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teary swan lake ...and not a dry eye in the house

by:Marslite     2019-10-07
Matthew Bourne\'s Swan Lake took the stage in 1995, replacing the traditional map --
Ed ballerina with the naked scary chorus-
The chest of the male swan.
Then, the audience has never seen such a thing;
Today, the main character of the film is the dancer who grew up on it.
The show has been on and off tour for 23 years and has been well received and soldout runs -
Through the new lighting design, the current iteration adjusts the layout and arrangement (
Also a small mechanical corgi)feels grown-
Up to 2019.
When the film first arrived in Dublin in 2014, it set a record --breaking run.
It\'s not surprising-
As Byrne said, it is a country full of myths.
For this director obsessed with storytelling ideas and practices, Dublin is a \"magical place \".
Although the story of Swan Lake and its tortured royal family members is considered to be a variety of fairy tales from Germany and Sweden, we will recognize the terrible curse that human beings are trapped in the body of the Swan, lir\'s children also have ambiguous endings.
Yes, it will feel at home when Byrne\'s work returns in February 26.
The audience may not be more appreciative of the two male stars, but the film continues to be surprisingly small (
Corgis on wheels)and big (hip-
Dancing in a shabby nightclub affects choreography).
This is not classical ballet, tutu-
Ed dancers crossed the stage effortlessly as if it was the simplest thing in the world --
In fact, these works are parsily imitated at one point: Here you will meet the hard work of the dancers.
Developed muscles, developed internal organs;
The skin sparkled, the fascia rippled and bent.
We heard our feet on the ground, heavy and laborious breathing.
They are sometimes heartbeats, and they are sometimes slappers of Tchaikovsky\'s score.
As the Queen swept away from her son, we heard the sound of the Queen\'s stiff skirt.
The show of Poland, with its luxurious design, sets and costumes, stops far away.
This is the element of the theater.
Sex is everywhere, everywhere;
As men dance with bare breasts, sweat and leather pants are smooth and there is no dialogue, the whole show emphasizes body, erotic classes.
It\'s easy to understand why it\'s called \"gay ballet\" and although Bourne doesn\'t feel like it\'s telling the whole story, he doesn\'t deny it. Twenty-six-year-
The old Liam Lawn Mower who plays the prince is not so vague.
It looks tired: \"Because the swan is a male, it\'s easy to think so.
So you connected him to a man.
But in the end, the Swan is a swan;
This is a creature.
It\'s more about what he represents than about his gender.
\"This determination to keep Swan Lake in a closet seems out of place in 2019, but it does not seem to be out of fear of judgment or revenge, but rather protection of other ideas of the product.
In the golden age of the British royal scandal, the first Swan Lake in Bourne kicked off, where the concept of responsibility and human desire was hotly debated.
The British prince married a hybrid.
Race, America, Divorce actress seems impossible.
This was an explosive panoramic interview with Princess Diana in 1995, when the Daily News was filled with Princess Charles, Camilla, Ferguson and Margaret.
This is a fragile and chaotic royal family, far from today\'s stylish and smiling Keates and Meghan.
For our audience, the mental health of young people is very common in Ireland, and the Prince may be less bound by the royal family than by men.
He\'s not allowed to be weak-
As usual and his own mother repeatedly pushed brushes him.
This forced him to the brink of suicide.
The Prince\'s relationship with the Swan is not necessarily about sex, but the possibility of hope and redemption in the darkest hours.
This is the favorite reading of dancers, perhaps typical millennial fashion.
For Nicole Cabella, who plays the Queen, \"with the development of the times, it is these elements that keep the work fresh and relevant.
In a work that usually talks about men, she draws attention to women: \"For my character, it\'s about having to show myself in some way, but there\'s a wild side in the heart --
As a woman, a responsible woman, you are not allowed to have or show.
The idea of being a mother, but not the idea of being a mother.
\"Bourne\'s enduring appeal to the film is slightly different;
It\'s not a novelty of the male swan, nor is it the current focus on mental health and the Royal family: \"In the simplest form, it\'s about someone who needs to be loved --
Everyone agrees with it. And for [The Prince]
Especially it is a need to hold.
He is not close to anyone and is always pushed away.
He\'s a member of the royal family, so no one\'s near him. . .
So when the swan wrapped it in its wings, it was a big thing --
Everyone feels this way. [Swan Lake]
I have not received such a message, but it has a feeling that people really agree.
It caught the people and they began to read their stories.
That\'s why people are emotional.
That\'s why it still exists.
\"These are not an illusion of self-exaggeration.
Important director: When the curtains fell and the lights of the house lit up, men, women and teenagers were wiping their eyes and were shocked by their emotions.
This is a magic.
On February 26, Matthew Byrne\'s Swan Lake returned to the pode gassas energy Theatre2 March 2019.
Tickets are now on sale.
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