student thespians stroll the red carpet at tamy awards.

by:Marslite     2019-10-05
Chelmsford High School won the best overall production award at the annual Tammy Award ceremony sponsored by the warmitt Hill Community College Theatre.
A total of 14 schools participated in the competition.
The TAMY Award project recognizes the great amount of work, creativity and dedication that teachers and students have put into high school drama work.
The Tammy award celebrates the entire musical arts: actors and staff, directors and designers, and great musical productions that inspire this dedication.
Winners in \"Red-
The carpet awards ceremony, based on the Broadway Tony Award, was held at Four Points Hotel sheraton.
Evening with social time and \"open soft-
Featuring a slide show, Drinkbar \"shows photos of all the products in the competition.
Ken Davenport, a Broadway producer who has performed at the mountain performer theater, the altar boy and the awesome post-80 s dance, is a guest speaker.
Best Overall Production
Tragic world (school edition)
Best Actor at Chelmsford High School
Andrew Francis (Marius)
Tragic world (
Chelmsford High School)BEST ACTRESS -Melanie Tata (Annie Oakley)
Annie, Get Your Gun.
Leominster High School)
Best Supporting Actor
Brett Rochford (Barnaby), Hello Dolly(
Clinton High School)
Best Supporting Actress
Lisa Billingsley (Eponine)
Tragic world (
Chelmsford High School)
Best male guest showBrian West (Rudolph), Hello Dolly(
Clinton High School)
Best female guest showEmily Hodder (Babette)
Beauty and the Beast (
Quabbin High School)
Best Chorus/set combination-
Best Director of Chelmsford High School, Les Miserables
Hello, Dolly (
Oakmont High School)
Director of Music
Carl Rondina of Les Miserables
Chelmsford High School)
Best Student Orchestra
Best Choreographer at Chelmsford High School, Les Miserables
Melissa Hoffman, I love matchmaker (
Nakasoba High School)
Best Production quantity
Hello Dolly, waiter dance (
NashobaHigh School)
Best Stage Group
High School Musical, Best Attraction design for Litton High School-
Tie, I love matchmaker, na Xiaoba Middle School;
Best lighting design for Keene High School-Mancha and Manof La Mancha
High School Musical, Best Costume for Littleton High School
Oakmont high school best drama Bill Dolly Hello
I love the excellent lobby display of matchmaker and Na Xiaoba Affiliated Middle School-
Hello Dolly, Clinton High School, TAMY Review Committee also recognized the following achievements not covered in the award category: Excellent Student Set Design-
Brett Rochford (
Excellent Student Command
Timothy Forrest (
Les Miserables/Chelmsford)
Outstanding combination of dance(
Anything. Rising Star -Merrick Henry (
Kurt, Sound of Music/Fitchburg)
Outstanding Special number
A Heart Full of Love ](
Three: Marius, Cosette, and epanni.
Les Miserables/Chelmsford)
\"Not a member of the general choir \"(female)-Sarah Freel(
Hello Dolly/Clinton)
\"Not a member of the general choir \"(male)-Joey Prevost(
Annie, take your gun.
The TAMY award was achieved through donations from RonaldM.
Ansing Foundation, Atholl Memorial Hospital, Atholl Savings Bank, doctor, obqin hardware
James Foster, Gardner News, GFA Credit Union, Health Union Hospital, Henry Heywood Hospital, Holligan cleaner, I-
CCredit Union, Brigita Clementi, worker credit Union and montevet Community College.
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