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thank you, driver, for getting them there

by:Marslite     2019-09-02
A fancy front School Bus kept banging Chinatown with 1980 tech pop music, a new wave of pink, Pac-
The yellow and blue disco lights beat with the beat.
Two men as big as the defender swing from the glistening strip, surrounded by 30 or so fellow villagers spinning around with music to cheer them. Beer flowed. Jell-
The camera trembled.
It\'s not 9 p yet. m.
The bachelor party for Brian Lodin and Dawn MacDonald has just begun.
Looking at the rolling carnival in the rearview mirror, Chad White, 39, is an Air Force veteran, fireman, and the 80-year-old driver last Saturday night
The bus for the theme is on a rental vehicle in Bustonian, one of Boston\'s companies
Board of Bacchanalia
This bus has become a popular way to crawl the bar without walking and getting together without driving.
But these mobile festivals have also attracted the attention of law enforcement and community leaders who believe that buses are public nuisance that cannot be regulated like bars or cars.
Party buses are regulated by the same laws as stretch limos or Greyhound buses, which means that the state\'s open container law does not apply to passengers taking cars.
The recent arrest of an Allston man accused him of peeing out the window of a party bus at 9 busy Newbury Street highlighted the problem. m. on a Tuesday.
According to a police report, two Boston police officers happened to see the line and boarded the vehicle, where they found that \"about 15 young men were beer cans on the bus
Detectives did not detain the bus driver, nor did they impose fines on companies not mentioned in the report.
Happy people were allowed to continue riding that morning.
Superintendent William B.
Evans, head of the Boston Police Patrol Department, said he has been worried about buses for a while, and buses have surged in the city over the past decade.
\"We wanted to encourage designated drivers, but what bothers me is that we have this floating bar on the street,\" Evans said.
Evans said police would park when they saw a clear violation.
This happened in last October when a car was quoted for blocking traffic and playing music loudly in Orston.
Police found that the bus was carrying 90 passengers, three times the passenger load;
Some riders are underage;
The bus does not have a license to flash emergency vehicle lights.
But there is no way for the police to regulate what is happening on the bus unless, like the Allston case, they have reason to stop it.
State Department about utility regulation party bus like other \"hire\" passenger airlines, at least eight passenger transport, Catherine Williams, a spokesman, written in e-mail.
\"There are no rules on the party bus specifically for passenger behavior,\" she wrote . \".
There is also no exact amount of party bus tools around the Bay State as the department did not distinguish them from other operators.
Derek Fredriksson is the owner of Andover coach Limited, which rents four buses for holding dance parties, birthdays, bachelor parties, graduation ceremonies, sporting events, casinos
He estimates that there are about 20 companies in the Boston area that offer similar services.
The lack of supervision over these mobile entertainment carriers has created a dilemma for neighborhood leaders. Meg Mainzer-
Cohen, head of the Back Bay Association, said bar and restaurant owners welcomed the business brought by the bus when it stopped and their customers poured into the local bar.
But they don\'t always like to be on narrow streets nearby, especially in the early hours of the morning when bulky buses are idling and blocking traffic, especially since there is no control over the vehicles nearby.
\"We have licenses for every restaurant, every bar, every hotel,\" she said . \".
\"I would be shocked if we let people take part in a storm without a person in charge.
\"The year of bust on the night of Lodin --
The head of MacDonald\'s pre-wedding celebration is driver White.
His job is to make sure that his passengers have a good time under legal circumstances, as he ships the celebrators of the couple\'s respected home to Boston and returns, along the way, visit the challenging mix of roles such as drivers, ceremonies, guardians and security guards.
During the two years of working for Bustonian, White supervised proms and 13-year-
Old birthday party, and pell-
While the bus is driving, the whole bus makes bugs in the aisles and tries to climb out of the escape hatch.
These pre-wedding parties were older, mostly in their 30 s and 40 s, and soon after he drove the bus into the narrow street where passengers were waiting, White soon
\"Don\'t do anything that will get you thrown out of the bar,\" shouted White as soon as he got on the bus and presented his ID card.
He added, \"Don\'t put anything out of the window.
He also warned the party.
Some of them weigh more than 200 pounds.
Don\'t swing on the pole (They did it anyway. )
The pole is the center of the floor, the front part
Seats facing rows have been replaced by a general bench.
The party guys didn\'t do this: From the moment White finished his speech and made a \"Thriller\" through the speakers, the bus shook and rolled with the flow of wine.
The rent for six people is $200 an hour.
One hour\'s party, White says, people get the value of money.
\"I was sold as soon as I saw the bus,\" McDonald said . \" MacDonald is a shipping company like her husband --to-be (
They got married in October. 1;
She\'s Lordan, Dawn)
\"It\'s the only way we all get together and no one has to drive.
Safety is the most important thing for me.
The party stopped at several bars where the band performed.
Passengers enter the bar without paying the insurance fee, which is part of a mutually beneficial transaction between bestinia and the club and the bar.
White\'s duty is to make sure his customers get off the bus, get into the bar and come back.
He intercepted a passenger carrying jelly.
Shoot off the bus
He avoided curious passers-by who thought the glowing bus was an open party.
When a state police officer motioned him from his cruiser to drive the vehicle off the main road, he pulled the vehicle off the side of the road.
\"To a large extent, the police like us,\" White said . \".
\"We don\'t have 32 people on the road.
It\'s a safe way to get together.
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