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by:Marslite     2019-09-09
ABIS in Houston has a new development in Happy Hour: its \"Star Lounge\" has a sound system, stage lighting, piano and well stocked bar-right under the lobby.
To make it happier, toast is like a daily free lunch and breakfast at ABIS Inc.
It\'s time to celebrate!
That\'s the problem, says CEO Russell Schulte.
\"I had the opportunity to meet Jack Welch, and I asked him for advice on running the company, and one of the things he highlighted was, \'Celebrate your victory and celebrate the good things that happen.
The company did not spend enough time celebrating.
It\'s been in my mind all the time when we do our build-out (in 2012)
I decided to create a space to celebrate all of our victories and achievements.
\"ABIS has at least two formal happy hours per month in the lounge, one for employees and family.
The lounge is equipped with piano and stage lights, as well as PS4 video games and table tennis tables, all of which help to create a \"family atmosphere and make the family a part of the business,\" said 53-year-old Schulte.
There are also monthly and quarterly goals, birthdays, poker nights and more to celebrate in the lounge.
Of course they will.
\"I just accept what Jack said and try to do it.
It keeps rising upward. -
The more we score, the more we celebrate, the more we want to celebrate and achieve more goals . . . . . .
A key driver of Schulte\'s vision for ABIS is the creation of a working culture that embraces the entire workforce, and ABIS stands for automated business information systems.
They do this through the physical environment, such as lounge, top ergonomic chairs and tables, porch swings and gym with shower and lockers, and also through the management process
ABIS use onceto-
For example, a manager/employee meeting is divided into three equal parts: 10 minutes for employees to tell about what happened in their lives, 10 minutes for managers to do the same, and then 10 minutes for development.
\"We created this family atmosphere-this is the coolest office in the world,\" said Schulte . \".
\"You have to be very nice to people and try to take care of them to the best of your ability by creating a family-not only do they try to take care of your customers, but each other, everything is resolved.
The more involved the company provides for families and employees, the better, says Schulte.
\"Our belief is to give everyone a chance to get their family together.
So everyone knows each other very well . . . . . . My wife knows your wife and my children play with your children. . .
We are very proud of this.
All this helps to create the joy of working in ABIS.
ABIS specializes in automating business processes through technical and software solutions.
Its flagship enterprise software solution, Adjutant, enables customers to do more with less resources and help them make better business decisions.
They are also leaders in the metal building software industry.
Originally called Houston information. , it was a one-
Until 1990, Schulte promised to expand his team and spread his vision.
He also changed his name to ABIS, an advanced business information system, who won the Houston 100 prize for the fastest growing company in early 1990.
The private company, which earns about $5 million a year, has been on the market.
This is the 5000 list for three consecutive years and will enter the fourth year.
About 20 of their staff can enjoy a 180-degree skyline view of downtown Houston.
But they will enjoy another view 10 minutes from the office. -
An eight-acre lake with fish in it is part of the company\'s vision for its employees and their families.
Neker Lodge will open next year as a place for off-site work, relaxation, barbecues, meetings and more.
Building 16 construction-
Acres of woodland began this summer.
It will also have 12-
The hotel has a spa and a wedding venue.
The employee benefit was inspired by Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic, another business leader.
In 2014, Schulte was invited to join a dozen other CEOs at the tech summit in the British Virgin Islands, Branson.
\"We are building a house in Bali with a roof over the water . . . . . .
The tail lemur and the pink plastic flamingos. (
The sub-slogan of the website is \"red Neker Lounge \". ”)
Schulte started his business in 1983 at the age of 21, programming computers from the age of 13.
\"When I dream at night, my dream is implemented in a programming language-that\'s the truth,\" he said . \".
Now, his vision is to make his company a place where people love jobs, careers, and family prosperity.
\"My main goal is to build a company that works best.
A place where you can go every day and enjoy life.
We learn a lot every day. this is the good part. \"Note: ABIS Inc.
It is celebrating being named the best small business winner by 2015 of the best and brightest companies in the Houston area, www.
The brightest. com.
For more information about ABIS, please visit www. abiscorp. com or www. MetalEZ. com.
Writer Lynne Golodner contributed to the report.
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