stage door: embers

by:Marslite     2019-10-10
Samuel Beckett spent a year in New York. -
Waiting with Ian McClaren and Patrick Stewart for the Broadway revival of Godot, another version, in idesh, currently at the Barro Street Theater in Greenwich Village, now his 1959 in barm (
Brooklyn Academy of Music).
\"Yu Huo\" is an inaccessible Beckett drama, but although it is disturbing to the audience, the work has a strange hypnotic effect.
Beckett himself called it \"the shirt army \".
There was a huge wooden skull on the stage.
The actors can be caught inside.
Surrounded by rocks by the sea, there are 562 small speakers hanging on the ceiling.
The lighting and sound effects enhanced Henry\'s rambling, roaring, growling and recalling the stories of his life.
Is the story true?
Is it an illusion?
We never met Henry. Andrew Bennett)
Or his wife, Ada (Aine Ni Mhuiri);
They are two invisible sounds in a bleak view of the Baker.
Henry was troubled by the disappearance of his father.
No one knows whether he committed suicide, drowned or \"ran to Argentina \".
\"All we know is that Henry was shattered by this loss, and the last sentence his father said to him was:\" You are all finished.
\"The character railroad remains dead in the Bay--
Repeat, obsession--
We have made great efforts to live.
Let the trauma of their lives repeat itself. -
Henry and Ada have their own problems. -
There is a round comfort.
On the edge of Africa
Each syllable is obtained for the second time.
\"They keep their memories, the only defense they have against forgetting. \"Why life? \" asks Henry.
Yet another option is so final that even the horror of emotional pain is preferred.
In the lingering fire cleverly presented by Dublin Pan Theatre, the characters felt the pain of being alive.
Harvey Theater is the ideal place for Beckett, the guide of Gavin Quinn, the sculpture of Andrew Clancy, the lighting of Aden Cosgrove and the sound design of Jimmy aidie are memorable
This is an action-free drama, but the emotional roller coaster of meditation and movement is a clear reminder of the fragility of life.
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