still-life onstage, bedlam backstage

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As a novel behavior that rarely appears outside Southern California, the Masters contest combines elegant art and rich kitsch.
Every summer, visitors from all over California and elsewhere flock to the outdoor amphitheater Irwin bowl on Laguna Beach for a two-month saleout shows.
When the curtain opens, the music will expand, and the narrator will set the scene with a loud voice.
Performers stock
Stayed for 90 seconds in tableaux imitating art works.
Their poses range from the apostles in Leonardo da Vinci\'s Last Supper to the aliens in this sci-fi poster --
The sci-fi film \"The day when the Earth is still\" and \"the invasion of flying saucers\".
\"It may not be something everyone likes, but no one can deny that beauty contests are a long-lasting tradition.
It has been playing in Orange County since 1935, with almost no disruption, with an average revenue of $4 in recent years.
Ticket sales increased by 3 million per year.
\"This is the most meaningful variety show,\" said Diane Chalis Davey, director of the show . \".
\"At the same time, it retains the original idea of the picture of life.
\"The theme of the 69 beauty pageant is\" beyond the horizon \", a survey of the world boundaries of land, sea and space, from the western United States to the Himalayas to the X Galaxy
But behind the scene of the stage, there is a wild, fuzzy border to explore: the background.
This week, a group of artisans, volunteers and technicians are in the final stages of preparation.
In the last few days before Saturday\'s opening, they frantically rushed to make pictures of the show --perfect.
Here\'s a glimpse of hundreds of crazy workshops ---
Mainly volunteers. -
His work will be integrated on the stage, with scenes drawn by Winslow Homer, Paul Gauguin, Edgar Dega, Edward Monet and Toulouse --Lautrec.
McDermot\'s Mission Viejo family is one of many volunteers.
Dozens of families sign up every year and hope all families will attend, which will be an unforgettable summer.
By the time the last scene falls, four mcdermots will spend at least 800 volunteer hours.
Most of the time is spent dying of chaos or discomfort.
The actors check in and wait for a phone call from them asking for the wardrobe and make-up, which can take an hour.
Customers and makeup artists take great pains to make heavy makeup;
In some cases, they use body paint on performers.
After the actors were loaded into their set, they were tied to their seat belts and rolled on the stage.
There, the director positioned them and checked them carefully before the curtains rose.
Runners rush to the laggard so they don\'t miss any clues.
\"The staff walked around in panic.
Female parent Donna McDermot said: \"There\'s a lot of rush, rush to get you on set, and then you can rest a few minutes before it\'s your turn to get on stage,\" 41.
She will appear as a terrible Himalayan Demon
God, sitting on a buffalo with a skull on her headwear, the gold-plated bronze of an unknown artist.
Her 39-year-old husband, Pat, will become a Spanish conqueror, with a sharp beard, fluffy trousers, tights and swords in the Discoverer, which is N. C. Wyeth.
12-year-old son Taylor
Life hair is 2-
One-inch wall of bedside wax and hair glue, will wear a red headscarf and \"Arabian Night \"--
Style clothing \"view the scenery from Dayr\'s porch\"el-
\"Stone prints\" by David Roberts.
Kelly, the 11-year-old daughter, will become a geisha.
7. at the time of \"receiving the visiting nobles\", she wore kimono and chopsticks in her hair, which is a wooden print of Eiri Rekisentei.
The actors were told not to drink or eat while wearing clothes.
Pat McDermott was not allowed to wear his costume, so he waited for hours on stage.
After Kylie made up, it began to get dry and dry.
Sometimes her lips barely move.
Drink a cup of cool soft drink into the mother;
She pulled the straw into Kylie\'s mouth and was free of happiness for a few seconds.
Thirst can be cured.
But the uncomfortable itching caused by heavy clothes is impossible to scratch.
Then mental fatigue.
Between twitching and crazy moments, there is a long downtime.
Homework, crossword games and novels are all catching up.
The children have learned new card games and chess.
\"There\'s a lot of waiting time before they put you on stage,\" said Donna McDermott . \".
But it\'s all worth it.
\"We think this is a great way for family to spend time together this summer,\" Donna McDermott said . \".
\"Our kids are getting older and soon they don\'t hang out with mom and dad anymore, so we take this opportunity to do it with them.
People call them dangerous.
But the sculptors of Huilin Park, Judith Parker, and Laer Brooks at Laguna Beach, say they are convenient with iron knives.
When foam pieces fall off like snowflakes, they wave them at Samurai speed.
The two artists belong to a small group of professionals hired by the beauty pageant to make scenery and \"costumes \"---
That is the sculpture on the body of some actors.
They had 15 sculptures to complete before the beauty contest started, some of them were too big and needed a crane to lift them from the back --
There are many studios on site.
Recently, as they complete the scene of the actor appearing on the podium as the Dalai Lama, they pray for divine revelation.
\"Once you get into a beauty pageant boom, it\'s like a whirlpool,\" said chief sculptor Parker.
\"When we are nervous, we wear something calmer like classical music.
We listen to The Rocky Horror Picture Show when we have to work faster.
It\'s great music.
For six months, the sculptor buried himself in the studio.
Parker has worked in the beauty pageant for 18 years.
\"Sculpture is a more physical art than painting,\" said Parker, 56 . \".
\"You are physically involved in your work and you will have some kind of satisfaction by the end of the day.
\"It was not until Brooks worked part-time six years ago that exhaustion began to cause losses.
From Gustav Mahler to Kate Bush, his musical tastes are at a loss.
\"They keep us as far away from civilians and tourists as possible.
\"It\'s just a joke because we have knives,\" Brooks, 41, said . \".
The sculptor uses 60 carbon steel tools ranging in size from jungle machetes to surgical knives.
They found tools in antique shopping malls, thrift stores and cooking shops. They share a 2-
\"Beautiful\" foot butcher knife, with a high
Technical elites \"maintain our strengths,\" Brooks said \".
They recently completed John Wayne\'s horse, the dollar, which will be used as a set in the movie \"true courage.
\"Once in a while you see a piece and say, \'Oh my God, how the hell do we do this? \"\' Brooks says.
\"But in the end, we solved the technical problem and made everything look good.
Davy sat in the cat and bird\'s seat and stood high in the stands.
She is the director of the show, this is her host, the control Pavilion.
Wearing headphones, she spoke to the backstage technician and the stage manager in front of the microphone.
The notes she gave them were: the lights were too bright or too dark, the picture was behind, and the special effects didn\'t look right.
She has worked for the beauty pageant for 21 years, and for the past six years, as its director, she includes multimedia touches and surprises such as dance, vocal and orchestral performances, live horses on stage, and flying objects.
Davi, a native of Laguna Beach, first set foot in the community theater at age 7 and plays Tweedledee in Alice in Wonderland.
\"It started a lifetime of romance with drama and stage art.
\"Beauty contests are like drama, bringing you into a fantasy world where you can imagine yourself in a painting.
You entered the magical world of painters.
\"This is indescribable,\" she said . \".
David, who was once an aspiring stage actress, realized that her talent was more about stage art and technical magic.
She studied costume and set design in CalArts, Valencia, and then worked in the UK, mainly in stage production.
She was attracted by details.
\"Every aspect of production is the best,\" Davy said . \".
\"All the costumes are made in the best clothing store in London.
The authenticity of the whole work surprised me.
I saw the best costume tailor and all the wigs were handmade
Hook two hairs at a time
Shoes specially made by shoemaker. All the turn-of-the-
The century collar is pressed tightly.
It was an amazing experience, plus it was in this foreign country.
Theater hand-in-hand-on experience.
\"Her work experience in the UK allowed her to find a job at the greendebon Opera Festival in England, but she refused because she was closer to her family in Southern California.
After returning from England, she began working as a garment tailor in January 1980. Then-
Director Glenn Acheson realized that she had painting skills and promoted her to his assistant.
She was appointed director of the beauty pageant six years ago.
\"I hope I can bring a new life to the beauty pageant,\" David said . \".
\"It could be a static form of art if you\'re not careful.
So I tried to add some real drama to the beauty pageant.
We work hard to make better presentations and improvements so people don\'t feel like they don\'t have to look at it again for the next five years if they look at it once.
\"David started to conceive the theme of the beauty pageant nearly a year in advance and any new work she might want to show.
She is also interested in some old and thoughtful works, such as an oil painting by Norman Rockwell, the last impossible, the painting was made by two astronauts on the moon because she was engaged in the art of low-line fiction, such as the last duans, a 1924-movie poster based on the Zane Gray novel.
The latter is one of three prints made into plywood stage set by the popular classic western series, about 13 feet tall and about 8 feet long, providing the actor with an image cut-out.
Consistent with the theme, these works are a tribute to the Cowboy legend and the American obsession with exploration.
Davy said: \"The final duel is not our most exquisite set, but the beautiful picture is very well done . \" He flipped through Sotheby\'s and Christie\'s catalogues and found the most colorful and impressive Western posters.
\"We started with the romance of Buffalo Bill and the west of the United States, and then went on to talk about how the West was adopted and romanticized by the entertainment circle in film and television.
There are 39 new entries in this year\'s beauty pageant, along with the traditional Last Supper.
\"The show is different from previous years because it has a sense of humor and a sense of play,\" Davy said . \".
The work on the theme \"Beyond the Horizon\" really inspired me to choose the artwork that might have been overlooked in the past and opened up many different themes.
\"She loves her work and organizes the chaos behind the scenes, so the audience only sees the serenity of the masterpiece.
While her responsibility is much greater, it\'s easier than Tweedledee, her childhood actor, because she doesn\'t have to worry about stage fright.
She said: \"There is a lot of pressure on the director to be elected to the US competition, but I still prefer to be behind the scenes.
* Masters at 650 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach.
At 8: 30 p. m. $10 to $60.
Saturday to August31. (949)494-1145.
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