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the black keys a mixed affair at acc

by:Marslite     2019-10-19
Todd\'s Blues
On Tuesday night, the black key of the Air Canada Center turned blue? Not exactly.
But they also didn\'t get the fever red like the Akron people in Ohio. Nashville grew up.
Based on two singers
Guitarist Dan Albach and drummer Patrick Carney returned to the front of the hockey hanger in support of their latest 2014 album, Turn Blue.
Maybe it\'s because the more melancholy disc didn\'t make a splash like this one --
The 21st century 10 s brothers and 2011 El Camino\'s two heavy punches, the Keys started with old materials, such as \"dead\" and \"Gone\", the next girl, run back immediately,
However, until a large curtain behind the two supported by bassist Richard Swift and keyboard player John Clement Wood finally fell, showing an impressive lighting fixture
Distorted most of the night)
13,900 of the crowd finally became active with warm cheers.
Then, it was not until then that the audience joined the passionate song sung for another senior, but it was a good thing, the gold on the ceiling, and the shoot of Nova Baby
\"This is Patrick on the drum kit,\" said Albach, referring to his criminal partner, who went to war with others on Twitter to solicit his comments on TMZ (
\"The Grammy is for music, not for money . . . . . . He made a lot of money.
He should be happy \")
About the shortage of the Ontario pop singer at the 2013 Grammy Awards.
Strangely, it was a very low key thing 45 minutes before the button, but its cover was like leaving the suitcase and Edwyn collins,
\"You guys are amazing-thank you! He said.
It took an hour to get new songs from \"must leave\" and \"Fever\", but it\'s old barnburners like tightening, your touch and lonely boy, this makes the last 15 minutes of the show really recall the intensity of the band\'s previous tour.
The encore bounced back again with a small black submarine before the title track changed back from blue, letting things go backwards from energy, before he reinserted the electric second half, starting with the introduction of the Orbach acoustic guitar, outstanding show ender, I got my last good impression on stage with only Albach and Carney.
Opening last night was the Kentucky rock singers who kept the elephants in cages, which was not resting for the wicked, and with the enthusiastic lead singer Matt Schulz put himself into the crowd at some point
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