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tear down the plastic walls of the ‘revival’ tent on the mall

by:Marslite     2019-08-30
Metro article on April 18 \"this is a huge revival\": the \"revival\" tent on the Washington Monument raises many questions: where will the campaign end or will it end?
Can we look forward to the Islamic tent at Lincoln\'s feet?
Buddhist tent at Vietnam Veterans Memorial?
Or is this privilege reserved for Christians?
Do our postcard views of national monuments now include white plastic tents and flashing colorful disco lights?
As mentioned, do tourists have to wear earplugs to block loud religious music that they may not want to hear? How offensive!
Of course, there is a better place for freedom of expression in religion and other forms.
The mall is supported by American taxpayers.
This tent is inappropriate, tacky, and clearly contains political color, setting a terrible precedent.
Tear down plastic walls that damage the beauty of our capital.
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