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technology: hi-fi firms join forces against europe

by:Marslite     2019-10-22
Electronic companies in the UK are joining forces to challenge a European Community directive that currently requires them to protect all electronic devices from interference, a requirement that could bankrupt many companies.
Despite the early warnings issued by the trade agency, many manufacturers of audio and video equipment, as well as studio and theater lighting controls, ignored the impact of EC Directive 89/336/EEC, which will take effect on January 1, 1992.
Electronic devices sensitive to various frequencies can receive electrical interference from radio transmission, between taxis, or other devices.
The directive is intended to specify the susceptibility of the equipment to interference.
High supply of many British manufacturersquality hi-fi equipment.
They insist that their professional products depend on high sensitivity, so the instructions will undermine any advantage they have over mainstream productsfi makers(
Technology, December 1, 1990).
Now, British manufacturers, governments and UK standards agencies have begun to promote the impact of this legislation.
Last week, BSI organized a meeting of about 70 worried manufacturers to \"plan remedial action \".
As delegates from EU member states, including the UK Department of Trade and Industry, lobbied in December, European civil servants who drafted the directive agreed to request an amendment from the EU Council of Ministers.
The key amendments that are currently being sought are during the transition period of our years until the end of 1995.
During this period, the manufacturer may choose to comply with the directive or existing national regulations and standards.
The European Parliament will debate this issue in the summer and fall to be formally revised by the December 31, 1991 deadline.
If everything goes as planned, it will provide a little breathing space for the electronics industry to agree on the interference standards it sees as feasible.
At last week\'s meeting, British manufacturers agreed to set up a group of delegates from the audio and video industry and emc experts.
The team will evaluate criteria that will align the need for efficient shielding with the need to maintain professional equipment at an acceptable price.
The panel will report within three months and then make a recommendation to the European Committee on electrical engineering standards (asCENELEC.
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