stockholm, sweden: the perfect break

by:Marslite     2019-08-31
Why go?
Because, now, Stockholm is a pure advent calendar charm.
From November to 3, with the snowfall almost certain, the city\'s ice-capped canal, Nanya --
Street lights and Frost
The colorful parks and squares look very beautiful.
Warmly ended the 14 bridges with Stockholm-
Connecting the island is perfect for walking.
Track the twist of the curved lane in medieval Gamla Stan, then explore the arty sdermalm or Kungsholmen residence, and then look for No in the beautifully designed gadget store in orstmarm
Best of all, compared to the popular cold
Seasonal cities such as Prague or Vienna, Stoke and Skansen\'s traditional Christmas market offer tours-
Free authenticity.
Is the chill coefficient too high?
Visit exciting museums and galleries before unfreezing using hot grog (mulled wine)
A friendly bar in the city.
And, if you can get there next month, on December 13, the atmosphere becomes warmer when Sweden\'s largest St. Lucia Music Festival is held in Sweden, concerts and parades (tinyurl.
Through . . . . . . Sweden, Sweden: flights, hotels and restaurants watch the Northern Lights in Oslo, Norway: The perfect holiday is one of the world\'s top resorts?
Arctic adventure playground in Mariham, Finland: my small town plane. SAS (
0871 521 2772, www. flysas. co. uk)
Offers a £ 170 flight from Heathrow next month.
Arlanda Express returns from £ 42 and will travel to the Stockholm motor city center station in 20 minutes.
Stay at Hotel Stupe (
Birger Jarlsgatan 24, Östermalm, 0046 8440 6600, www. hotelstureplan. se)
In Stureplan, an area known for its upscale nightlife.
On this 19th, enter through a jingle elevator or a curved staircase, bedroom
Century townhouses range from elegant and retro Swedish Gustav antiques and old stoves to fully functional IKEA-style lofts.
Bollinger champagne bar is also available.
17 doubles.
If you are concerned about limited daylight, please stay at the Nordic Light Hotel (
Vasaplan 7, Norrmalm, 0046 8505 63000, www.
Nodi Crete hotelsse)
All traces of SAD syndrome disappear in emotion
Strengthen the Light Therapy System to transform the bedroom when switching light bombs.
Choose between boudoir lights, disco flash lights or exciting white light.
The monotonous appearance of the Nordic Light masks a complete fashion, with changing art installations often staged in the lobby.
Doubles from £ 14.
Near Arlanda airport is a trendy mega hotel (
Jumbovagen 4,0046 8593 60400, www. jumbohostel. com)
A retired PanAm 747 converted to 25
You can choose between the four rooms you share-
Bedroom dormitory or loft cockpit suite with panoramic runway views.
Bunk bed room with luggage compartment starting at £ 34.
Spend a morning . . . . . . Enjoy the alleys and squares of the old town Gamla Stan.
Stay away from the tourist area västerl nggatan and enter the upper level.
Swedish Academy-storgert Square
The land, the site of the Nobel Library, is surrounded by cafes painted with rat Holy green and mustard yellow.
Stop for hot chocolate and catch up with the crowd
Guards at the Royal Palace change their posts free of charge.
You are now a stroll from sodemar, the largest island that has cleverly integrated its work-
The influx of young residents, fashionable art galleries and alternative boutiques into boho\'s first-class heritage.
In . . . . . . Den Gyldene Freden for lunch (
51, Gamla Stan, 0046 824 9760, www. gyldenefreden. se)
Dine with Nobel judges and whiskey scholars at this oldest restaurant.
Warren at the candlelight salon is the place to go
Beat the pork belly with licorice juice and slice the smoked reindeer with almond potatoes.
Main course £ 28.
Benny Anderson, Hotel rival Abba (
Mariatorget Square 3,0046 854 578900, www. rival. se)
Bar with groovy, on-
The bakery in the hotel and the restored cinema, as well as the sunny square.
Breakfast-facing rooms also serve as Bistro.
Perfect for Sunday brunch with salads, potato pancakes, eggy dishes and puds: £ 22.
Browse the food hall of Östermalmstorg Saluhallen (www. saluhallen. com)
And then in Gerdas (
Kajplatser 466,0046 865 08031)
I bought you a shrimp for £ 16.
The accumulated morebro (open sandwich).
Skating along the frozen canal with the locals in the afternoon.
Prefer something more refined?
Kungstrdgrden Park has an ice rink with live music and a 3-pound skating rental. 50 an hour.
Or, when you swing under the snow skin, go 750-in order to enjoy the sublime city landscape-metre-
Long ski resort in Hammarbybacken, near Södermalm.
It has two elevators, pistes of all levels, ski, snowboard and boot rental (www. hammarbybacken. se).
It\'s time to trek through djurgrden, a huge island park in Stockholm, and when snow hits the city, it becomes a cold wonderland.
From the 1890 s, its fascinating opening-
Scandinavian Aviation Museum and Zoo (www. skansen. se)features a re-
Scandinavian houses, villas, shops and farms transported from all over Sweden.
Go out for dinner. Grand Hotel Magne (
Sodra Blasieholmshamnen month, Östermalm;
0046 8679 3584, www. mdghs. com)
Chef dargren has attracted food lovers since his two canals
The restaurant opened in 2007. The two-Michelin-
Star Matsalen is the backdrop of a lengthy, innovative package that includes entrees such as pig cheeks and Broccoli\'s langoustine.
If Matsalen is fully booked or you prefer something more affordable, try the Matbaren casual meal bar in the next room.
Set menu from $88.
Lux Stockholm (
Pulumatan 116, Island of Lalia esingen, 0046,619,com/en), in a white-
Electrolux factory in front of tile, supply Blumenthal-Performance style. Mains from £34. PA & Co (
Riddargartan 8, Östermalm, 0046 8611 0845, www. paco. se)
It\'s a comfortable one with scruples.
Up bistro has attracted a group of avid art lovers.
The blackboard menu includes staples such as hamburgers, veal and sausage. Mains from £8. 50.
Stay up at the Jazz Lounge in the Lydmar basement (
Södra Blasieholmshamnen month;
0046 223 160, www. lydmar. com)
One of the most popular hotels in the area, styled like a gentleman\'s club, was besieged on weekends with models from Stockholmand-media crowd.
The martini here is great, the music is cool, and the cozy Chesterfield sofa.
Alternatively, icet Icebar in the Nordic Ocean Hotel (Vasaplan 4;
0046 8505 63000, www. absoluticebar. com)
£ 15 buy your 40 minute free fun while wearing fur for cocktails from the dug ice
Poncho and boots.
Hang out the next day at the extraordinary Vasa Museum
Galarvarvsven 14, Djurg alimrden, 0046 8 519 548 00, www. vasamuseet. se/en)
A very good homepreserved 17th-
The sunken Century battleship in a Virgin flight, from 334-
Bathe in Port harbor for one year.
Girls with dragon tattoo fans should take part in the Millennium walking tour to find key locations from stiieg Larsson\'s novels.
Venue: Bellmansgatan 1 on Saturday the 11th. 30am.
11 tickets from the Stockholm City Tourist Center or the City Museum. stadmuseum. stockholm.
Please visit www for more information on Se. visitsweden. com and www. stockholmtown.
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