stage show ‘bhu-earth’ celebrates nature

by:Marslite     2019-10-06
The Earth is not just a planet in a purely scientific sense, it is also an element.
It is this traditional concept that, together with Bhu-Earth, becomes the center of the stage, Bhu-Earth is a dance and drama show inspired by the oldest martial arts in the world-Kerala
Bhu, FarmVille-results of creative collaboration
Kalarigram, a martial arts school based in Reunion Island, and water operators of drama groups, are trying to \"create dialogue between the Earth and the body of the performers,\" said Philip Perun Baldini: \"The music and the audience went through the journey of an angry and angry man who eventually found out under the guidance of kalari gurukkal his artistic guidance and choreographer with Mother Earth\'s play.
Baldini is the creator and director of 27 shows, including dancers, actors, musicians and video creators from several countries around the world.
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The story of the philosopher kalari gurukkal is Thai Moucazambo.
\"This show invites us to embark on a journey of reconnecting with nature and the infinite nature of ourselves.
One of the protagonists asked, \"Who are you ? \"
Then: \"Do you remember when you were on earth, water, fire, air and ether ? \"?
Thierry, assistant director of Bhu, said.
The answers to these rhetorical questions become the journey of self.
Discover itself.
\"In addition to the outline of the story, the show invites the audience to participate in a trip that everyone can access,\" he said . \".
The origin of the collaboration was that after Kalarigram\'s founder, Lakshman Gurukkal guru, attended one of their shows, he met them with Philippe, which master kalari appreciated.
\"I remember Lakshman Gurukkal, born in Kalaripayattu practitioner\'s family, saying that we must respect nature and repay our debts through our actions when there is a chance
This is a huge motivation, and together we dream of a contemporary show inspired by Kalaripayattu as a tribute to mother earth, \"explains Philip\'s former student Thierry.
The transformation of the protagonist our minds are shrouded in our own views of ourselves, and sometimes we need a \"father image\" to unlock our illusion.
\"Our hero sees himself as an unshakable warrior and realizes that he has missed something important in his heart.
When he met Master Kalaripayattu, he thought he would only learn from him the secret of being a great warrior.
The latter, however, teaches people how to fight their demons, fears, and self.
Master taught him how to dance with elements-
Earth, water, fire, air and ether
Like the beast, \"said Philip.
Bhu consists of six performers, including Thierry, who are both delegates to Kalaripayattu and five well-trained dancers.
The interactive program features live music from traditional instruments in southern India and the \"Earth sound\" soundtrack recorded by NASA.
The show moves forward with minimal dialogue (in English)
The background hymns and percussion instruments, while the heavy stage, sound and lighting effects add vitality to the creative atmosphere.
The unique combination of drama, dance, traditional and contemporary music and the visual vitality of Kalaripayattu, trying to work with the audience at a psychological level with extreme histrionics and philosophical monologue, all men symbolically sing praises for the natural sanctity and health of the Earth.
However, the elements of Kalaripayattu extend the artist\'s restrictions on such a multi-dimensional stage performance
Thierry said they must undergo rigorous martial arts training and training in order to perfectly adapt to the ideal fusion character.
\"Kalaripayattu is committed to five elements, close to the Earth.
Inevitably, it is practiced on Earth and closely related to this particular element.
From the beginning of the rehearsal, we try to understand this connection in order to develop our feelings and the inner energy we feel.
We improvise our movements and characters accordingly.
\"Performers also have the freedom to innovate because we have prepared a space where everyone is respected and can fully express themselves in order to be able to share the depth of emotions,\" Chalmers said . \".
The directors always open the window of thought to allow any contemporary development of Kalaripayattu to add more organic value to experimental drama.
This constant gouging makes the performance similar to body art in sports.
\"Kalari, as a performance style itself, is very expressive through the performer\'s body, whether it is slow and thoughtful movements or quick and sharp movements.
\"For the artistic expression of Bhu, we took advantage of Raya tatwa, highlighting the elegance and beauty of the Kalaripayattu movement,\" Thierry added . \".
Bhu also asserted around the concept of \"physical memory\", which is the assumption that the body itself can store memory.
\"The Kalaripayattu warrior carries the memory of the Earth in his body.
Through this, we are able to reconnect to the pure origin of keeping him moving with the heartbeat of the Earth, \"said Thierry.
Now the stage has been set up.
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