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the best sydney events in 2018 that you won\'t want to miss

by:Marslite     2019-10-07
Sydney knows how to hold a party, which won\'t get your attention.
Images of fireworks
The beautifully decorated Sydney Harbour Bridge regularly broadcasts around the world, and this spirit of celebration is not only a symbol of the city itself, but also a symbol of the entire New South Wales.
The activity calendar in the state is a busy calendar-very colorful to start up.
New Year\'s Eve is just the beginning. Another stand-
The scene is Vivid Sydney, three
The \"light, music and creative festival\" of the week, saw the intricate lights on the sails of the Sydney Opera House, as well as a huge outdoor lighting sculpture gallery, as well as a cut
Music and Culture Forum fringe program.
It creates a record.
There were 33 million tourists in 2017, and this year there were tourists during the period from May 25-6 to 16.
Another fixed item on the city\'s art agenda is the Handa Opera House in Sydney Harbour, which sees pop music
Built on an outdoor stage by the water.
See a world
In the context of the Sydney skyline, the first-class opera performance was hit a bit-especially with a cup or two of something special.
Welcome to La Boheme for a month this year-
Long-term operation from March 23-4 to 22.
At the same time, at the beginning of each year, people\'s attention is focused on the Sydney art festival, a grand gathering of dance, drama, song and dance, comedy, opera, music, circus and speech, held in multiple venues. The long-
The annual festival is 6-
In January 28, more than 40 years after it was first staged.
As honored as the Sydney Gay Parade (
Run from February 16-3 to 4 this year)
This is an annual program of artistic events and celebrations, and on March 3, a massive street parade reached its climax under Cher\'s leadership.
Gorgeous costumes, rainbow-
The display of floats and music is an unforgettable gorgeous scene.
For an event that brings the whole country to a standstill, do not exceed Australia Day.
The January 26 of each year is the date on which 1788 of the UK\'s first ships arrive, and the signs of public holidays are concerts, fireworks, ceremonies and general happy days. Other large-
The scale events that deserve attention include the Tamworth Country Music Festival, which lasts for two weeks.
Annual long-standing cultural and heritage events held in rural towns in January;
Hunter Valley Wine and Food Festival, two-
The monthly feast of more than 70 food events on July and 5, focusing on local products;
And the Eden Whale Festival, held in the southern part of the state on November each year, will whale-
Watch with music, seafood and live performances.
This is also a state that loves sports.
If you\'re lucky enough to be here on Boxing Day, don\'t miss 100-
In addition, the annual Sydney-Hobart yacht race departs during the yacht race.
With more than 40 years of experience, winning-
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