stage door: \'the bridges of madison county\' and \'nothing on earth can hold houdini\'

by:Marslite     2019-09-29
The bridge of Madison County is a successful book and film that has been reimagined as an opera musical.
Now at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, Broadway Dear Kelly O\'Hara and hunka burning love Steven Pasquale stars
In the four days of 1965, their soulmate was found.
It\'s hard to imagine that these two people will be very tired.
But as the participants who are destined to be romantic, the spark of love is burning.
National Geographic photographer Robert is always standing outside his subjects;
Francesca, the Italian war bride, is a nervous man.
Weaving farm community.
She survived a war of terror.
The torn Neapolitan, only to embrace the other: a love-free marriage to the cold, tightly wrapped Bud (Hunter Foster)in rural Iowa.
She may be loyal to her children.
Kaitlyn Kinnunen Derek Klena)
But she lived a life called quiet and desperate by solo.
Until Robert appeared.
When her husband and children attended the National Fair, Francesca experienced deep love for a few days ---
The chemical reaction between pasquarl and O\'Hara is electric.
O\'Hara, who starred with Pasquale in last summer\'s Far From Heaven, is full of sympathy and compassion --wrenching;
Her brisk voice was excellent in capturing sadness and longing.
The warm aria of pasquarl can always impress her feelings.
Jason Robert Brown, the genius composer of the underrated parade, wrote a moving song.
Deeply moving figures such as \"falling into your arms\" and \"millions of miles a second\" express a deep desire;
It is easy to understand why there is no dry eye in the house.
Musicals can easily become too sad.
On the contrary, its emotional trajectory is simple and clear.
Martha Norman\'s book gives all the characters the right they deserve. -
From medley, but very good.
Interested Neighbors (
Cass Morgan and Michael X. Martin)
Concern for the difficult expression of Bud
Thanks to the excellent performances of O\'Hara and Pasquale, passion is ignited in a pure way.
Donald Holder\'s delicate lighting and Michael irgen\'s Economic set make Iowa a key figure in production and essential to the artistry of the show.
The bridge in Madison County shows the subtle, inexplicable romance of two people who have experienced the joy of transcendence in a short time.
The only bridge they can\'t cross is the bridge to the future. -
But after the end of the music, the image of their short-lived happiness still exists.
On the contrary, magic is strictly manufactured in non-fiction. The off-
The Broadway Axis Theater is the former residence of Charles ludram\'s absurd theater company.
Ludlam has a gift that can light up the truth with an illusion that he was working on Houdini\'s show when he died.
Houdini exposed fantasies and revealed the trickery and fraud of the Proview.
Interestingly, Randall Sharp wrote and directed \"Houdini on the Axis\" (Houdini at the Axis), in 1922, \"science America\" magazine
The person chosen to debunk any prospect is one of the greatest magicians, Houdini.
Unfortunately, the ghost of ludram\'s genius is missing.
The show lacks drama and a solid narrative. Houdini\'s (George Demas)
The campaign to expose the media of fraud led him to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Spencer Aste).
Doyle, the creator of the acclaimed Sherlock Holmes, is an avid solider.
He fell in love with the photo of the Cottingley Fairy and took part in séances, hoping to contact Kingsley, his son who died in World War I.
He was particularly attracted by Mina Crandon, one of the main media at the time (Lynn manchinelli)
With the help of her doctor\'s husband, she took part in a $5,000 prize for the magazine (Brian Barnhart).
There is an interesting premise here. -
Sadness can eliminate people who are originally rational ---
And a strong desire to believe in the unknown.
Unfortunately, both magic and manipulation failed.
The actor tried, especially Demas, who re-
The chain and jacket stunts of Houdini.
But the script lacks dramatic tension;
It does not adequately put events in context.
Given the height of the subject, the intensity of the performance is not enough to make up.
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