the music tour, please return to this show.
Everything-confidence, songs and style.
The youngest player of the season, 16-year-
Adele\'s \"You don\'t remember\" is sung by Lao yangga sobetta.
She is evidence of explosives in small bags.
\"This song has no bright spot for me.
I just can\'t see . . . . . . \"Randall was not able to complete his review because somiqi interjected,\" Ngeke (never)
While Randall was still talking, \"you took us through an emotional journey.
You\'re great . \"
The final performance of the night was Darlene sttz, who served as a choir master in high school.
She did the wrong thing, but it\'s okay with Whitney Houston.
She gave her everything, but it seemed like a very wrong choice for the song.
\"Andy . . . . . . It\'s not right, but it\'s okay.
There are songs that think change is a crime and you can\'t change the songs of Whitney Houston.
\"You are making this song into a Cassper nyovesting song,\" somiqi said . \".
Randall felt that Darlene had lost her mind.
\"If you lose your mind, you will never succeed,\" he said . \".
Both groups gave their best pictures and now it\'s up to the audience to decide who can get into the top 10.
Capture Idol SA season 14 on channel 161\'s Mzansi Magic every Sunday at 17: 00.
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