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the curious incident of the dog in the night-time: the show must go on

by:Marslite     2019-09-24
Mike Noble remembers the night the house collapsed.
Not long before The Curious Incident of the dog at night --Time.
The young actor plays Christopher Boone, the teenage protagonist of the award-
Win production.
In a flashback scene featuring the boy and his mother, the West End Apollo theater was packed with audiences-which happened to include me-distracted by harsh voices.
\"As an actor, you can have two ideas to run on stage,\" Noble said . \" He recalled the night of December 19 for the first time.
\"I\'m really involved in this scene, but at the same time, something in my brain is making up a story of what\'s going on.
At first I thought someone was sick and there was a bunch of chairs walking when they left,dum, buh-dum, buh-dum\'.
Many viewers see noise as part of the innovative soundtrack of the show.
But the actors who performed more than 100 times did not know.
The crack lasts no more than two seconds.
\"Then there was a loud noise and I saw the ceiling collapse,\" recalls noble, 25 . \".
\"Because you are in survival mode, I remember very little about that exact moment.
I thought the building was going down and ran away.
\"The ceiling of the Edward theater dropped a large piece of gorgeous gypsum board, with dust and debris flooding, and a part of the balcony and lighting came off.
Nearly 80 people were injured, six of them seriously.
As insurance companies continue to assess accidents that can be very expensive, leaking roof water remains the most likely cause.
The show has been homeless for six weeks.
But this week it will return in a very different environment.
On Monday afternoon, seven miles east of Apollo, more than 150 students from Newham, one of the poorest autonomous regions in the country, entered the old town hall of strafo.
More typical is the scene of the function and fair, this historic room has become a temporary theater.
About 200 seats surround the stage laid on the parquet floor.
The National Theatre resumed the west end of the show at the Gilde Theatre on June, and it held eight special performances for lunch time with the Newham Council.
Over the next two weeks, more than 1,000 students from 14 secondary schools will come here for free to watch.
Sir Robin Wales has been leading the Newham committee for almost 20 years, and he greeted the students when they arrived. \"Hiya!
Looking forward?
He asked with joy.
At this point, few students show enthusiasm.
\"Some children have never been to the theater,\" the mayor said . \"
\"They don\'t know what will happen.
I just asked some of them what they think about the country and they don\'t even know what it is.
In last September, Wales launched the campaign \"every child is a theater actor.
He plans to fund annual theater visits for all middle school students in the region, starting with pantomime, to Shakespeare\'s Globe theater.
But he never thought that the Nationals would come to him, nor that he would receive a record of seven Olivier Awards in last year\'s new show.
He said: \"It\'s great to have such a theater in Newham . \"
The adaptation of Mark Harden\'s novel tells the story of a gift. year-
The old boy with social difficulties, his investigation of \"Curious Events\" changed his life and his family.
First line-\"What the fuck did you do to my dog!
\"-It has attracted the admiration of the youth audience, but it has also absorbed them.
They were transmitted for two and a half hours, and some people seem to have forgotten the crispy bag in their hands.
The first scene ended with a dramatic emotional scene.
During this time, I asked Ben Yamen, 13, what he thought.
But he couldn\'t say anything, so his teacher came in.
\"For people like Ben, I think it will take a while for things like this to get stuck,\" said Scott Wallace, head of drama at central Newham Cumberland School.
\"He was a little shocked by such a hard thing.
\"Just two weeks ago, Mr. Wallace received an invitation from the Council and brought in 90 Grade 9 students.
\"These guys are right at the beginning of their drama development, so there\'s a chance to see something so cut --
\"Edge does improve their desire,\" he said . \"
\"The proportion of people going to the theater with their families is very small.
Later, Ben had only seen Cinderella on stage before Monday, saying the play was \"really great \".
It makes you think.
His classmate, 13-year-old Yaseed Baptista, added: \"I look forward to a typical cliché about a hero trying to understand a dog\'s ordinary drama, but now I see, it\'s a big difference from what I thought.
I never knew the actors would be so good.
\"I went back to my seat with director Marianne Elliott, who won the Tony Award in 2011 for the\" War Horse \"made on Broadway, the last major national heat.
She and the playwright who adapted the novel, Simon Stephens, convened a meeting of curious actors and crew a few days after the Apollo collapse.
Most actors have contracts that end next month.
\"Once we know everyone is okay, we want to keep Christopher\'s spirit,\" Elliott said . \".
He found that the world was unstoppable, but he was still pursuing his mission.
We feel very strongly that, as the National Grand Theatre, we have to find a venue where we can perform for the school for free and make this a different story for all of us.
\"Stephens, who was a former teacher at a middle school near Dagenham, said his dramatic unexpected transfer to the east side represented the return of the drama.
\"Mark was keen to use hi-when he made me adapt to it-Technical production.
I said to him that this book is too democratic.
It came from 10-year-
It is important for serious intellectuals to write it so that it can be produced under any conditions without a large budget.
\"Yesterday, Stephens sat down with the students he invited from the old school and took part in the second strafu show.
\"I like a little bit of the spirit of the show, it\'s recycling,\" he said . \".
\"It seems to be a very appropriate and inspiring response to a terrible event.
\"The Curious event was first performed in the country\'s smallest theater, Cottesloe, in 2012.
The original \"in-the-
When the show moved to the Apollo Theater in last March, the stage had to be changed and returned to strafus.
Starting from February 17, it will continue to perform further special performances at the Lambert dance studio in London.
This time, the audience was invited during the Apollo crash.
For actors who are currently only performing on a larger stage, becoming smaller again is a welcome challenge.
\"When you first came here, it was lovely but terrible that you were too exposed,\" said Daniel Casey . \" He played the role of Mr. Hilles.
\"But you can see their faces too.
It\'s great to watch them so busy, even if they\'re eating potato chips-which is hilarious.
\"In one scene, Kathy and the other actors looked up in a well-choreographed scene, and the boy imagined him floating in space.
\"There was a big respite when he went up,\" the actor said . \".
\"It\'s your lifeblood as a performer-it feels like we \'ve lifted him up again.
\"Noble has been eating the energy bar after the show, and he seems to have been using all his muscles all the time, adding:\" I love it.
I think the kids in the theater react more honestly because they don\'t know the rules.
They laugh at inappropriate times.
But I like this because I think it will have a big impact on them.
\"Kathy is currently the only actor to stay at the London company after it moved to gilgood.
It\'s right next door to Apollo, where repairs to the ceiling make it economically impossible for the nation to survive.
Kathy also has vivid memories of the collapse and total discord of a new, unexpected drama.
\"I remember standing there when it fell, feeling like I was part of the audience in a strange and terrible way,\" he told me . \".
\"You are all looking at us, and then something suddenly happens, and we look at you and we are completely out of control.
Kathy created a new line temporarily, but then there was no memory.
\"Until a week later, when we had a meeting, I was told that they had seen me standing up and shouting, \'Be careful!
Then I stood in front of the stage and told the people under the stage to run away.
Then it\'s invisible, it\'s just the dust.
\"While emergency services and world media were hovering outside, many actors and staff retreated to the lyric bar, another theater on the Avenue of schafdsbury.
The thunderous voice in the Michael Jackson musical \"thriller scene\" will only enhance the authenticity of their plight.
After returning to the locker room to pack up their belongings, they gathered in a nearby bar.
\"There\'s a feeling of not wanting to go home,\" said Neil Mikel, the company\'s stage manager . \".
\"We were subdued and overwhelmed, but at the same time, we were all saying to each other that it might be worse.
Daniel Casey added: \"When the last newhhan child left town hall after the show, we were all stunned-this time the best way-during Christmas, I remember thinking, yes, I have to deal with it.
But I was also thinking, well, people haven\'t died here yet, and surprisingly, now we can do something good from that.
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