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On Sunday, the Sangette Natak akadmi award held a grand and impressive ceremony at the Nehru Center.
President Kalam bowed at a distinguished gathering of the city™His wit, charm, and complete lack of affectation.
The programme that followed was very well organized, paying tribute to President akadami Hazarika and Secretary Jayant castua.
From the field of drama, Kavalam Narayana Panikkar received a scholarship from Akademi;
The other winners are Allen Mukherjee (Direction)Satish Anand (Direction)
Niranjan Goswami (acting-mime)
Nisar Arana (stagecraft)
And Ashok Sagar Bhagat (stage lighting).
The overall contribution award for the theater was awarded to playwright J. N.
Critics of Roxy Chander Kaushal.
Just returned from Prague for a four-year exhibition in Prague, an international stage design exhibition.
Hopefully Delhi, Mumbai and Pune will see part of his work for the exhibition and hear him talk about it.
According to Shyamanand Jalan, vice chairman of the acadami theater, Delhi is preparing for the big theater festival in October.
Like last year, maybe some better plays will also go to Mumbai. Two high-
Introduction production (
TV staff go all out)
Hot topics in theater tour-
Nadi Razak Haber™S. Jasma Odhan starring daughter Juhi and Anupam kher™Kuchi Bashi he saxita sea of the self-transmission.
Jasma Odhan of Bhavai
The inspired music created by Shanta Gandhi was done years ago by Nadira Babbar and her team Ekjute, with Sushmita Mukherjee in the title role.
However, new members of the group are not familiar with the folk form, so Babbar has been reviving works like this and Yahudi Ki Ladki (
Theater style in parcy)
Earlier in the day, the actors lost their hold on modern realism.
Shortly after the opening ceremony, nadila Baba traveled to London to shoot for gulingel Chada™She plays an important role in Bride and Prejudice.
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